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  1. Long time no see (or type,anyway). Hope u r all doing well. I miss my wee car,and the get togethers, are you all still keeping up with that aspect of smart ownership? I told the buyer of my last smart to come on and register here,as it is such a wealth of good info. Hope you all enjoyed the summer,and the last few weeks of it coming up. Regards, Steve.
  2. Hello all,I am now going to put my '06 pure cab. up for sale in the next week or so. I am the original owner,all bills,non-smoker, all black outside w/grey interior. I have just under 48k on the little diesel. I havent put all the stats/options on here as i dont want to bore everyone with it,just wanted to let the forum know in case they know of someone looking for a good one. P.M. me if you would like the deets, and based on current auto trader/ebay listings anything under 11k would be a good deal, match-wise. I will list probably around 10k, but will drop that for anyone here if they get in touch before i list, as a thank you to all the great people i met on here during my time in the club. After driving smart since )ct '04 I am just in the mood for something new. I just spent my first repair money on it, a grand for a new battery/alternator,as i had let it sit too long trying to keep the kms down on this,and use up the ones on the yaris lease, and it siezed and wouldnt take a charge, other than that,which is now fixed, i just need to take it in and certify it. (it just passed it's emissions certificate). Anyway, just a quick note to let everyone know it will be listed hopefully by next week,and if anyone wants a jump on it before doing so,get in touch asap. Thanks one and all, regards, Steve C,
  3. wow !! i have a whole 45k on mine...
  4. nice to see some of the old regulars are still driving smartly. there are a lot of them driving about here (but not many convertibles) and they seem to do the smart "wave" still, friendly folks out this way for sure. i'm enjoying the peace and quiet of my street, and only 15mins. and i hit the peace bridge,which is nice. i know dave and barb still have "ruby",as we luckily bumped into barb at ikea a few months back picking up some things for the house. i believe pat still has his blue smart, and like glen i miss the burlington car shows,it wasnt just about the cars, it was cool chatting with the regulars, going for dinners, etc...james had given up his sweet ride to switch over to mini,and diesel dave, the guy who would never be without a smart, changed his tune a while back. dont know if iain is still around logging on the kms to whatever rollercoaster he has his sights on, i see schmart is still listed (hi robert). gary (port credit) and his modified one still going strong i hope. hope everyone is well. steve.
  5. hey all...hope everyone is well, it's been a while since i've been here, figured i'd say hello and see how everyone is, who's still driving smart,who's moved on,etc. burlington cruise nights had moved to the other (smaller) mall and didnt seem to be worth going to last i checked. i have just left burlington in the end of june and moved out to a little bungalow in ridgeway (fort erie). a few smarts out this way, and quite a lot of cool cars actually. a lot of retired folks this way i think,with model t's from the 20's,57 chevys,so many ultra long baby blue convertibles,hot rods,every single day i find something cool to look at as i drive along. (may have to sell my baby soon and up my game a little car-wise). anyway, hope all are well, any of the old regulars on here strike back and say hello. steve,
  6. just got the "scionnation" e mail today, with the i q info,etc...check out the concept cars at their site,pretty cool stuff.
  7. J.P. it is now at burlingtons other mall, and about half the size. its located at the back of the burlington mall (fairview/guelph line).
  8. not sure if this has been posted yet, but here you go...
  9. D and B...good to hear from you, look forward to seeing you again. lets hope its a nice evening...
  10. Sept 9th is the final cruise night. anyone interested in showing up for the last one, perhaps a timmys stop afterwards, sign up below. thanks, steve,1. steve/jackie.
  11. wed, sept 2nd. anyone going tonight? weather looks great so i will head down there, aim to park at the far end lower level bay doors entrance. see you if you make it. regards, steve.
  12. this article states it's coming to the U.S, it doesnt state North |America, or even Canada, so maybe we dont factor in for the 2010 model year.
  13. went to see "bruno" on sunday aft., then watched "rescue me" sun night. bruno sits in the back of the smart, shown a few times during the movie...and in a fiery wreck at the beginning of rescue me, a kid was ripped in pieces after being ejected from "one of those little smart-type cars", which it wasnt at all. anyone else see it?
  14. scroll down and click on the link to the car pictures, some lovely stuff...
  15. not sure iain...first thing i asked was what do you think caused it to come on in the first place, as i was stationary when it happenned, and he just shrugged his shoulders, says they are sometimes finicky and can be tripped whilst driving over a solid bump or whatever. great news. oh well, perhaps when i get a copy of the warranty work done, it might give some insight...btw, off topic, but have you seen the frank lloyd wright fallingwater lego set yet? i know you dig lego, thought i'd pass on the info in case you hadnt heard. (last time i tried to pm you, it said your box was full)