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  1. MB replaced my battery and that resolved the problem. I am 3+ years past that early issue with no problems so I guess the battery was defective. I have run this car in -30C weather with no issues (reduced range but starts and runs great). I think I just had a bit of bad luck - MB resolved it quickly and service was great - love this little car. Coming to the end of my lease in Nov but as I am retiring from work I am not going to keep little car (bit sad to let him go but I won't be commuting anymore.) I am still planning to keep a low carbon footprint as I am learning to sail. For retirement travels we plan to use the wind. Best of luck with the warning light.
  2. I am currently waiting for the same plastic steering wheel part to come in so it can be replaced for the same problem. It came loose at the bottom and could be re-attached. I got my car in March of this year and by August after a couple hot days in parking lot, I noticed that the plate was loose. I waited to get it fixed until I needed to go to the dealer to get winter tires.
  3. Well that didn't take long - Tues, Dec 2 - snow with slippery conditions for the slow commute home down the Don Valley - 404 to 16th ave. But this time I was doing the drive with winter tires, new Continentals. Results: no ESP action at all this time and no slipping either. Were conditions as slick as the first snow event? The 300+ accidents the radio was going on about would seem to say yes.
  4. I use mine daily. Leaving it plugged in at home when I leave for work. Plug the car back in at night. That way it stays on max charging. Works without fail.
  5. On The Road Again Been meaning to post an update on the new battery installation and post install performance, but life got in the way. Car in shop April 21 Car ready May 16 4 weeks as quoted to get battery replacement no info on cost of battery Invoice noted the following: Fault codes in BMS – P07800 – the precharging time of the high-voltage on-board electrical system is too long. P1B1700 – The overload protection of switch ‘Precharging’ of the high-voltage battery is active. Included update information to tips case #611978862 Car now christened: Short Circuit (fitting I think but no more disassemble!) Performance after replacement: Outstanding Longest Trip: July - Unionville to Port Perry & return with a passenger - 97.2 km Start 121 km range with 100% SOC End 31 km range 20% SOC (84% ECO) Tracking: Recording daily range, distance travelled, ECO, SOC. temperature, aux use, etc and have sign up with MyEV for a logger.
  6. This is my custom made solution for a EVSE mount. I think I will pretty it up with some paint next spring.
  7. Thanks for the video. This really demonstrates what the ABS and ESP systems actually do in winter conditions. My appointment to get my winter tires put on was for Thursday this last week. Thus my commute home Wednesday was my first experience in snow with the Smart EV and it was with the All Season Tires. I saw the "slipping car" warning on the panel flashing as I accelerated from some of the intersections but the car was driving perfectly. When I got home I pulled out the manual to read up on what the flashing was all about and learned a bit about the ESP system. Your video has filled in the gaps. (My previous car did not have ESP.) I now have the winter tires on so it will be interesting to see if I get as much ESP action on the next snow storm.
  8. I am still a fan of the Smart Car (ED and all) and miss driving it already. It's only one part (although I am a bit miffed at that part at the moment) soon to be replaced. I know from reading the forums that this is not the usual experience. Thanks for the support.
  9. So far not so good! After getting my car back from MB, everything worked perfectly for a week. Then Saturday afternoon of the Easter long weekend, I went to start up the car and no go. Drive Sys. – Engine off. This time the engine doesn't come back - 100% fail. On Monday the car was towed to the MB shop. After some discussion by Midtown MB shop with MB headquarters, the conclusion is that my battery is defective and needs to be replaced. They have ordered a replacement battery from Germany with an estimated 3-3.5 weeks for delivery.
  10. Hi We are with the Personal - had to redo all the insurance when I leased the Smart ED. Smart ED about $700/year 2001 Miata about $600/year 2002 Nissan Pathfinder $600/year Rates for us were seem fairly good but we are over 50 and have house etc with the Personal. Now that the Miata is not the commuter car, we want to modify it a little but so far we can't find an insurance company that will insure it if we say put a turbo charge on it or even if we put better brakes on it. Anyone know where you insure a modified car in Ontario?
  11. Yes I tried turning the car off and back on several times with no luck – just warning lights. The car was in the garage with the temperature about 1C so not too cold. The only incident I remember that might relate was an unsuccessful attempt to use my charge point card (first try) on a charge point station at -10C. I did a lot of plugging and unplugging the charger with a charge point operator trying to help. In the end I gave it up due to the cold but that was the first time the car gave me the error. As the car started fine when I went back out after I had warmed up, I dismissed it as “I guess I must have done something wrong”.I later found my trouble with the charge point card was due activating a new credit card the night before which inactivated the old one on the charge point account – so nothing worked. Fixed that up and have since used the charge point cards successfully. Good news - since the MB computer reboot and upgrade, I have been able to pull the EVSE out when the car was still charging and then started the car with no issues. I have also restarted charging after unplugging – no malfunction error. So far so good.
  12. I had an issue last weekend starting my car when it was only partly charged. I disconnected the charger from the car when the charger was actively charging the car (wasn't at 100% charged) and then couldn’t get the car to start. I turned the key to start the car and saw what I think was every warning light that car has come on and stayed on. No engine. I also couldn’t get the car back charging. Putting the charger back on the car cause the malfunction warning to appear on the charging screen. An hour later, the car starts up like nothing had ever been wrong. So I put the charger back on – no malfunction this time – everything is working fine. A couple hours later I pulled the charger off and tried to start the car – NO GO – just all the warning lights and messages. Wait an hour – try to start it again and it is like the problem never existed. Starts and runs perfectly. Charge it to 100% so the charger is not actively charging when disconnected - starts and runs perfectly. ???!!Anyone have this problem?So off to the dealer – after three days in the shop – with “we aren’t sure what is going on with your car” – they did a computer reset and software upgrade and gave me the car back. I will let you know how it goes….. when I get the nerve up to pull the plug when it’s charging.
  13. Picked up my Smart Ed on Mar 15 from Midtown Smart (Toronto). My commute is 44 km round trip. I have a garage at home charging on 110V and access to a Level 2 charger at work. I plan to drive all year round using the work station to get me through the worse of the cold weather. So far the worse temperature in the last two weeks was -17C on Mar 17 … so much for easing into the cold weather.The charger at work is through charge point so joined before I even got the car. Took 12 days for the cards to arrive so used their mobile app to activate the station to try it out. I set up my account to text my phone when the car is charged so I can move the car off the spot. Lots of learning so far but loving the car.
  14. HiUp until two weeks ago I had been driving a 2001 Miata year round. Now I am driving a leased 2014 Electric Drive Smart. This is my first Smart Car and first electric car. I looked at a 2013 last fall but was talked out of buying it by friends. But when the 2014s arrived with a great additional rebate and terrific deal to lease, the “I really want this car!” overwhelmed all that advice. It also helped that I did my research on some of their concerns about safety, ability to drive a highway speeds and battery life, etc.So what do I think after two weeks, and over 500 km? Am I suffering from buyer’s remorse? Not one bit – I love this car! The design is great, it drives like a dream, it is able to accelerate onto the highway quickly (and I haven’t tried that kick-down thing), it runs at 100 to 120km with no problem, I love the heated seats. My commute is from Unionville to Toronto – about 44 km round trip so range hasn’t been an issue. I am really enjoying this car.