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  1. Car is now gone to a body shop. Estimate for body repairs is $3,900. Still waiting to see if there are mechanical damages. There was something leaking around the left rear wheel well. The battery was wet on top.
  2. This happened while we were away for a few days over Christmas. Still waiting for the insurance appraiser to come up with a figure. Very disappointing someone would do this.
  3. Astra Automotive

    From the website... "We offer our customers regular maintenance and repair for systems such as on-board computer diagnosis, engines, transmission services, brakes, suspensions, steerings, cooling and heating. We also provide tires change and balancing. We provide our customers with new OEM parts."
  4. [That looks like what I need. Where can I get one? Thanks
  5. I will be flat towing a 2008 passion behind a motorhome. I need to disconnect the battery while towing. Can anyone provide some guidance on a battery shutoff switch which can be installed so I don't have to keep removing the battery cable?
  6. OK Thanks, Anyone tried PetroCan gas with 94 Octane?
  7. I inadvertently put in regular gas instead of premium. Should I take it out? Is there a drain plug on the gas tank?
  8. March 27th, This website has the iridium NGK ILKR7B-8, stock number 1989 for $15.05 CAD each and free shipping in Canada. The LKR7B-9, stock number 5847 are avaialble also but are sold in boxes of ten. August 28th, ordered 3 iridium NGK ILKR7B-8, stock number 1989 for $16.42 CAD each, free shipping. Can pay by credit card or pay pal. I used pay pal