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  1. hi everyone, I have a 05 450 Smart cabrio gasser... I didnt see where I could post for gasser so i went with diesel hoping someone could help.. I realize not many 450 gas cars made it to the states let alone Canada, so Im a bit out..orphaned.. ok, my cabrio 450 has 50k miles on it, self serviced and maintained, while driving home last fall about a mile from home it suddenly lost power and started blowing blue smoke out the tail pipe and oil all over the rear of the car, i limped it carefully the last 1/2 mile and shutting down I had oil coming out of the exhaust, and all over the rear. The dipstick reads low now, and after disassembly of the intake from the turbo up to intercooler i found oil right to the manifold, intercooler, and into the exhaust. I did remove the turbo, and there seem to be no play in the turbine or shaft , i know I will have to replace the plugs (all 6) and clean everything up. thats a given... I have read where turbo failure is common with 450 diesels, but what about the gas models? it did have the whine just before it failed which makes me think turbo seals, but how do I check it? I am a highly qualified mechanic, but this has me stumped. I have new plugs on order and will finish disassembly of the turbo tomorrow. it is a garrett gt12, anything else i should check? I dont want to get this together and find something else filed.. email me directly if you have any ideas, insights or questions. steve george
  2. ok I started tearing into this , removing the gearbox is like doing dentistry through an exhaust pipe 12 ft long with a coat hanger... frustrating.. I had the car outside until i made room in my garage for this removal, (other projects), i start it up and engage into first.. a lot of grinding and grunting.. moved it 20 ft total, then shut down, removed the ground off the battery, and jacked the car, propped it up on stands. been checking out the other site (FQ101) informative.. and been taking photos.. when i actually get the box out and disassembled I will findthe root cause for this.. So far I have heard from a couple of guys in the UK that have had similar issues both with bad bearings. I did get a number and actually found two bearings easily and cheap.. Im hoping thats all... another gearbox from Germany is 8 bills plus shipping. no warranty.. so my task is just beginning... will keep everyone informed as i progress. steveg.. scg13803@yahoo
  3. my 05 S. Mann Cabrio started getting an occasional whine in the gearbox usually on take offs (first drive) and only for a sec or so that was last summer... car was put up over the winter and now that its back out i have a few hundred miles and the while comes and goes.. never very loud just enough to hear and after warmed up, gone.. then yesterday it gets different, on my 17 mile trip into work I get a gear noise, one gear on another , and I hear it directly behind me as if its in the differential. I pulled the rear plug and check the oil it dark but fine.. so to be sure I drain it (at work no less) and replace it. there in the parking lot. As a mechanic by profession i know preventative maintenance is everything.. and I head home. seams quiet for a few miles, then gets loud, gear/gear . if i accellerate, it gets louder, and letting up quieter.. I shift up it gets softer.. as well.. so I tippy toe home being i am on my own, after 10 pm and in the country... it grumbles, and makes a whomp about a mile from home, and i manage to sneek it home at at 30mph in 6th gear... Im thinking the worse, as if something has come loose inthe gearbox, or a bearing has failed.. checking the fluid I pulled out, (first sample) there is no metal to be found... so now i will check the second sample, by completely draining and see what develops. I have heard of wheel bearings (rear) and looking for information on gearbox issues all i find is the 3 bars (been there a few times)... another puzzler.. it did do three bars on me on the way home, BUT i could shift through gears up and down. anyone want to chime in on this, I am all ears...I want to hear what you think.. I will tear it down, and it will probably cost me many $$... I will get it fixed, btw I have only 44k miles on the car.. email me directly if you got any tips to share.. thanks.. steveg scg13803@yahoo (dot com)
  4. yes best of luck to you as well... I am now considering doing the same, my 450 is in constantly challenging my mechanical abilities and electrical knowledge. three bars, the VIN snafu with NY, and now what i feared a possible gearbox fail ... I may be right behind you ... take care and check in once in a while and say HI... Steveg.
  5. Thanks. Some of us 450 owners need info like this.. Steveg. 05 450 s.Mann cabrio.
  6. What about just pulling the fuze? Here in NY I got caught In a storm snow a foot deep and roads slick.. I won't drive my smart in the winter now even with no snow.. Like standing on a 12ft step ladder on roller skates wearing ice skates....not good . Steveg
  7. S.Mann upgrades. Spoiler . Larger turbo Strikeline wheels Stupid fast .. With usual issues of the 450 mainly three bars ugh!!! Steveg Would like to hear from other owners of the 450...!!!!