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  1. Deciphered plug how do you connect the 12 volt battery,test light and multimeter in series?
  2. Pulled out harness again disconnected ecm to do tolsens test. ECM plug was oily, guessing loom wicked oil up to plug. Trying to decipher ecm plug in your chart, do you start up just below the 5 large pins or at the bottom
  3. I changed the sensor and was able to do a proper fix with the wires. It cleared the po702 code but now have this new one. Please do not be condescending when giving advice I am asking for help not attitude. I am going to try and get the actuator of my spare car In the morning I case that is the problem. What is the proper way to test the trans harness.
  4. So my fix didn't take unfortunately, as soon as I get up to 50 kms the bars come back. I was still able to drive it to work until last night. As soon as I started it up the bars showed and was unable to get any gears. I pushed it into the work garage. I put it up on stands today plugged in the code reader and got a new code p715. Does anyone know how to fix this one? The p702 is gone!! I await your input.
  5. Update time.. So I had changed the angle sensor to see if the would solve the problem, guess what.. It didn't. So chatted with some of the mechanics at work and decide to put the wiring harness out again. So this morning brought it into the nice warm garage, put it up on stands and took everything out for another look. There was no wear in the usual spots mentioned in all previous articles, then we found it!!!! So about a half inch up from one of the connectors going through the inter cooler scoop we saw a tiny hole were some had used a probe to test the wire. Repaired it and sealed no no water will ever get at it again. I must say trying to get the connections off in the scoop area are a bloody nightmare, the tiny metal clip that they have holding it is a torture device put there to drive you insane!! I have to just clear the codes and go for a drive on the lovely roads up here to see. Fingers are crossed.
  6. It wasn't to cold out today -10 to -15 so used a hairdryer to warm up the connectors and pulled all the wiring up into the engine bay. All wires were fine and the connectors showed no corrosion at all. Waiting for a gear sensor from the local smart dealer. Expecting 10 to 15 cm of snow starting on Tuesday! So hoping it comes in on Monday! This had better work or will have a large fire in my driveway when I burn the car!! ( maybe)
  7. I read through the whole "woo 3 bars" post and watched the short vids with it. Hope once I get the car on a lift I can get the connectors off and pull the whole harness out and check all the sensors
  8. I have owned the car for 6 years, never had a problem in the winter before. I have a parts car in my backyard but it's kind of buried in the snow. I was supposed to dismantle it this summer but had a Reno project that took a bit longer than expected and didn't get to it. I am going to try if possible to get it to a friends garage with a lift to get the tire and wheel shroud off and get a better look at the connections for the actuator and gear selector.
  9. I'm up in northern Ontario. The weather has been pretty damp lately. Expecting more rain and snow this week.
  10. I followed the wires from the connections up to the inter cooler, mine doesn't contact the shroud. I couldn't get the connector to release or I would have pulled it all the way into the engine bay. I am not fortunate enough to have a garage so I have the car on ramps in my drive way. I was under there for a couple of hours till the rain started.
  11. Also in a previous post you mentioned angle sensor, where is it located? I looked on the fq sites under sensors and they didn't show it in the picture of the gear sensors.
  12. Found no chafes in the harness, when I went to start the car you can hear the actuator trying to select a gear, the dash showed it being in 6th. I moved the shifter back and forth a few times then it went to neutral then the 3 bars. Could the actuator be faulty? Or the gear selector?
  13. K will climb under in the morning for a good look and will keep you posted
  14. Mine is a diesel, I noticed that the bars came back when I went over 60km, could a cracked reluctor ring cause the 3 bars? I was trying to see where the wires come in contact with the inter cooler guard but am not sure where to look.
  15. I am having a bit of trouble with my smart, I was getting the 3 bars and the car would not go into any gears. I followed the steps to grease the actuator as per the video posted. Went through the gears changes to get everything lubed and had the 3 bars disappear. Thought I was going to get away easy, went for a short test drive and when I shifted up into 5 gears I had the downshift arrow appear. I gave it more gas to up the rpms and the 3 bars came up again. I pulled over to the side of the road, shut the car off waited a few min and restarted and the bars disappeared. I came back home and put it back up on ramps and tried to look to see if there was any breaks in the wiring coming from the actuator and the transmission. I didn't see anything that looked chafed and was wondering what to look for next.