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  1. Hey guys, as per the title, I'm looking for a complete wiper linkage for a 450. Located near Calgary. Thanks, Mike
  2. Airback2, did you ever find the issue to this cold start issue? My 06 cdi is doing the same thing. Stumbles and smokes like a demon on cold start, but runs like a champ when warm.
  3. Hey guys,I've got a leaky intercooler, and rather than trying to repair it I'd like to replace it due to time restrictions. I've found a NISSENS Part # 96893 intercooler that seems to be a replacement. Does anyone have any confirmed info on this? It would be much appreciated before I order.Thanks,Mike
  4. Thanks guys. I'll have a look at those items. It definitely seems like exhaust is bypassing the turbo. I wasn't able to open the exhaust housing on the turbo as the bolts were well seized, and I'm still wondering about the wastegate somehow being stuck open despite the actuator moving fine. Is this even a remote possibility?Mike
  5. Hi All,I've got a 2006 Passion coupe with 105K km. I was rear ended in January, insurance covered all damage and had the turbo checked as the wastegate actuating arm had been bent, but was apparently fine. The turbo was noticeably louder when I got it back. Then boost started coming on later and later thereafter, and now there is no noticeable boost. I don't have a boost gauge or Scangauge to confirm, but there is a noticeable power loss and no turbo whistle.Thinking the turbo was the issue, I ordered a rebuilt turbo from Cherry turbos, and went about installing it yesterday. After removal and examination of the stock turbo, everything seems to be fine. The impeller spins fine, the wastegate moves smoothly. I checked for codes, nothing. I cleaned the EGR valve in February and it seemed to function properly.Any other ideas what could be causing this? Aside from no boost the car runs fine.Mike