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  1. Hi @ all, car: smart cdi - 181.000km or 112468mi 3 weeks ago my gearbox started making loud grinding noises at low speeds. I decided to open the Gearbox and take a look on the bearings. The bearings on the differential seem to be worn out. I changed all 8 bearings and build all together. Now I have the following problem: My marks on the controller cylinder are washed out..... I cant go into reverse, and the shifting process is everything else than smooth.... Who can tell me the combination of forks and shift drum so i dont need to try all combinations ? maybe a picture where i can see the original position of the slot nuts on the shift drum ? greetings from germany
  2. ... what happened with the BMW cyclone-styled seperator ?maybe Im late ... but still interesting for CDi drivers...someone try it ?
  3. Hello,I`m from South-Germany and new here. I own 2 smart - a 2000 CDI & 2013 Turbo. The "tolsen posts" brought me here...... Hi @