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  1. Mine is still doing the same thing. Start it up, runs rough, alternator kicks in after 10 sec, if its cold it stalls the car. Running the webasto makes it go away. Or when its hot it starts fine. Leads me to think its not an oil pressure thing, but at this point I'm willing to try anything. I've changed starter, alternator, injectors, glow plugs, glow plug controller, ebox, checked/replaced all grounds, crank position sensor, nothing shows up on the Star...etc etc. My oil sprocket hasn't shown any signs of wear (no particles on magnet, no filings in filter...). I'll replace my sensor and see what happens.
  2. What is the benefit to having a physically larger battery?
  3. Right, so in my part of the country it would be less than useless. I didn't realize you needed such a high percentage to reach highways speeds. I would be able to have a 240 plug at home in the garage and at work, but still. That's the final nail in the coffin for me. Thanks for the post. I'll stick to good ol diesel and used oil
  4. This is exactly what I wanted to know before considering one in northern AB. Do you think its the heater then? Or is it solely temperature related and nothing else is defective? Usually in the winter it sits around -25C and frequently hits -30, -40, or even less.
  5. I have the new latches, and my drivers door sticks open nearly everyday. I'll have to take mine off and clean/lube it. Does anyone know if they will warranty the new ones? Mine are nearly 2 years old.
  6. The crank position sensor is very hard to get at, I'd say impossible with your EGR in place. Its a lot of work to get to it. I changed mine and it solved nothing. And $250 out the window. Here is the link for the fuel pump relay:
  7. I wouldn't bother messing around with bio diesel. Check out this thread. I'm 2 years in and no issues. I've burnt pure veggie oil as well with no issues. And I second Mike's advice on the fuel pump relay. Mine did the same thing. You need to do the relay asap before the SAM suffers irreversible damage. Your experience with your mechanic is exactly why you should be here asking these questions I've never let one touch my car, and wouldn't even let them change the oil.
  8. After degreasing and washing my engine bay I started the engine to help dry it off and noticed a bad leak on #2 injector so I changed #2 fire seal, changed a turn signal, and hooked up the Star to see what was causing my newest air bag code. Ends up it was the connector under the passenger seat, so I cut it out and soldered the wires. Did it previously to drivers seat but didn't have time to do both. I changed every single fuse in the SAM just 'cause.
  9. Rather than replace the thermostat isn't it easier to add the restrictor plug? We machined one to fit using Tolsens dimensions and works great.
  10. Except a multimeter, a general knowhow of how to fault find a wiring harness, and total motivation to start it
  11. (I'm working a night shift in an office :), or as I call it, work on my car time) A used one from a parts car that had low km. I didn't have the glow plugs removed. I figured this was the wrong place to snap one off. I've replaced the aux heater before too, along with glow plugs, injectors, alternator, starter, ground wires, fuel pump relay was done, crank position sensor, and countless other things. I figure the cars need a new wiring harness after 10 years.
  12. Changed my controller, still have both problems. I was going to buy a new one, but mines new now...very few things haven't been replaced. lol Keep feeding the parts monster...
  13. This is brilliant. I didn't realize it was the same controller for the AUX heat and glow plugs. I've been having a hard cold start problem since I bought the car and the icon for the aux heater is on all the time even when it should be off. I'm changing my controller tonight to see if it changes anything...
  14. I followed this post almost exactly. Mounted under the fuel filter under the driver seat, 'T'd into fuel return line between engine and tank. Weirdly this is the only place to draw fuel from.