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  1. Hello all Does anyone happen to have a pair of rear summer tires available for a 2005 Smart? The tire size is p175 55 r15. Feel free to give me a call directly at 647 464 0080 They don't need to be brand new, just better then the bald ones I have! I figure it's getting close to the time for installing the winters and have an opportunity to get the summers switched. Thanks guys Albert
  2. wow - you guys rock! Thank you for the options and suggestions! Looks like a solution is in sightJ Ok here is a bit tougher one... Unfortunately I have snapped off one of the screws that hold the oil pan in place. I had the pan replaced and have recently sprung a slow leak from the area missing the bolt. (you know the real skinny ones that look like they will break!) The bolt is stuck about halfway down the hole and CAN NOT be gripped by vice grips or such. Any ideas on how to remove a broken screw from the engine block? Also, since it looks like I will be removing the pan, anyone know where I can get one that has a drain plug built in? Not sure why, but this car sure loves attention and I put up with it!
  3. Hello All! Hope everyone has their smart ready for the winter months! Just put the snows on mine! Does anyone have any Side Marker Lights available for a 2005 Model? I realized that I have a poor connection on the drivers side and unfortunately it's not working properly!!! Perhaps i should consider an upgrade? Any advice on where I could find the part?? Thanks All!
  4. HelloI noticed the same issue with my rear windows....What do you guys think if instead of removing the window entirely I was to just remove the plastic casing inside the trunk and spray the edges with this leak seal stuff...does anyone have any experience with this??
  5. [Hey Flossy - that was quick!Thanks for the tip on the harness!Geese, removing the dash sounds like fun - yikes! Any walk thru available for this step that you know of?Are there any other speakers in the car other then the two on the dash?? Also, sorry I don't understand... how can the 5.25s fit where the 2.5s are? This might be a stupid question but Im allowed one once and a while :)CheersAlbert
  6. HELLO ALL!Hope everyone is enjoying the fine weather we have been experiencing!!Ive been searching these posts for any information on changing out the factory dash to replace it with a new one. Im fed up with these expensive, yet poor solutions, for hands free phone calls (the little Bluetooth boxes that sit in the drivers side visor) and am interested in upgrading my radio to accommodate a built in Bluetooth system like any newer car... Has anyone changed out their factory radio and installed a new one? If so, where did you locate the Kit to do so?? I was in future shop today and their system could only go back to 2006 and had nothing for the 2005. Any suggestions on a deck or system that works well for phonecalls??Im not really interested in flashing lights, cd or many other details. Just as close to perfect phone connection... Any suggestions on where to locate the harness kit and tips for installation? Is this a difficult thing to do? My attitude is to by any special tools myself (If required) and try to do it myself if its not that tough of a job. I did the side blinker mod on my own and enjoyed every min of it!Also, Id be interested in replacing the factory speakers if there are speakers available that I could literally just plug in the place of the existing... Has anyone done this? Is there a walk thru available??My Smart is a 2005 Passion model.. BTW I just got the car wrapped with our company logo! Its looking great, will upload some pics soon.Any suggestions would be great.Thanks guys
  7. Yes!Best bet is to call a mb dealer and provide your vin to determine eligibility
  8. Happy Birthday Buddy!Not sure of your favourite flavour so I took a guess...
  9. ******Update******Hello all,AC is still blowing cold! (Thank goodness!!)Looks like the Duracool kit has worked.The kit I purchased was the one with the duraseal can included. The only issue I have is that at idle the air temp increases and is no longer cold. While driving the air can get nice and cold... Any ideas why this can be? Anyone else experience this and know of a fix?Perhaps I just need another bottle to add some more Duracool refrigerant??
  10. I thought to update everyone on my experience now that this AC journey has reached a conclusion.The final result is the dealer said the car is not covered for any AC repair that was issued in the past for two main reasons:1. the fact the car is almost 10 years old2. the car does not have a maintenance record with MBThese two reasons actually make sense to me. If I was in the shoes of MB, I would probably have the same point of view. My frustration with the entire process is this information was not presented 3 weeks ago in the beginning of the process.It was only until I escalated the issue to the service manager (who was supposed to follow up with me after receiving the 5 different excuses!). When we connected on the phone, he had no idea of the situation and was able to get this info to me within 24hrs. Although I was disappointed with the response, the service manager did agree that it was not necessary to inspect the car in the first place (even though I was instructed to have the car inspected) and refunded the money paid for the 2 hrs of labor. In the end Im glad to know there is some integrity at the MB Dealer in Mississauga but you have to ensure you ask the proper questions to understand exactly whats going on with your car.This goes to show you that even at a high end dealer, customer service can be spotty and you need to not get fooled by the fancy appearance of high end finishes and 150k cars in a show room. Because of this forum I was well informed, asked the right questions and am sure the service guys could tell that a BS answer would not hold water with me.Thank you to everyone who provided comments and guidance thru this process. I hope this experience encourages other smart owners to do some of their own homework prior to getting their Smart serviced - Even at MB Canada!Now its off to the garage to install my duracool kit!!!
  11. Buy a good torx screw driver set!pretty much everything on the car is held down with a T screw!If your looking at a diesel, check the intercooler for leaks and AC to ensure its working!!
  12. You guys are awesome :)dmoonen, really appreciate you reaching out. Are you around tomorrow late afternoon by chance?
  13. Hello All!Looks like my airbag light has recently illuminated.. Ive already had the drivers side connector removed and connection fixed so I have a gut feeling that it could be the passenger side this time.Does anyone by chance have a scanner in the GTA who would be open to running a scan?We could use the good old barter system..... Ill have a few cold ones waiting for ya!Any advice or insight would be great!Thanks guys.
  14. Hello AllDoes anyone think the diesel vpower from shell is worth while for their smart?Also, any other diesel I've owned had a fuel filter... I thought this was the norm! Guess not. Is a filter necessary for these cars?
  15. Does anyone know if its illegal for a mechanic to charge an A/C system with freon if there is a known leak? Looks like 3 days later my a/c has gone caput! At this point during my next conversation I will be asking MB as to where exactly on the car is the leak coming from and how large/small are the holes...Has anyone used the Duracool system? Any advice with this stuff?