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  1. For sale as is. Looking to sell both together. 1 car daily commuter for past year and other was back up/parts car 2 smart cdis both 2005. Both working condition 1st car: blue. Passion . has 250000km rebuilt engine Turbo was replace but with a used one but still not working properly. Needs new brake calipers. New reluctor rings New emergency brake cable Panoramic glass roof 2nd car: black. pure. Commuter car since summer. Bought with a seized engine at 105000km. Now has 120,000km. Engine was rebuilt recently (top end). New crank position sensor. New eiboch springs. New rear brake master cylinders New reluctor rings New emergency brake cables New hydraulic lifters Includes 1 set of winter tires on steel 3 sets of summers, 2 sets of aluminum rims and 1 set on steel Asking 5000$ for everything
  2. Brand new glow plugs, reluctor rings, muffler, hand brake cable, new tires, headlight bulbs, and rebuilt top of engine head. Body is in great shape, except for tiny crack in the back bumper. Full glass sunroof . averages 4L/100kms . Ended up buying another smart car while this one was being worked on. No need for 2 now! email : tchmiel@hotmail.ca or call Tom at 416-528-3669 Also includes an extra set of all season tires on steel rims. asking 3000$ located in Burlington, ON
  3. Im having a problem with the fuel pump while driving. Its happened twice so far, driving at 110km/hr and all of a suddne engine cuts out. Engine light comes on, all electrical still on and working. Manage to pull over to the side of the road. wait a bit, try to restart the car, it coughs and spits and tries to catch but just conks out. Sit and wait some more, finally starts and I make it home. As this happened on our previous smart car, we checked the fuel pump connection and the wires were loose. A few days later, the same scenario happens. Engine light turned off on its own the next day, and everything is running fine. (Didnt touch anything on it the second time around). Want to know if it could be time to change the fuel pump (this car has 102,000km on it, the engine died and car sat for about 3 years before we purchased it from previous owner. We rebuilt the engine, all the cylinders have correct pressure, brand new alternator. Would you replace the fuel pump before trying anything else?
  4. Thought I'd post this here in case anyone is interested. Would like to sell before winter-> taking up space on the driveway. Looking for at least 6000$ for it. PM me if interested. Please see link for all details http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/oakville-halton-region/highest-bidder-2004-blue-subaru-wrx-wagon-with-upgrades/325303407?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  5. Rims found... don't know how to delete posts. THanks
  6. Where was this loose connection? At the starter? I just pulled the SAM out, took it apart completely, no corrosion, no bad connections anywhere. Frustrated, too many projects, maybe selling this one is the best thing... The connection was loose at the starter. If you do decide to sell, let me know please. looking for another smart
  7. My car had intermittent non-starts for about a month. Then it just wouldn't start at all. Everything checked out ok- battery, alternator, glow plugs, fuel rail pressure etc. Turned out that it was the connection from the SAM unit to the starter- the connection had come loose so each time i'd hit a road bump or something it would loosen more and cause the non-starting.We were just about to pull the engine to replace the starter when we saw the loose wires (using mirrors jigged up to rods to see around things! We tightened the connection and so far its been 2 months without any issues *knocks on wood that I just didn't jinx it! *
  8. smart142 has a set of rims available. (still I think?) check with him. He's in london.
  9. We had the same issue- we managed to get at the starter without taking the engine out though. had to replace the connector as it was corroded (used a mirror jigged to a rod and was able to see around things), and then also noticed that the connection for the fuel pump was loose so we fixed that and now all our issues we had regarding intermittent starts and no cranks, as well as the fuel pump problems have gone away... fingers crossed i didn't just jinx it!
  10. there is a decent crack in the manifold and alot of the exhaust is rusted. Was going to weld it together, just afraid of it cracking somewhere else etc.
  11. I'm with TD and pay 900/year
  12. Anyone tell me if any replacement exhaust can be used/modified to be installed on an 05 cdi? does the stock one have the cat converter inside?Cant afford to pay the price for a new one and even the used ones I have found are still up there in cost.Thanks
  13. Thanks Bessy... any chance that you would be interested in helping? Could pay you something...
  14. smart car is dead again. we are pretty sure its the starter. anyone have advice on how to get the starter out someone easlily? I saw the post of dmoonen's starter fix. We have the car somewhat taken apart but husband doesnt want to take out the entire motor if he can get to the starter some other way??
  15. Just a quick update.Changed the fuel filter and tinkered around a little. The car now runs and seems alot better than before.. It would appear that the old fuel filter was 3 years old on the car.Still have the leak as mentioned above. Haven't started to play with that yet!