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  1. Hi Mike, Is this something that can be cleaned or adjusted or is it replacement? Plus how do I get to it. Thanks. Brad
  2. Good Afternoon. I think I may have a problem but not sure of the source. I have a 2009 Passion and the AC normally blows real cold. But lately I can be running down the road and the AC is blowing nice and cold and it will seem to start blowing warmer and warmer. I'll slide the control all the way up to hot and then back down and it will start blowing colder again. Where do I start looking for the problem? Low Freon? Bad sensor? Please provide direction. I'm in South Carolina and it is warm. Thanks. Brad Dadles
  3. Well I pulled out the blower motor and cleaned everything. There was a lot of dust that I assume used to be part of the brushes. I even took a very small screwdriver and cleaned out the slots in the commutated. I blew everything clean with compressed air. Put it back in and everything has worked fine so far. I also took pictures of all the numbers on the motor while I had things apart just in case I need to replace it. Thanks for the direction. Brad
  4. Thanks. I have seen the write up on the motor removal and clean and I can do what he did but I was trying to determine if I had the same thing. I didn't think a thump on the top of the dash would get all the way down to the motor and maybe my problem was in the switch up top. Brad
  5. Good Morning, I have a 2009 Passion and recently the fan would not turn on. A couple of thumps on top of the dash (high tech solution) and it will start again and will work for days with no trouble. Do I have a switch that is going bad and if so how do I take the top of the dash off to replace it? Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Brad Dadles
  6. Well I finally got around to checking the drip again after tightening the pan bolts. It went down to a mere seep. Since then I applied some oil resistant Permatex to all of the area that I can reach. It is now down to a single drop hanging under the pan after it is parked. I consider this a victory. Thanks for the help guys.Brad
  7. [Well the Smart is home again and all fixed. The bearing went out of the cooling fan. The parts were not all that awful but the labor is a killer because so much has to be removed. Well at least I have new coolant and a fresh charge on the AC. Hopefully no more problems are around the corner.Thanks for you help.Brad
  8. [Well I bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment at the Smart dealer in San Juan, Tx for the replacement. Of course they do not have the part but they will have it Friday and a loaner car for us. Thanks for everyone help.Brad
  9. [i pulled the belly pan so I could see the cooling fan. That is definitely the problem. When I had it up on my loading ramps so I could get under it l ran the air and found the noise. The cooling fan is coming on and off and the plastic fan is wobbling. Looks like replacement. However, sometimes when it is level it works just fine. I would tackle a fix myself but we are full time RVers and have no place to work or the tools to pull that much car apart. Any suggestions besides the Smart dealer in San Juan, Tx? Anyone near Port Isabel, TX want a project?Brad
  10. [Thanks Mike. I was afraid of that. Now how do I get access to it? Remove the front end? Where would I find instructions?ThanksBrad
  11. I have a 2009 Smart Passion. For the past couple of days when I shut off the car there has been a noise in the front like a fan spooling down. Tonight it has turned into a grinding / rubbing noise ONLY when the A/C is turned on. It sounds like the fan is trying to cycle on and off about every 10 - 15 seconds and making a grinding or rubbing noise. No noise when the A/C is turned off.Any ideas? It is getting hot in Texas.Thanks.Brad
  12. I have retightened the pan bolts (that was to easy). I put from a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn on each bolt and the drip slowed. I also went to the auto parts store and got a tube of oil resistant Permatex. Within the next couple of days I'll crawl under there and clean it again and apply some of this sealer. I'll let you know how things turn out.Thanks.Brad
  13. Good morning, This is my first post to please bear with me. I have a 2009 Passion with 30K miles on it. I have been reading about oil leaks around the pan and pulling it off and resealing. I put it on ramps yesterday to look and try to find the leak (drip) and I came to the conclusion that there is no way on Gods green earth that I'm going to try to pull that pan. Maybe I should also mention that I'm a full time Rver and have no place to work or the proper tools. Still not going to attempt it. Now my question. It appears to drip from the bottom edge of the pan and I can not see any other wetness. Is there any product I can put on the OUTSIDE to stop the drip after it is cleaned? No I'm not going to use JB weld. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Brad