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  1. Article about a German Homeowner who bought two smart cars just to keep people from parking near driveway. Click here
  2. Watching the TV coverage of the scramble to evacuate south Florida, reminded me how impractical an all-electric vehicle can be. When mobility is required under emergency conditions like avoiding a fire, as at Fort McMurray, or a hurricane, short range and long recharge times are not compatible with the needs of evacuees. All-electric cars in south Florida are likely to be abandoned and inundated by the storm surge..
  3. It seems to me that this system might have the same effect in the third world as the adoption of cell-phones had, where the infrastructure required for landlines was never fully implemented because the cell-phone technology had leap-frogged ahead. Similarly, sophisticated postal systems may not be necessary in many counties if what3words technology is generally adopted. The application is like a high-level language used to access relatively complicated addressing techniques, which still support the whole GPS addressing concept.
  4. The effect of this technology is minimal where advanced postal services exist, but there are a couple of advantages that I can think of. Such as being able to accurately describe your location if one is lost in the boondocks. Also, rural addressing, a common problem, would be enhanced by adoption of the what3words approach. I've copied text from pages 8 & 10 of of the brochure referenced in post #1. It explains how a whole lot of people in less developed areas of the world can benefit by adoption of this technology.
  5. This link can provide a three word address for anywhere in the world. Enter a general location (e.g. a city), GPS coordinates or an exact street address, and the map will change accordingly. The map location of the what3words address displayed at the bottom of the map is indicated by the red "pin". Move the map using the cursor with left button depressed, to change location as desired. The display at the bottom changes continually to match the pin's current location. The map's start location happens to be in Toronto Ontario, at the what3words address "embedded.fizzled.trial", as spelled out in the URL. It appears the the what3words app. defaulted the address because I am located in the Greater Toronto Area (aka GTA). I find it fascinating that they have accomplished this task. A starting list of words was edited down to about 38500. That number cubed, yielded over 57 trillion available combinations, enough to address the entire surface of the planet.
  6. Here is a Link to a video where one of the originators of the idea explains in person what the what3words application is about. Further information, including a number of videos describing practical applications of the concept that are already in use, is available in the attached pdf (I couldn't get the first one to work, but the others seem to be o/k). WebPage.pdf
  7. The what3words app. can supply an unique address in the form of three words, for every 3x3 metre location on the surface of the planet. It's already being used to provide third world countries that never had a proper postal system, with a simple and effective addressing system. It is based upon the existing Global Positioning System. A link to a brochure which explains what3words in detail, follows:
  8. Our policy includes the so-called "worry free" option, but not the option that precludes a premium increase due to the first at fault accident, so the question would have to be "what could I expect that increase to be?". If, over time, the increased premium would total less than the cost of the repair, minus the $500 deductible, claiming the repair would make fiscal sense. Unfortunately, I have already opened a claim, and have been told that even if I don't proceed with it, it will still remain on the record as a claim against my policy.
  9. Insured with The Personal under a group plan for over 20 years with no claims. My wife miscalculated when exiting a parking spot in a mall. The CX-5 hit a tall curb, damaging the right rocker panel and twisting the passenger door. We have gotten 2 estimates, and it looks like the cost to do a proper repair will be in the $2500 range. I filed a claim, but one of the estimators said we'd probably be better off paying out-of-pocket. I don't think that our insurance rate would change enough to make going through with claim uneconomic. Opinions please!
  10. I had expected that you'd be driving Dang's smart since it had a Webasto heater installed ... or did you change the panels?
  11. It would be a shame to see Canada1's and smarts like my pristine coupe go to the scrapyard. The Canada1 owned by smarzuum has been offered for sale at $6000 with no takers as far as I know.
  12. My experience was similar. The dealer installed the latest available thermostat, which, I assume, was the same brand as you used.
  13. I've read that the latest battery format is comprised of "pouches" which can be serviced or replaced individually, rather that replacing the entire battery pack when it becomes inefficient. That's a revolutionary development that should reduce the cost of batteries considerably.
  14. From this American site: A clickable link on the site: http://5 Cool Things About the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV
  15. The police could infiltrate the organization in order to gather evidence against the perpetrators. Confiscation of their machines would make them less likely to continue. I read somewhere that New York police have seized and crushed motorcycles involved in this sort of scofflaw activity.