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  1. Asking $5,500 for my 2013 Smart with safety done at Oakville Mercedes. Price takes into consideration highway mileage and cosmetic damage (highlighted in photos). The car has been sitting in the garage since summer. The mileage is from two years of commuting between Oakville and Ottawa. This is the special edition City flame. It sits somewhere between the Passion and the Brabus for features (including the full black Brabus tire rims). I added Smart weather floor mats, retractable rear hatch cover, LEDs for interior and external parking lights, and upgraded Kicker 41KSC654 door speakers. I am the the original owner and this car has been the Oakville Mercedes for 100% of its scheduled maintenance. Tires are near new and they are the recommended Continental models for this car. It's still on the original brakes (a testament to how much mileage is from highway). I've had the brakes checked with each service and they were good at last inspection before storage. This edition includes touch screen, Bluetooth, and Navigation with voice control. The LCD screen slides forward to access CDs and SD cards. Glove box has the Aux jack and USB port. SD and USB ports both support music and video playback. Upgraded speakers work well with surround sound and underseat woofer. This car has the hottest and quickest leather heated seats of any car I've owned. I sill make the trip to Ottawa and may be able to arrange delivery in that area. I can be contacted through PM or email:
  2. Had an interesting highway ramp adventure with my 451 yesterday. I was rounding the curve to merge onto the 401 when a book slid off the passenger seat... and turned off my car! One minute I was checking traffic... and the next I was lazily coasting into a busy on/off ramp. Darn book actually turned the ignition key when it hit.
  3. My 451 was showing temps down to -28C last winter and I never had a problem starting or driving it. It was a lot of highway use and the only issue I had was regulating the heat. The hottest setting was just too hot, no matter how I manipulated the vents. One notch lower was almost like turning off the heat completely.
  4. I decided to check into the numbers and I think I see a little more of the big picture. (Using fuelly as a point of reference: The 450s are reporting numbers around 4.7 l/100km (50mpg) (up to 2006) Original 451s are reporting numbers around 6.12 l/100km (38mpg) (2007-2012) Newer 451s are reporting numbers around 6.72 l/100km (35mpg) (2013-2105) I found a pair of gas receipts where I filled up in Ottawa, then again in Whitby. Google maps says 407km between stations... receipt says I put in 25.13 liters... so we're looking at ~6.3 l/100km Not great Highway numbers at all... but not as far off as I was thinking based on the 700-800 km ranges some are seeing. Looks like I also bought in when they started to release the the least fuel efficient models.
  5. Well.. I guess there's either something wrong with my driving...or I'm dragging a small parachute. I'm sitting at 110,000 km on my 2013 City Flame... and it's all highway driving. It was pretty good in the beginning. Driving a little over 500 km and showing 2 bars left on the gauge. These days, I can't get 500 out of a full tank even if I cruise the 401 at 110 km/r. She's been into the dealer for every scheduled service and I've had them look for issues on my past two visits. I'm creeping up in the same mileage as my Santa Fe.
  6. Thanks for the response.. given my lack of star power, I'll probably just leave them be. That's an impressive list of upgrades on your 450s.. I'll need to keep an eye out for Flossy while I drive through Kanata every week.
  7. I noticed that there are some extra connectors under the driver and passenger side of the dash. I pulled one down and used a volt meter to test the leads, but nothing seemed to give them power. Headlights on/off, Dome light on/off in combination with the car running/not running. I suspect they might be pre-wiring for the ambient light package, but I'm not sure. If so, I might just be missing a fuse. Checking my fuse box I have fuses in nearly every slot. The only empty spots are R3,R4,R5, and R6 Model is 2013 City Flame with Surround, and heated seats.... and almost 100,000 Km . Is anyone familiar with these connectors?
  8. My own small testing confirmed that you're right. I did need to keep them the same. I managed to pull various members into the car to see if they could tell the difference. (I did the basic eye doctor test -- Do you prefer 1 or 2... 1 or 2... while I switched the connections) It was no contest on using the green as negative.
  9. Installed new door speakers this weekend and it went pretty well. I read a lot of recommendations for using the Polk DB651 as a direct drop in, but the Kickers fit right in with a basic adapter. I didn't need to remove the existing speaker grill, but I did bend some plastic tabs out of the way. The only issue was some confusion on the wiring. The online diagrams stated the following: Passenger Side: - Grey/Black: Negative - Grey/White: Positive Driver Side: - Green/Brown: Negative - Green: Positive BUT, As you can see in the photo below.. that couldn't be the case. I think, in my car, the Green wire is actually negative. (Identical connectors plugged into identical speakers, so left wire should be negative on both) So that's how I wired it (Green as negative). It sounds great and these speakers were thin enough to clear the window easily.
  10. I think I will look into finding or making something to help access the clips in cold weather... either that or carry a 12V hair dryer for winter road trips.
  11. There are lots of things that I like about my Smart... but access to the washer fluid is not one of them. Just made a long highway drive in some nasty winter weather and needed to refill. Trying to access those silly metal clips through frozen road grime was an awful experience. It was so cold that I had to retreat to the car several times to save my hands. (I just couldn't get any leverage with gloves). It honestly took a full two days for my finger tips to stop stinging from the early stages of frostbite. Sorry for the rant, but it's truly a frustrating design. (2013 City Flame)
  12. Thanks for the info... That's exactly what I was looking for.Now I just need to decide on one or the other..
  13. Such quick replies!!!Those are some cool fuel stats I'm seeing in the different profile signatures... Are they based on easy tools to track mileage?
  14. Hi Huronlad,Does your 2011 have the paddle shifters? That's the part I found a little confusing.
  15. Hi,I was reading some of the older threads and I'm wondering if I can add Cruise Control to my City Flame.It has paddle shifters and I think I saw that this somehow causes a problem with installation?I'm not too picky on which system I get (MDC vs 451). I see that the Area 451 is sold in Canada and it gets discounted periodically, which sounds more tempting overall.I'm putting about 5K a month on my little bumble bee... so I'm interested in a leg saver..