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  1. Sure enough... it was the O-Ring. Swapped her out and "Bob's your uncle"... thanks guys!
  2. Thanks Gregg! It seems that the O ring makes more sense...since the leak only started AFTER my oil change. I'll park it for now and hit it on the weekend. Keep you posted. So the "rectangular contraption" is the oil cooler. Good to know :-)
  3. Thanks booneylander! I can remove the housing and check again... seems odd that leak stops when engine is stopped tho. I'll check it out this weekend
  4. I'm baaaack!!! After a very long period of trouble free driving with Bibit II... BAM! Back in the snoot! After retiring Bibit in April 2017, I purchased a clean, sharp 2005 Cabrio with 155,000KM on the ODO. Just turned 200K did my oil change and all seemed fine (as usual). Back the car out in the fresh snow this morning and I see a black trail... drive her back in turn her off... nothing leaking. Repeat and a new trail, turn her off nothing. Checked the oil filter and its on tight with no sign of leaks but then I turn her on and look underneath... lo and behold a steady stream coming from the rectangular contraption just to the right of the oil filter (picture attached). WTF is that? Why is it leaking?? And why did it start leaking right after I did my oil change??? I'm half tempted to swap the engine from Bibit (kept it for Spare parts because she ran sweet - just all the electrical and suspension problems put the final nail in her coffin) but... I don't have the time or intestinal fortitude to attempt an engine swap LOL!! Hopefully this is a quick and easy fix...???? Help... Bob
  5. Just received my Delphi DS150e from Hong Kong... spent the better part of the morning getting it loaded but finally up and running on my laptop. Will keep you posted after my next servicing (Air bag light back on) but it looks quite impressive on screen. Other than that, Bibit II is running quite well. Fuel consumption is MUCH higher than on Bibit I (2006 Pulse Coupe). Went from a consistent 3.7-4.0 L/100KM to avg 5.0 L/100KM. I know its a 2005 Cabrio versus a 2006 Coupe but... is this normal? If I drop the roof... I'm in the 5.5L/100KM zone. Driving style is the same, route is the same... Troy Wilson told me that the motor on Bibit I is in great shape... I'm keeping her stored as a back-up, but do you guys think that an engine swap could make a difference or is it the 2005 Cabrio that is the issue (ie: weight, aerodynamics, etc)?? Thanks! Bob
  6. All done... socket with long break bar wouldn't release so 5 or 6 "hits" with the impact wrench and "Bob's your uncle"... no rubber gasket was on cap so I assume the lasy guy just torqued it until it stopped leaking then a few more turns for good luck! Thanks All!! Bob
  7. Ahhhh Tolsen... I knew you would come to the rescue after the customary verbal spanking! LOL I meant to say a 27mm socket with my impact wrench, so I think we are now aligned. I have a 1/2" X 36" breaker and will try with the new socket, as you suggest. If that doesn't work... I will attach the socket to my impact wrench and give her a go! Much appreciated Bob
  8. Thanks Mike. Called it a night and decided a cold beer was in order LOL! Going to buy a 27mm ratchet and use my impact wrench in the AM (also dosed it with ReleasAll). If that doesn't work... and no other viable solutions are posted... then I will take your advice. Cheers! Bob
  9. Hello Peeps So attempting first oil change on my 2005 Pulse Cabrio and... grrrrr! I have done countless oil changes on Bibit and other cars so... as much as I acknowledge that I'm a hacker when it comes to mechanics... I have managed to get by over the years! So the issue is getting the oil filter cover off on this one! I have tried everything (and yes... I am TRYING to loosen in the counter clockwise direction for those who are lauging their ass off) and it won't come off. My last attempt has been to use a hydraulic jack on the end of the spanner and believe it or not... I am actually lifting the car but it will not release or even move for that matter!!!???!!! I have a spare oil filter cover on Bibit so... my question: should I just "destroy this one and refit my spare or...??? HELP... patience is running thin Bob
  10. So seat swap went very well (along with ALL standard maintenance items)... "very doable" and not so "finicky" Now I go on Tuesday to make sure we can clear the error code and light... then Safety Test. No E-Test is required as per Ontario Service agent (????. I didn't argue with them just said "OK"... fingers crossed that there are no other little "gremlins" lurking around, but she rides nice, straight (LOL) and is super clean (no rust anywhere). We are off to a nice start. Confident that we are off to a good start... know more next week. Worst case... new Air Bag (MB quoted $650) Evilution has the instructions to repalce that too!! New job requires a daily commute of 225KM roundtrip so... Bibit II had better not be "finicky" LOL!! Atleast I have a parts car that I can rob from now, if needed Finally... Tolsen you mentioned the Delphi DS150e (eBay has them for +/- $100)... is it just as good as the MB Star (+/-$400)? I figure "in for a dollar, in for a pound" so... my next purchase will be a proper ODB Scanner Tool. Don't mind spending a few extra $$$ if it is justifiable. Thanks Peeps!! Bob
  11. Thanks Glenn: On Evilution now and they say the same!! I really hate the electrical stuff tho LOL! I dated a German girl once... she was finicky and doable too Bob
  12. Long time no hear Tolsen... I will check it out! Bob
  13. Thanks Glenn et all!! I will get on it right away. I'll contact Troy Wilson to "clear" the error once complete AND get my Road Test cleared (I was told I don't need the E-Test). As much as I like responses/instructions, I REALLY hope that moving forward I can just be a "reader" or "contributor" versus being a "needy" user LOL!! Much experience has been gained (I'm "Smarter") in the last 3 years (skill level still lacking) and I do I enjoy the "Community"! Later guys! Bob
  14. Hello Peeps! Well it has been a while since I last posted and I'm sorry to report that "Bibit" (06 Pulse Coupe) is officially in palliative care : She has served me VERY well over the last 3 years (>160,000KM), but the cost to pass Ontario Inspection is way too cost prohibitive with the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree (SAM, Driver side Airbag, Turbo, Hand brake assembly, wiper linkage, windscreen crack, etc...) so she will be put aside as a parts car. For my 2005 Pulse Cabrio (purchased last night)! It is in excellent shape ("new" engine, turbo, alternator, clutch and actuator, SAM, ECU, muffler, full suspension and brakes - with invoices) she rides nice but it is confirmed that PAX Side Airbag is toast (according to previous owner) so... is the Airbag module for the 05 Cabrio interchangeable with an 06 Coupe? Would it make more sense to swap the entire Seat Assembly (with Airbag installed) or just swap the Airbag assembly (color matches!)? Seat swap "seems" easier, atleast to me... but I have been wrong "a few" times in the past LOL. Assuming either option is good... will the SRS light go out if the "fix" works or will I still have to have the code erased "professionally? Me thinks I will be investing in a Smart compatible OBD scanner in the near future LOL Any good ones reasonably priced out there? As always... thanks to all those who take the time to reply. Bob
  15. No need to panic then!!! Great news... thanks guys!