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  1. Thanks Willys but I'm not comfortable trying another engine... my "parts" car engine was n fine shape before I stored not so fine. Tolsen: Alternator was only a few months old and Troy unseized it. Can't start her up. Not sure if I want to invest in a diagnostic as it appears to be compression related. Quotes are coming in from all the local dealers LOL... looking at the Chevy Cruze Deisel... at a crossroads and its decision time. Bob
  2. Hi Peeps: So... my 2005 Cabrio is having engine problems (low compression, hard start, clutch fork hole, etc) and economy recently dropped to >5L/100Km. At suggestion of Troy Wilson we agreed best option was to swap engine from my 2006 that has been parked since April 2017 (Turbo, SAM and major suspension issues). 2006 engine was running perfectly (even with blown turbo just not "fast") when I bought 2005 Cabrio (great deal at the time). 2006 had a new clutch, new alternator, new thermostat, etc. Even Troy had confirmed at XMas 2016 that "she (the 2006) is running nice" so my plan was to keep 2006 as my "back-up plan" incase 2005 started to have issues. Well... Troy called me up and... after the swap she won't start and he fears low compression but needs to deep dive to find issue. This is a request for advice as I have full confidence in Troy's assessment and he has never steered me wrong "Bob, how much do you want to invest with 225,000 KM on ODO and suspension on 2005 needs work too?" As I consider my options... looking for some friendly advice to determine if I should end my "affair" with the Diesel Smart or hold out a bit longer and try to milk it for as long as I can. supporting information: 1) I run my car 6,000 Km per month and 90% hwy - at 3.75 l/100 (2006 Engine) I am "saving" about $250 per month in cost of gas and NO car payment, no depreciation, etc. Both 2005/2006 have pretty much paid for themselves over the last 4 years when compared to owning a new car 2) I actually enjoy tinkering on the weekends and have amassed a fairly significant amount of spare parts. LOL 3) Sunk costs on 2005: $500 for swap + $300 for diagnostic. 4) WAG $2000K for valve job but this is not confirmed yet 5) 2005 has paid for itself in the 16 months of driving with only regular maintenance items and a $300 repair for some relay work on SAM (fuel pump, headlights) 6) Total cost for 2 Smart's + repairs over 4 years (~225,000 KM) > $10K total investment (not including fuel and regular maintenance). Hard to beat when you consider I have saved about $7000 in cost of gas versus running my 2007 Suzuki SX4 over the same time period!! 7) Troy still feels 2006 Engine is better positioned for a rebuild than 2005. Financial risk assessments are part of my daily job so not so worried about the financial decision... I guess I am looking for information to better understand my short/long term risk. IS it time to write it off and invest in a new car? how many Smart Diesel engines have reached 300,000 ODO? If the engine is "rebuilt"... other than the SAM and turbo... what else might be lurking around the corner in the near future. questions for Troy? Troy doesn't have test equipment to confirm "600lbs required compression"...??? Thanks in advance... a "little" attached to my 2005 Cabrio LOL!!! Yet... not interested in a money pit... Cheers!! Bob
  3. I am still struggling to get the same FE with Bibit 2 (2005 Cabrio) vs Bibit 1 (2006). I was was a consistent 3.7/100 on the 06 but never less than 5l/100 on Bibit 2....? Last week 20 l fill 340km range (5.8!!!) same daily route, same driving style ( I do drive with top down tho)... now considering an engine swap (Bibit 1 is out of commission due to SAM and other mechanical issues but engine is solid) ideas/ suggestions because I barely make 450km on a tank and I really don’t want to swap an engine. LOL cheers! bob
  4. Mike T... 169??? I've had fast cars (modified Corvette '76) and up until recently race bikes (Ducatti 996)... never had an issue with "high speed". I took Bibit 1 up to 135... I was not "feelin it". Maybe I'm getting old"er"... it just didn't feel like she was meant to go there so I prefer "leisurely rides" LOL. So... just finished. I took Tolsen's advice. A good cleaning of oil filter cap, cleaned up the housing and fitted a new filter and O-Ring and didn't over torque at all. A 30 minute "spirited ride" and... everything is dry underneath. Getting ready for the Inspection in June and oil leaks are "frowned upon" or so I've heard. All is good in Camelot! Thanks again for helping this wannabe mechanic. Cheers! Bob
  5. Thanks Tolsen! Now I have a plan. A "spirited drive"??? It's a diesel Smart LOL! Keep you posted! Bob
  6. Does this mean you agree with Mike T and the housing is damaged? I have to agree with you Tolsen (you have never steered me wrong) but... the only way to stop this leak is to over torque. And Mike T... o-ring is in place. I had changed it at the suggestion of Booneylander when the leak appeared back in Dec (car was stored for winter). Since I torqued her up, the leak has pretty much stopped (a few drops now and then) but I know next oil change will be in challenge again. If it is housing... a big job to swap? I still have a spare on Bibit... I I hoping to attempt an engine swap soon. Would hate to strip good parts and then redo when/if I find the time (and courage) to tackle that task. Cheers! Bob
  7. Hi Peeps! This pesky oil leak.. grrrrr.. Back on the road after a short siesta. Too damn cold to drive a Cabrio in the winter even after installing a Canadian Tire Space Heater with a 2000W Power Inverter LOL. I posted a while back that during my first oil change on Bibit 2, how I needed to use an impact wrench to remove the oil filter housing after the previous owner over torqued (Tolsen... I could hear you laughing as you responded). Then this post a few months back... The leak definitely comes from the housing (not oil cooler) and the only way to stop the leak is to torque the "mudda fracker" to infinity and beyond!!??? I swapped the filter housing from the original Bibit and the result is the same - torque the hell out of it if I want the stop the leak. Any suggestions (other than swapping the Oil Cooler)? I guess I can continue to "over torque"... then Impact wrench to remove but I have reservations about the long term viability of this plan. Should I double up on the O-Ring, liquid gasket...?? Spring is here and I would like to use the Cabrio without getting an "oil treatment" each time...unless of course it promotes hair growth... in which case...I'm in!! Bob
  8. Sure enough... it was the O-Ring. Swapped her out and "Bob's your uncle"... thanks guys!
  9. Thanks Gregg! It seems that the O ring makes more sense...since the leak only started AFTER my oil change. I'll park it for now and hit it on the weekend. Keep you posted. So the "rectangular contraption" is the oil cooler. Good to know :-)
  10. Thanks booneylander! I can remove the housing and check again... seems odd that leak stops when engine is stopped tho. I'll check it out this weekend
  11. I'm baaaack!!! After a very long period of trouble free driving with Bibit II... BAM! Back in the snoot! After retiring Bibit in April 2017, I purchased a clean, sharp 2005 Cabrio with 155,000KM on the ODO. Just turned 200K did my oil change and all seemed fine (as usual). Back the car out in the fresh snow this morning and I see a black trail... drive her back in turn her off... nothing leaking. Repeat and a new trail, turn her off nothing. Checked the oil filter and its on tight with no sign of leaks but then I turn her on and look underneath... lo and behold a steady stream coming from the rectangular contraption just to the right of the oil filter (picture attached). WTF is that? Why is it leaking?? And why did it start leaking right after I did my oil change??? I'm half tempted to swap the engine from Bibit (kept it for Spare parts because she ran sweet - just all the electrical and suspension problems put the final nail in her coffin) but... I don't have the time or intestinal fortitude to attempt an engine swap LOL!! Hopefully this is a quick and easy fix...???? Help... Bob
  12. Just received my Delphi DS150e from Hong Kong... spent the better part of the morning getting it loaded but finally up and running on my laptop. Will keep you posted after my next servicing (Air bag light back on) but it looks quite impressive on screen. Other than that, Bibit II is running quite well. Fuel consumption is MUCH higher than on Bibit I (2006 Pulse Coupe). Went from a consistent 3.7-4.0 L/100KM to avg 5.0 L/100KM. I know its a 2005 Cabrio versus a 2006 Coupe but... is this normal? If I drop the roof... I'm in the 5.5L/100KM zone. Driving style is the same, route is the same... Troy Wilson told me that the motor on Bibit I is in great shape... I'm keeping her stored as a back-up, but do you guys think that an engine swap could make a difference or is it the 2005 Cabrio that is the issue (ie: weight, aerodynamics, etc)?? Thanks! Bob
  13. All done... socket with long break bar wouldn't release so 5 or 6 "hits" with the impact wrench and "Bob's your uncle"... no rubber gasket was on cap so I assume the lasy guy just torqued it until it stopped leaking then a few more turns for good luck! Thanks All!! Bob
  14. Ahhhh Tolsen... I knew you would come to the rescue after the customary verbal spanking! LOL I meant to say a 27mm socket with my impact wrench, so I think we are now aligned. I have a 1/2" X 36" breaker and will try with the new socket, as you suggest. If that doesn't work... I will attach the socket to my impact wrench and give her a go! Much appreciated Bob
  15. Thanks Mike. Called it a night and decided a cold beer was in order LOL! Going to buy a 27mm ratchet and use my impact wrench in the AM (also dosed it with ReleasAll). If that doesn't work... and no other viable solutions are posted... then I will take your advice. Cheers! Bob