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  1. Re-posting from an earlier thread: Who's up for a fall roadtrip to Neustadt, Ontario? I have spoken with the brewery owners there and they have proposed Sunday, September 14th. Plan on being there for 12 noon. Lunch and a tour will be provided for a small fee, ballparked at $20 a head. Here's the address: Neustadt Springs Brewery 456 Jacob St. Neustadt, ON N0G 2M0 MAP Please respond below if interested so I can give a headcount to the fine folks at Neustadt Springs. Let's try to lock in by September 1st, although I think they'll be flexible at their end should any late-comers wish to join in. Also, if you have any dietary requirements (meatatarian, vegetarian, etc.) that need to be catered to, send me a PM. (I'll mention this at The Mystery Run too - looking forward to meeting many of you there)
  2. Spoke with the brewery owner this morning and he proposed Sunday, September 14th. They can cater in lunch, so I'd recommend planning your respective trips to arrive for noon. Ballpark cost for lunch, a tour and sampling would be $20 a head.I would like to give Neustadt Springs an idea of attendance numbers so that they can plan accordingly. Apparently, their tasting room is licensed for up to 32 people. I'll promote this to those attending the Mystery Run in August, but please spread the word and reply to the thread if you have any questions or plan to attend.
  3. It will probably be a Sunday. I've sent an email to the brewery to investigate dates and see if they can cater. Typically, they charge $7 for the tour, but perhaps they can do a $20-all in lunch. Will let you all know how it shakes out.
  4. Thanks Leadwing! I drove up late last September - it's roughly 2.5 hours NW of Toronto. Great drive, nice scenery, little traffic. Brewery owners are nice British folk that love their car and would love to have us out.
  5. Realizing that summer has just begun, this may be blasphemous to mention so early, but would anyone be interested in a fall roadtrip to Neustadt, Ontario? There is a great craft brewery there called Neustadt Springs Brewery; beers sold in the LCBO are 10w30 Brown Ale, Scottish Pale Ale, and Neustadt Lager, so the beer geeks out there may be familiar with the brand. Anyway, the brewery owners are also smart owners (see their car online at Neustadt Springs Brewery) and I know that they would warmly receive a large contingent of fortwos for an afternoon meet-up. Late September or early October would be ideal from anywhere in Ontario, as the fall colours should be out in full effect. I'm thinking a Sunday drive would be best. Anyway, just throwing this out there now, if interested please leave a comment below. I know the owners, so if we can get enough cars out, I think they will be able to put on a good show for us. Thx!
  6. Just received notification now - 10:30am meet-up at CNE Parking Lot 4. Let me know if you did not receive instructions and I'll post them here.
  7. The City of Toronto is playing host to WorldPride 2014 from June 20th-29th. This event demonstrates what a progressive city Toronto is and celebrates equality for all. smart Canada is the official vehicle sponsor of WorldPride 2014 and is holding a kick-off car rally on Saturday, June 14th, starting at 10:30am. Space is somewhat limited, but more event details and sign-up information can be found by visiting: Rally for WorldPride sign-up page (Did I mention there's a BBQ lunch after?)