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  1. I would like another one. Really enjoyed my car. Have been looking. I was hoping to find a lease take-over.
  2. Yes they are still available. Check on kijiji
  3. Bought for last winter from Costco. New steel rims and Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60
  4. That would be awesome
  5. Paid $1000 selling $600
  6. The guy who bought it said 5K The winter tires are now for sale
  7. Markham has one. Drove one at the Barrie store.
  8. That would be Smart Wonder how much it went for
  9. Since some of them are from 2012, which means there is only 1 more year of battery warranty left.
  10. My car is now ready for auction. You can see the pictures until Tuesday. Go to vehicle quick search and select smart. It shows what happens when a smart car gets T-boned by a Subaru WRX at 60 km/hour
  11. Still looking for an electric car. Finding the ones available are mostly the 2013 models. Which were sold in 2012. Making them lease returns. My question is since they were build and sold in 2012, are these the Tesla versions. I thought the 2014 models sold in the fall of 2013 were the newer improved version ? Does anyone know?
  12. Took one for a test drive yesterday. Drove well. The clutch shifting was great. Way more positive than before. I like the way the car looks on the outside. It is noticeably wider. Thinking there should be lots more space on the inside. Sadly this was not the case. Every knob, gauge and panel is protruding way too much for my liking. My biggest disappointment is how small the trunk is. All this makes a big looking car on the outside small on the inside. I don't know why it seems every time the body changes Smart makes the car bigger on the outside, but smaller on the inside. With a small car it is important to maximize the amount of little space there is. For example, when I am driving home and want to stop for an errand, now I will have to go home and switch cars. Make me think the people who design these cars never use them day to day. Not trying to be negative , but I think Smart should have engineered more uses into this car besides a 1-2 person transporter. Will I buy one, probably not. Then again maybe it will grow on me. Can't always go with first impressions.
  13. It took 6 weeks to get it resolved. Just last Wednesday a check was received by MB. Not sure where my car is. I keep looking for it at auction. No sign of it.