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  1. Yes I sold red one 450, but now I want to buy other one so what to chose 54 hp with dpf or 45 hp engine diesel ?
  2. So first I sold my baby 450 cdi 2005 and I made 130000 km ( now car have 180000 km). I want to buy newer one 451 cdi, I already own one with 45 hp and it is good. Now I wish to buy 54 hp, I read about dpf problem so I want to ask cen I remove dpf and make remap and I sort that problem and how is that engine is it good or 45 hp is better. Price is 100 eur more for used one. It have 100000 km 2012 year. This is my old one (red one diesel) And white one I have my women drives 461 cdi 45 hp) So I won't to be faster and buy 54 hp cdi😁 Many thanks for helping me.
  3. Yes, my allso have 3 whires but black one is disconnected and everything works normal.
  4. Yes, it will better to make trough relays, I order 3 ralays and when they come I wil make it.
  5. Oh, then is better now, so I need 3 same ralays (witch are good one)? And take 3 wires from 11/3 connector headlights and fuel pump, one wire from positive SAM unit connector (with fuse) and one white to negative on chassis, and I need fuses for all 3 whires. Thanks for help. I need to find witch one relays. This one is good ?
  6. You think this will not be ok for one two years?
  7. Yes, but now is good so i will don't touch anithing , when it stops i will try to external relay mod . Now i need to make some miles without pressure that he will stop.
  8. Yes Tolsen help me last time, so I don't want start new topic but today also I solved issue of periodic shutdown engine problem. First I replace Sam unit 11 /3 connector and everything was ok 2 months and after that car starts shutdown sometimes on road and you nee wait 20 sec to turn it on, I dissemble Sam unit and found this. On other side of board there are cracks, I just soldier and make it better, now car runs grate. Maybe someone have this same problem. You guys are best 😁. Regards from Croatia
  9. Hi everyone because of you I solved problem, the wire was broken completely. I didn't buy new sensor. So once again you are the best. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for that I will do that tomorrow. And I will let you know.
  11. Yes, you are alright, I will check cables, sensor I can return if is not ok so tomorrow I will check everything and let you know, thanks for help.
  12. Yes I read about that but, when I disconect cable getting same error on pc, before that car was 2 days good and I plug off sensor and take it down clean with brake cleaner put him back and now always is error on dash 😂, so I think it can be sensor because I only touch sensor and now error is always on before that it was sometimes.
  13. Thanks, I ordered new rpm sensor and I will check all cables.
  14. Hmm ok thanks but problem is car drive like normal only 3 bars I have on dash.