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  1. Anyone have a KWP2000 Plus that they would like to part with? I had purchased a kit in 2010, and am missing the KWP2000Plus module itself (I have all the cables of course), I would love to purchase one from someone who doesn't need it anymore. Thanks!
  2. That would've been terrible! Other then the limited space to work, lucky for me it came out without a fight. The screw was not excessively tight, and came out easily with a 1/4" universal joint, T-30 bit, and a 12" extension. It was a bit of challenge trying to get the connector off, as I could seem to get my fingers around both sides at the same time to release. Eventually was able to release each side one at a time. Sensor came out with a long set of needle nose from the top, once I could rotate it back and forth a bit, using the long pliers at the top, and a long wide flat screwdriver at the bottom once I had a gap to work with. I lubed up the new one in oil and after a few attempts actually got it lined up in the proper orientation with the help of those long needle nose. It wasn't easy, but it could've gone far worse as I've read other stories here. Was driving around for a few hours today, definitely starts easier and runs better, and best part is the lack of random unexpected stops!
  3. Got the crankshaft sensor changed this afternoon. Certainly a pain to do, and my knees are telling me how many times I had to switch from accessing from the top to underneath. I did take the intake hose off to gain a little more room at the top. Biggest problem was the choice between seeing what I needed to do, then trying to do it blind. Took me about 2 hours overall. Old sensor had a crack in the metal tip, likely causing the issues when warm. Seems to idle smoother now, and starts better when cold. Drove from work to home, which I hadn't been able to do. So it seems like that was the culprit, and glad to have my smart back, been driving my work's spare Dodge Caravan....
  4. Picked it up today from where I had to leave it yesterday and drove it to my work were we have a bay and tools so I can work on it. Only about a 15 minute drive so it worked fine. Plugged a cheap scantool in and got P0336, so I guess that certainly points me in that direction. Going to take some time tomorrow and start putting penetrating fluid to the sensor. Another possibility that I will check is the last place in Ontario that the person I bought it from had it serviced, had not put any wire ties back on the looms, and harnesses were jamming the intercooler fan. I fixed that last Saturday, and the problem started on Wednesday, so maybe there's a break or damage in the harness that reacts to heat. The intercooler fan bearing is pretty bad too, rattles and sticks half the time, so gotta replace that too. That being said, anyone have a low cost source for intercooler fans?
  5. The more I read on here, I tend to agree. Looks like they're readily available on Amazon....
  6. A month ago purchased a used 06 Cabrio, and drove it from Ontario to Nova Scotia with no issues. It hadn't been driven much in the last 4 years. For the last month it's been working perfectly, surprisingly good given 17 years old and 205,000km. But all of the sudden two days ago, the engine just 'shuts off' while driving, like it's out of fuel. It only seems to do it after 20-30 minutes of driving, so it's at operating temperature (3 blobs). If you try to start it again, it will crank normally, but not start. If I turn the key to on, you can hear the low pressure pump run then stop. You need to wait ~15 mins, then it will restart like normal and work perfectly again. Tonight it did it twice, first time after 25 mins of driving, had to wait 15 minutes, then again after only 5 minutes. Doesn't appear to matter speed or load, it doesn't stumble, just engine stops running. Hoping to borrow a scantool tomorrow (or get the software working for the Delco DS150e clone I purchased on ali) so I read any codes that might be in there. Thought maybe someone else had experienced the same troubles I'm having. Maybe it's a bad sensor? High pressure rail sensor? Crankshaft position sensor? Thought about maybe some dirt in the fuel filter, but it doesn't make sense that the engine needs to be warm, and it takes 15 minutes to restart after.
  7. Thought I'd check to see if anyone had one laying around they didn't need anymore. I have a kit I bought 12 years ago, but somehow the KWP2000Plus module is missing, I only have the cables. I recently purchased an 06 Cabrio and want to flash the old 365277 to improve shifting and response. Thanks!
  8. I've got an EGR Emulator I had bought from Brian Pinnell (pinhead19) and I used it on my 06 Cabrio. My EGR was working fine, but I didn't like the idea of sooty exhaust choking the little engine. Worked perfectly, and the car did have a more power (according to my butt-dyno anyway). You can see the post here. I have recently traded the car, and I reversed all my modifications. So I'm selling the EGR Emulator for $75 shipped in Canada.
  9. Looking for a front coil spring for a 06 Cabrio.
  10. Where do you source the cabrio stalk? I've been thinking of doing oem cruise, and the local dealers service dept did say they'd activate it for me...
  11. SORRY! I totally missed credit where credit was due! You did bring up the point first!But, in all fairness, tolsen did post all kinds of pretty pictures!BTW, the car seems to be still working great. Now just got to get my damn H&R springs on before my front right spring gives out for good...
  12. So far so good! Tonight I pulled the rear bumper off, and took a 15mm wrench to open the wastegate. It seemed a little stuck, not much, but it did move with a gritty sound. I bought a can of Jig-A-Loo at Canadian Tire this morning, and proceeded to lube up the moving bits. Moves much smoother now. Took a drive tonight to hill on the highway where it ALWAYS acts up, and had no problems. Tried a few other hills at a higher rate of speed in 5th as well, and no safe mode! Thanks again tolsen!
  13. Thanks tolsen, you are always a wealth of knowledge and I welcome your expertise. I'll give this a try next week.
  14. I have a generic scantool, but it didn't show anything (plus it pissed off my trust+ for a day). Do I need a ScanGauge, or a trip to the dealer to see the codes? I'm certainly willing the lube the wastegate actuator, it looks fairly easy to do and a lot cheaper then most other things it could be.
  15. It will go over 3000 revs though when it happens, actually, if I'm trying to get up a steep grade, I'll probably have to drop to 4th or even 3rd with it revving 3500-4000. I can keep doing 100kmh on the highway on a level-grade in 5th, slight downhill in 6th. 30 seconds turned off is all it needs to work normally again.