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  1. Got the car back today, 2 weeks later. Anyway they said it was a cut wire in the door. Regardless, I'm just glad to have it back.
  2. Mercedes has had the car since Thursday morning and still not fixed. Gave me the excuse that the module info needs to be downloaded and sent to Germany for a fix. I'll give them until tomorrow then tell them to put itt back together. Absolute BS😡
  3. lol, I was parked in my driveway 😁. I wonder if something was disabled when they trailered it to me. I guess I'll have to book a service then.
  4. Finally after putting my order in August 2017, my smart Cabrio arrived yesterday. Looks awesome with more room than our 2014 ED. Only issue is it has message center warning of Malfunction visit workshop, Yay only 76 km in. Any ideas? Otherwise I'm dropping off the 2014 on Wednesday and I'll sort it out then. Manual says it's an airbag issue🤔
  5. 12V Battery was dead Helpfully I'll have my 2018 by then. It's just sitting at the dealership now.
  6. Helpfully I'll have my 2018 by then. It's just sitting at the dealership now.
  7. They charged the 12v and said it must have been an accessory that was left on. I guess it's possible however it happened while charging so who knows. Waiting to see if I am going to accept my 2018 Cabrio the the dealer is trying to get more money for now that it has arrived
  8. They just came and got it. I'll update when I hear more.
  9. I have a 2014 Electric with 22000 km and the car is dead. Won't charge, no power and stick in park. Charger is functional. Any ideas? New lease should be here in a week however still need a car.
  10. I'm going to try and clean up the plug first. It still works. Forget I don't use it any more. Otherwise I'm call MB layed y in the week for advise.
  11. I have 2 outlets that I used. One being an outdoor gfi, the one pictured is in the garage they're on a seperate breaker. I never took any pictures of it however, it was on its way to being the same. This Leeds me to believe it's the charger itself. My main issue is that it's a lease and they want to charge me $800 for a new charger.
  12. It also happened to my gfi at the front of the house. Likely cause is the charger was pulling to much power. I have a Level 2 now. The actual charger still works. I wonder ifI can just switch the plug on it?
  13. Caught this just in time. Lease goes back in August. They want $800 for the charger. Any ideas?
  14. Yes it's the electric. They said to follow maintenance schedule but lease said yearly. I just don't want them to hit me up with some crazy fee when the car goes back because I broke lease agreement or something.
  15. I tried getting the car service done but there service guy sent me new away. Only 7k on the car so he said come back when I have the service wrench on screen? Does that sound right. First time lease so don't want to get screwed more than I need to.