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  1. I know this is an old thread but it really 'amazes me' (read pisses me off) that a second key/fob done up at a dealer is $300+... I mean....WTF....? Made of gold or platinum? I'm running around with only the one key/fob as the previous owner of the car had lost the second original key/fob. So I watch my keychain like a hawk! I mean...seriously people....how can they get away wtih this? (let's not even go to the cost of replacing the fuel filter....again?made of Gold?What?).
  2. I am curious if others have experienced this? It is an issue if the brakes grab and lock up while I am in traffic. Funny thing is that the brakes don't do this in dry conditions...odd.
  3. Well i bought it....no name yet.
  4. Well I bit the bullet and now am the proud owner of a 2006 CDI Passion smart car! Yeah! The car interior is surprisingly clean given the age of the car but the seats are in need for a deep clean. I am thinking of trying either Resolve or Oxyclean to lift the stains out. Have any of you tried these or can you make other suggestions to consider?
  5. Hi all, Richard here and if everything goes well tomorrow I will have a new to me used 2006 diesel with 45km unit in my hands. I did do a short test drive in the car earlier this week and while I was enjoying myself with the experience I found that the initial start in 1st gear was disconcerting. I felt that I really had to depress the gas petal to get a response. The car felt like the brake was engaged even though it wasn't. I didn't notice this as the car went through the gears. But at a stop it did much the same again...being held back in 1st gear. Is this normal? Or is this indicative of egr valve issues? I have not yet purchased the car but I don't relish having to come up with extra money at the onset to make this car work! The whole purpose of buying the for two is so I have a car to commute to/from work...without buying new or paying an arm/leg for transport.
  6. Yup, they are a bit of a touch. Much the same pricing I am seeing elsewhere. One thing I do wonder about is the transferability of heat from heated seats....supposedly I will have these in this car. Being a flyfisher years ago I know that neoprene is a good barrier to cold. I would suppose this would be the same from bun warmers.
  7. I have been reading about this need for the airbags. Given I still need to start working again I may end up punching holes in an old blanket to mount to the headrest. Not a great fix but one that I can do on the cheap. ;-) At least we aren't into fall just yet with the typical We(s)t Coast weather...rain!
  8. Forget about a train ride. Via doesn't do the cross Canada line any more....at least not without taking out another mortgage. :-(
  9. Seeing as I will be leasing the car I want to do the best I can at keeping it showroom clean. To that end I want to immediately cover the seats. Doing a google search I am coming up with options Stateside and a fair coin. Has anyone found something at Canadian Tire that will do the job?
  10. Oh man! Dealing with Canadian Direct is an exercise in patience! I tried to explain what a deal I was getting with this lease agreement and the agent kept on saying that there was something wrong with the amounts I was quoting her direct from a printout from the dealer! I think that MB and their adjustment on the msrp is screwing up the works. Basically they dropped from $16k to $10k on the pure package. It also doesn't help that Carfax doesn't have the 2015 in their database. What an experience trying to save money on insurance. Now my quote has to go to their underwriters. Frig!
  11. Got the ball rolling on the lease. Hope to have the car in my hands sometime Thursday. Also got a quote from a ICBC Auto plan agent. After my 43% discount I will be looking at $155 or so monthly. All in all after taxes etc. my monthly outlay will be around $265 or so. I may be able to get a better insurance? I will check Canada Direct.
  12. Yeah, to me a car is a piece of utilitarian technology. I don't have Love relationships with pieces of metal. I am a bit of a handiman at home but that's interior fixes. Motors befuddle me and outside of changing batteries or bulbs I leave fixes to mechanics. Go to the guys who know what they are doing. :-) I just pay their invoices. Ha!
  13. Rebate or not an EV wouldn't be an option as I wouldn't have a electrical source handy. As to the lease that would answer the question of gas vs diesel because the lease would be for a gas model anyway.
  14. Just talked to MB in Surrey and they have a lease program for the 2015? at $99/month with $0 down for 24 months. I will investigate this option. I like the idea of not committing myself to having something I would need to resale later. I don't abuse my vehicles normally. I can't say that about the other drivers out here. :-) So as long as I am careful and mindful of the idiots around here I should be able to bring it back with normal wear/tear.
  15. According to Google the commute is 16km at 25min normal traffic....and an hour via transit! I am not considering new as I want to unburden myself from increasing the debt load. I also don't have a chunk of change to lay down on it. But now I wonder about leasing instead of purchasing? Given what I have said about the overall usage would this be a viable solution? Never leased before. Employment would be on a contract basis so could I claim some of the costs?