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  1. I have 2005 Smart diesel that suddenly don't start. Any good mechanic in Ottawa.  I am in Manotick 

  2. Update! The rims have been found. The building workers found the 2 front rims on the 7th floor on a Friday, then the two rear rims Aldo on the 7th floor on the following Sunday.
  3. This is what they look like
  4. Hey everyone in Ottawa, It was brought to my attention today that my factory 9 spoke rims were stolen, among other things from my storage locker some time recently. If anyone happens to see them it would be a great help so I can get them back. I custom painted them so they are easier to recognize if seen. Thanks to anyone who helps in advance.
  5. Well that's unfortunate for me, I was interested in either the trailer hitch or exhaust.
  6. On the topic of led bulbs, I changed my reverse lights in the summer of 2014. Got those bad boys off ebay for $10-$20, can't remember how much. I can say when I back up at night it's like a miniature sun is turned on though.
  7. I'm glad you like them! I should have posted a picture so you could see what you were in for.
  8. Just out of curiosity, did you ever get a spoiler for your smart? I think it looked good.
  9. I got these from Canadian Tire. I originally had a few sets off ebay but they burnt out ridiculously quick, get what you pay for I guess.
  10. Over the course of this winter I can happily say that my smart car started every morning even in the -40°c. I leave it plugged in over night (9pm-7am) when it's cooler than -20°c. Some nights I forgot to plug in the heater and really noticed how much harder the car was to start, I'm glad it's installed even if it is just for peace of mind.
  11. Thinking of installing Cruise control on my 451, anyone have experience with this one?
  12. I'm sure some of you have thought about doing this.
  13. On December 06, 2014 I installed a Polar pad from Canadian tire. Installation was straight forward, the only problem is deciding where you want to run the plug in. I took a few pictures near the end of installation but as I said before it is straight forward. First picture is where I placed the heater pad, on the package it said for best results to place on the bottom of the oil pan, for obvious reasons. To protect the plug wires from heat damage and debris I warped them in Flex wire. You just have to clean and de-grease the oil pan, then scuff it up with the sand paper provided in the kit. The second picture is just to show where I ran the cable and where I zip tied. The last picture is just showing where I ran the plug in for easy access, when not in use i just tuck the plug into the adjacent hole. The Heater pad used in this install is linked below. Would like to give a huge thanks to Spider for the use of his hoist, made this install so much easier, but could be done with out one.
  14. wish this would work in the 451, I'm tired of running drls at full power during the day. Just no need...