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  1. Acutally, I can't see Duck's pictures. All I can see are the captions. My server at work might be blocking something.
  2. We had some of the same problems with the Spaces site that we have for pictures of our son. You have to be logged in with a "MSN Passport" in order to view Spaces sites. There is a "Sign In" button on the top of the "Space not available This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." page. Sign in and everything should work fine. One of the reasons it works for some people may be that they are already signed in to the MSN Messenger chat program. If you are online with MSN Messenger, you don't have to sign in again to Spaces.If you don't have a passport it's fairly easy to get one, and you don't have to sign up for a new email account, just use one that you already have. Just register it at the Passport sign up.Hope that helps.
  3. You may want to try just tires. I think that you will find it is the rims that are in short supply.I believe that I was quoted a price of $400 for a set of 4 Conti tires (2 sized front, 2 back).
  4. Yes, throwing candy is not allowed. You can hand it out if you want though. When I entered the McMaster Solar Car in the parade a few years ago, I purchased about 8 cases of miniature candy canes and we had about 10 people handing them out. Hah, we would probably need 4 cars just to carry the 8 cases, LOL.
  5. May I suggest that we plan a place to meet after the parade. I'm going to be busy before the parade preparing my Santa hat and washing my car and most people are coming from out of town. By the time we finish the parade and get packed up I will be ready for some supper. Any one else??
  6. Hello All, The parade marshalling area is on Cannon Street between Bay and Queen Streets. It opens at 12 noon on Saturday the 19th of November. All entries should be in place and ready to go at 1:30 pm. Parade committee members will be wearing red jackets and will assist you in finding your position. Our entry number is 71. Washroom facilities are available at Sir John A MacDonald High School or at Hess Street School. The parade finish point is King and Bay Streets. You can disassemble on Bay Street between King and York. The parade starts at 2:00pm and should be complete by 4:30pm. Summarized from the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade entry notice letter
  7. Hey, smartboy has a couple of real dogs, LOL. Isn't the Grinch's dog shaved?
  8. Hello All, Our reservation is confirmed for Thursday, November 10 at 7:00pm. Feel free to continue to sign up, there's lots of room for more. I couldn't get them to give us a discount. On the other hand, they won't add a manditory gratuity for our large group like some resturants do, so don't forget to tip your waiter. The price for dinner is $16.99, except for Smart65 who gets 20% off. The buffet is all you can eat, but does not include beverages. For those of you who may be picky eaters, there is an ?-la-carte menu available. I'm not sure what's on it, but it may save you some money if you don't want what's on the buffet. The take out menu includes french fries and onion rings, but you may want to call ahead to confirm. Here again is a link, including directions,
  9. That is correct for 1000 points!! See you there.
  10. Don't worry, I'll post maps and such when the date gets closer You could also coordinate with slimwagn, mixed, or myself (depending on who's going) and follow us in.
  11. 1. PhatRed, SlimRed 2. smartboy 3.SMRT GRL 4. Jillian 5. smart65 6. RichHelms 7. Cheese4 8. basspod 9. Banks 10. Cait 11. Goatman
  12. Hello everybody, I was thinking that we could get together at the Mandarin in Burlington at 7:00pm on Thursday, November 10, 2005. Price for dinner buffet is $16.99 and they serve until 9:30pm. I should have the Hamilton Santa Parade details by then. Please let me know if you can come so that I can make reservations. 1. PhatRed & SlimRed 2. 3. 4. 5. Edit: Changed date from Wednesday to Thursday so that slimwagn could attend
  13. We are going to have a huge Santa hat on the top of the car, and maybe a beard or something around the front. As for timing, the parade will probably be a couple of hours, it kinda depends where in the order we are. In the front it will be fairly quick. If we have to wait until the end it will probably be later. I'll have a better idea once I get the marshalling order. I also have to submit the length of our entry because they have to reserve enough space for us in the marshalling area, so come one, come all, sign up early please. Even if you are unsure, it would be better to sign up now and then cancel later. Thanks.
  14. There are getting to be quite a few places that rent Smart Cars now. Just call a rental company and they can probably get a car shipped to your local pick up point for you.
  15. Hello All, I have done the planning so far. We are registered as a group of cars, without music. That's pretty much it. There is no theme as far as I know, and we can do pretty much anything we want except have an actual Santa. Keep in mind that the parade is mostly during daylight hours, although towards the end it may be dusk. You should arrange to arrive undecorated. There will be some time while we get lined up for the parade that you can decorate your car. I have an iPod with an FM transmitter. If someone wants to give me a CD, or some mp3s, I'll play them during the parade. We may be behind or infront of a band or a float with a PA system, so it may just be easier to listen to them. I'll know better once they send me the parade marshalling order. Does anyone know someone that will be attending the parade as a spectator? Please get them to take pictures of us as we pass, then post them for all to see.