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  1. i only buy from costco...best warranty around they never ask for the old one
  2. charge it and test it if it fails sell it for scrap...batteries were fetching about $10 each last time i brought a load in
  3. joyjohnson and stevenjap just useless spammers too
  4. if youre handy i suppose you could try to lift the car enough (use jack stands) and get underneath to find some way of accessing the battery cable that goes to the starter...dont use it for boosting...use it to try and send a charge into the battery
  5. sounds like a job for a coat hanger or try penetrating oil and careful key wiggling in the lock
  6. i think you meant stop light sensor instead or spotlight easy to check...just look to see if brake lights are working...you should also hear a relay clicking on and off when pressing and releasing the brake
  7. a crappy one would be able too...its fairly easy but i would suggest contacting smart142 also since youre so near
  8. buy a cheap one from princess auto they usually dont mention warranties but they take back everything...really good return policy so basically whatever youre not satisfied with can be returned
  9. the previous owner of cabrio i previously owned did exactly that...zip tied it to the driver mirror...the only downside was some scuff marks where it rubbed on the front fender but the upside was that she never drove away without forgetting to unplug it (it did not have a block heater though...she was only using it to run an interior heater and a battery heater)
  10. your arms and legs seem to be worth less than mine
  11. near impossible without a custom ecu and programming but it wouldnt surprise me if you manage to do it..ive seen tons of near impossible things actually get done personally id go for a nice old carbureted toyota 4 cyl from an 80's tercel... nice rig by the way...ive always wanted a carry or an acty but i was cursed with extra height and width
  12. that cord powers the outlet near the battery...you need to check for an actual block heater...it may or may not even have one installed
  13. or any scantool that does smart and has srs capabilities
  14. looks like the video is showing just about every dash warning light on...not flickering like a bad diode would do possibly recorded with a potato