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  1. i dont know the color but i would suggest going to a good automotive paint shop and they have tools to read the actual colors and mix a can up for you the sun affects colors ...they can mix up a small batch of something to match the faded color
  2. maybe the buyer imported it themself instead of the dealer
  3. cant forget ebay .ca and amazon .ca
  4. here it is,,,i remember it being about $50 for 1 the shipping was more than the actual pan (pan is $22) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32804500538.html there were no duty/import charges...ems comes thru canda post system
  5. i bought and used 2 of them... got them right from the source though (shenzen)...thru aliexpress...i seem to remember them being cheaper than what you posted germanparts dot ca also sells them out of toronto with a bit of markup but you get it a lot quicker one specific thing i remember was that it arrive in my post box...i was kind of surprised that it was that small takes about 10 minutes to install if your bolts arent rotted away
  6. fuel pump probably isnt working check brown connector on back of sam unit (fuse box type thing above drivers left foot)
  7. $224 brand new at german parts dot ca personally id choose a new one when it comes to pumps after checking the wiring of course...i also like to peel open the actual pump to see why it quit (usually its brushes or worn slip rings)
  8. yeah they advertised tridion cell as high strength steel titanium would be way too expensive
  9. try the air nailer at night ..you might be surprised at the sparks it makes probably safe enough for outside though..i just wouldnt do it
  10. probably the brown connector has burned connectors like Nigel mentioned..its a common problem youll find it on the back of the sam box/fuse box ...which is above your left foot probably needs the relay mod done this thread shows the headlight pin damage....the fuel pump often does the same ..its a few pins away from the center headlight ones..youll know if its bad when you see it http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?/topic/25663-sam-woes-and-how-to-cure-them/
  11. front ones should the rear ones are offset wrong and will rub on the shock unless you use a spacer
  12. i used a nut ..welded it with just a small bit protruding then rounded it off with a hand grinder to fit the trans hole better...i figured the protruding bit was about the size of what would normally fit in the fork socket and would help keep it center it worked fine and i havent heard of any problems with it from the new owners if you do weld something i suggest giving it a decent tack weld first and try it before welding it up good...on my first try i didnt like the amount of adjustment space i had on the mounting screws so i re-welded it to a better spot
  13. theres a good thread about wheel bearings somewhere...it might be worth looking into at bare minimum you need to add grease to the new ones before install...they dont seem to pack them well
  14. i noticed this too...they seemed to let us slip by its probably more of a human brain thing than an invisible to radar thing...theres way too many idiots out there who think a smart car cant even get up to highway speeds i remember laughing at the landfill site when the scaleperson made me reverse because id gone too fast for them to capture my plate number..that my only memory of being accused of going too fast in a smart even though i did it all the time on a side note i recently got pulled over in my equinox for "93 and climbing" in a 60 zone....he let me off with just a warning
  15. $115 plus shipping at rockauto POWER SELECT 32580N