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  1. my dad had an o ring kit that was comprised of o ring materials and some special glue for making custom rings on the fly ..i think it was for emergency use for on off-site repairs...... .they might still be available somewhere
  2. i also used the CH9024 ...canadian tire always had one or two on the shelf
  3. mine shifted high....but it didnt have auto option..it only happened when i had a coffee in my hand and needed to speed away fast without hitting the shifter the base models will protect themselves this might be a dumb question but does yours have the odd shaped shifter knob with a side button?...or is it round like billiards ball
  4. theres probably a thread here with tons of pictures i remember seeing plenty of Tolsen posts and someone else here rebuilt their pump,...had to be here where i seen it because i dont read much anywhere else
  5. rockauto is the best site ive found for looking up interchange if they list the part for your year you just click on the blue part number and it links you to an interchange list they currently show 05 to 16 as same rear shoes...(some older models are probably the same too but not listed because they werent available here)
  6. there is a huge difference between dead loads and rolling loads though that being said...whenever i was towing anything i would plan ahead to avoid all possible hill stops.... best safe way for any vehicle to yank out dead loads is to use a stretch strap and let the kinetic energy do the work instead of the clutch
  7. i just had to blip the key on mine...it would crank on its own until it started so power at the terminal for a bit after key is released sounds normal but if its not cranking with 12v present its the starter or a bad connection for overcranking i would use a test light and verify if its caused by 12v crank signal or by sticking solenoid
  8. so does it continue cranking engine after it starts?....or does it not crank at all? stating 12v at spade terminal isnt enough info
  9. i dont remember those tabs but if you say 3 out of 4 is good enough i wouldnt remove the bracket...id leave it there and clean the inside then make a piece to fit inside tight and coat it with amber gorilla glue before wedging it in to seal it up..the bracket will give a strong clamping on the repair
  10. id recommend 0w40 full synthetic for diesel all year but if you do seasonal oil changes for summer id say 5w40 or 10w40 is fine (but must be diesel specific)
  11. sounds like it needs a starter...or has a bad connection on the spade terminal sounds like garage ripped you off or installed a used starter
  12. need more info like make model and year
  13. might be easier on the motor in winter too....if youre like me and too lazy to brush off the snow its probably easier for the system to push the snow down and off the nose instead of up and off the side just a guess though...i never did the mod