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  1. previous owner must have added one or the person giving you information is wrong i know the 05 and 06 cdi did not originally have drain plugs but have no idea about the gassers what is the problem?
  2. on the gas pedal would be my best guess probably at the back or bottom of it...ive never had mine out so i cant say for sure does it have cruise control?..im sure that guy is asking for a reason
  3. try here then just link it https://imgbb.com/
  4. probably mostly spammers
  5. so cheap to fill up its worth the quirks and i know we all love the stupid questions we get everyday like "does it go on the highway?" or "you fit in that?" anyone else notice how people just love to tailgate these things? welcome to here
  6. quick start is perfectly fine for diesel engines people who say otherwise usually dont know what theyre talking about http://quickstart-ether.com/
  7. leaking windshield...worn out wiper pivots...sticky door latches ..intercooler holes..
  8. probably any kind would be ok it comes in contact with engine oil and blow by gas so anything is probably safe
  9. this is a really odd intro.....
  10. try germanparts.ca i bought a rear bearing from them last year...didnt get around to changing it yet
  11. take it to a muffler shop and get them to weld it find a muffler shop that isnt attached to a big corporate name....the franchised ones are usually just parts changers if you ever come north visit steve at the muffler shop on the kingsway in sudbury..."the muffler shop" is the actual name of his place ..he's good at patching up weird stuff
  12. adding the word "snogging" to my vocabulary
  13. your post reformatted the links
  14. i believe it absorbs the harmonics kind of similar to chryslers use of large lead alloy weights mounted on rubber in the steering wheels of many models during the eighties(under the horn pads)