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  1. gotta wait for the results before knowing if its a happy one or not
  2. keep off the moors and stick to the roads
  3. i put 451 springs in my coupe...they fit fine first set i installed were lesjofors i sourced from carquest...they were for 450 and expensive.....second set for another 450 was suplex 451 springs i ordered from germanparts.ca....i liked the 451 springs better they lifted an extra 3/4 to 1 inch and they were much cheaper
  4. solder those seat wires directly...get rid of the connector even if it isnt the current problem..its a future one
  5. yes and they will ride slightly higher
  6. stick your recharged battery back in and lock it the normal way
  7. ..or highlight just the part you want and a quote button will pop up (possibly different if not using chrome browser or variants)
  8. i dont know why you keep quoting post number nine but i replied way back in post sixteen
  9. obd2 reader wont read canbus problems youll probably need a better scan tool or find someone with a star or check as many wires and connectors as you can and you might get lucky....its most likely something in the actuator or trans wiring
  10. any codes set? that might aim you in right direction for wiring issues
  11. or if its in reasonable shape open it up and get the rotor turned down a bit in a lathe to gain clearance
  12. a little handheld mapp torch is great for little jobs like this...you should pick one up i keep one in my car for occasional use on jobs when my acetylene setup isnt available....youd be amazed how much they can help in a pinch
  13. another plus one for alternator...i cant believe i forgot about what a seized alternator does on these cars
  14. other than double checking for oil i cant think of anything it would harm