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  1. i would check for fuel pressure first my second check would be for crankshaft position sensor signal
  2. 4 speed floor shift or 5 speed console? i drove a kcar in my highschool years that was the most basic model 4 speed floor shift...am radio,no vents only defrost and floor...no rear defrost and it had the front bench...ive never seen another one like it
  3. dont you have a remap? doesnt remap change shift points?
  4. mine both came off easy peasy
  5. easy to install yourself....buy a new oil pan with drain from aliexpress...then glue it on a nice clean pan in the comfort of your kitchen oil pan on diesel 450 takes 10 minutes to change
  6. more i think about it i think its the main vacuum source...isnt there a vacuum pump located in there?
  7. squeeze it to remove..at the lower ring ..and wiggle
  8. start with the actuator and clutch fork
  9. i have a total of 3 fillings all in last 8 years...1 was last monday no coverage had to pay cash
  10. it worked for me... i screwed up all my keys once trying to add some chinese ones and eventually i got the original one working again with the delphi and never got around to trying the chinese ones again
  11. normally id say white smoke that goes away quick is fine ...especially on cars that dont get driven much ...white smoke that stays in vapour form and buries the neighbourhood in a lasting cloud is bad but since the exhaust/muffler is so close to the engine on these smarts id have to agree with above...take it in to get pressure tested and diagnosed before it blows up sometimes white smoke and erratic idle points to something simple like a leaking/cracked intake manifold...better to catch it early