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  1. well that explains why i couldnt find the function then it appears you are using some other program with the delphi instead of the delphi software that it came with? there is no way to do it with the delphi software?
  2. could you take the time to explain this procedure please ive never seen that option on my delphi ds150e
  3. id have to also say germanparts dot ca...they are currently at $63 each when i needed a pair i got thru carquest and if i remember correctly its was closer to $200 for the pair (they were supposedly better quality made by lesjofors)
  4. ive put about 17,000km on my ali express chinese one so far with zero problems
  5. sprinkle some fine grind cayenne pepper on the engine
  6. personally i always advise my clients to do the pads and rotors because rotors are relatively cheap ..9 times out of ten a "pads only" job is back within 2 years for rotors so might as well start fresh in the first place and be safe
  7. buy the rock auto ones and do it yourself and everyone else on the highway wants you to do it as soon as possible...
  8. camshaft has to come out ...i cant remember if that can be done without taking off the whole side timing cover it probably is simple for him since he's already had everything apart multiple times
  9. depends on the car ...and on the person buying it i wouldnt recommend it if youre a turn key type person...but i would if youre a turn wrench type
  10. they arent cheap here...at least they werent when i needed some and had to bother someone from europe to send me some (which are still working fine) i changed mine because they seemed awful easy to squeeze down manually but a few were really hard to leak down rislone works well if youre thinking of trying something before doing a replacement ...old mechanics swear by it and it should be easy to find at crappy tire or wallyworld
  11. louvers i have no idea why...but it looks like some hard plastic window louvers
  12. odd for the west coast...that looks more like a quebec thing
  13. do your brakes still work?..if so check for rear brake lights ..it might just be a bad switch down under where the master is btw brakes are not something you want to do a "quick fix" on...ever do it right
  14. another question if anyone is sure ...where exactly do they place the orifice tube on the 2005 450...