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  1. id start by checking for codes and listening for the pump in the tank
  2. I have people all the time asking me to fix trimmers...I treat them as disposables unless its a semi-quality model like a jonsored ,echo or stihl ryobi,weedeater,poulan etc go right into the scrap pile for recycling
  3. i dont know what a smart 15 plate is.. but my experience with other cars like ford and gm is that i can usually get good enough access to shove a shop vac hose into wherever the fresh air filter is to grab leaves and pieces of debris out of the squirrel cage
  4. just make some with m12 x 1.5 threaded rod and use double nuts or braze on a single nut i cant see threaded rod costing much but im probably spoiled with so many industrial supply stores around due to the local mining industry
  5. thats why i said " double check part numbers before ordering " a lot of listing will say it fits when it doesnt the cartridge is just the important parts...sounds like you might be better off spending more and getting the entire assembly (if its available for the model you need)
  6. search ebay and aliexpress for kp31 turbo assembly double check part numbers before ordering i went with a powertec turbo cartridge only because everything else (manifolds etc) was salvageable ..it worked fine for the years i used it and is still going strong as far as i know https://powertecturbo.aliexpress.com/store/222336?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dMaAJi3
  7. was the steering wheel off center after changing just one spring?....that happened to me once due to a bent strut and the car (2005 450) would set a steering angle sensor position code then disable the abs/esp system
  8. yes...it usually a wheel speed issue due to circumference differences thats why i think the spring causing it is odd
  9. best way to check is with an abs scantool that can read live data ...especially if it can graphs and/or overlay to compare signals
  10. best to check out whatever Tolsen suggests checking...he's almost always right
  11. nsf? front spring? my guess would be a problem with the wheel speed sensor
  12. i only buy from costco...best warranty around they never ask for the old one
  13. charge it and test it if it fails sell it for scrap...batteries were fetching about $10 each last time i brought a load in