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  1. germans always sound so pissed off
  2. i cant remember 100% but im fairly certain all 450 rims will fit a 451 but you cant go backwards like put 451 rears on a 450 rear (but 451 rears will fit 450 front)
  3. hold ctrl button down while choosing what files to upload
  4. is that a gasser 450? i dont remember diesels having oxygen sensors and he says it had o2s codes
  5. personally i like the noco genius line of chargers...and they make good quality adapters you can leave connected instead of alligator clips but if youre parked outdoors you could simply use a small solar panel to keep it topped up
  6. also i dont like dieselisekis photos lol.... i dont know if its the angle or what but to me it looks like everything is a tooth off....i dont like how cam gear appears under rotated by one tooth and the crank key looks slightly past center
  7. with crank up inline with cylinder bore the pulley notch should match the mark on the cover...if it doesnt your pulley has probably slipped and lost bond with the rubber in the dampener seen it happen many times on other engines..i dont remember if smart even has the rubber but anyway i would suggest doing it the way the manual says...crank key up...cam pulley lines low and perpendicular to bore... and i would clarify that crank key up means inline with bore because i think these engine are slanted so up doesnt literally mean straight up and of course make sure the tight side of chain has no slack ...any and all slack needs to be on the tensioner side (rear)
  8. you're overthinking it it can only be timed one way....crank key up with cam gear lines low is the exact same as crank key up with cam lines high the crankshaft does not care whatsoever what stroke it on
  9. im going to go ahead and bet that its an intake one which makes you and the manual correct...but the other way (which is actually the conventional way they are marked) will work just fine and again im going to say that the orientation of the words and numbers on the original parts are a big clue...a german engineer would have probably planned it that way edit:lost my edit window timeframe for last post on earlier page so i would like to add that the part in bold would have also been wrong for him to say...because having the lines at the bottom is in fact the proper position for tdc of #1 on compression stroke
  10. lowest lobe in picture (nearest cam chain).it works an exhaust valve or is it an intake one?
  11. both sets of pictures are completely correct..as is the german manual take diesel iseki photo and imagine if he turns the crank a full turn (with the chain on) ..the cam will make a half turn and be where the manual and willys shows same exact timing positions but from different perspectives hate to say it but the only thing in this thread i see wrong is tolsens reply that willys isnt showing #1 at top dead center....any picture with crank pulley key lined up inline with cylinder bore will be at tdc of #1....for tolsen to be correct he should have said that it is not at tdc of compression stroke semantics edit:...but without an engine in front of me i cant really say which position is the actual compression or exhaust stroke pic...i can just say they are both one or other but not the same clear as mud?
  12. maybe the book says that way because you cant get a good eye on it at the top and the bottom alignment is easier in situ or maybe they are just nutz
  13. its classic german idiot savant engineering doesnt matter if you time it with line at the bottom or line at the top...you get the same results...injection pump only installs in one position...cam gear can only go on one way..vacuum pump doesnt matter lines up or lines down you are in the same exact position just at different times <<pun intended
  14. so technically tolsen was wrong...willys picture does show cylinder number 1 at tdc...and the pic from dieseliseki on page 2 also shows cylinder at tdc the only difference is the stroke ...which doesnt matter because im pretty sure the cam chain sprocket can only be installed in one position anyway
  15. i think id like to see the cam lobes to confirm my theory but either way (words upside down or downside up ) would still be correctly timed ,,,just at different top dead centers give the crank one more turn around to make tolsen happy starting to remember why i hated working on these engines...vw tiguan engine has far surpassed it on my hate list though
  16. i do remember way back when i did my chains ..something didnt seem right the way i wanted to do it so i looked and looked online for proper timing mark locations and i dont recall where i found them (probably here) but i remember thinking it was opposite of what i thought (lines at the bottom as shown instead of at the top like every other engine ive worked on) plus the way the words are properly oriented when the lines are lower kind of tells you something Tolsen ...please correct us if we are wrong...i hate to see bad information on something so critical
  17. the last time i got peeved when contacting them as a "current client" and getting fed up of being on hold for almost an hour i hung up and called again....but this time i chose the option of possibly being a new client and i got thru to a an actual person in less than a minute they were the cheapest i could find ..thats the only reason im with them
  18. were you with TD meloche monnex ?...the one that recently switched to security national?
  19. what a shit job compared to how easy the 450 cdi pan is but the starter sure looks easier to access
  20. that second one has enough material up front to probably pass if they build it like a smart
  21. i really cant see how it could possibly pass crash test minimums
  22. thats big mike...he is good at what he does ...too bad it took a clown gig to get him famous he has always been a great singer heres a good video regarding first responders..i dont know how to share just the video so youll have to watch it thru the news site https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/welcome-home-marc-watch-as-hundreds-of-people-from-to-to-manitoulin-salute-fallen-officer-2904557
  23. if i had more time and energy id try and squeeze an old 80s simple carbureted twin cam toyota engine into a 450 or maybe a 90's fuel injected camry 4 banger...those things were virtually indestructible
  24. lost me at the china part...no thanks
  25. heres the window struts they used to be $16 Can...now theyre $21 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/2Pcs-Tailgate-Lift-Support-Rod-Shock-Gas-Spring-0409100013-For-SMART-Fortwo-New/222753846890?