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  1. i think Tolsen might have a thread somewhere about wiper spindle repairs i think it was more towards adding bushings and grease fittings though...to prevent breaking
  2. i wonder how the coolant got in there
  3. for the 451 germanparts.ca has bearing...not sure if it comes with press pins rockauto has cheaper ones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTwOzPQHE2A
  4. i dont think they were available here
  5. heat them up and let them cool down a few times...then spray a good penetrating oil...then tap them with hammer...then try with torx bits but make sure the bolt heads are cleaned and make sure the bits are bottomed also try tightening them a bit first before backing them out if you already stripped them out youll probably have to drill and tap..or grind off the heads ,remove the bumper bar, and weld on some nuts to back out whats left
  6. one of my regular customers owns 2 compass and an outlander... all 3 are nothing but problem after problem he had no idea the compass is basically the same car as mitsushitty outlander until i mentioned it to him
  7. id have to agree with a no on the 451 we all know the 450 diesel is the only one even close to classic as i side note ..ive always liked the aztecs..but only the awd versions
  8. the five negative feedbacks in the last year would keep me away plus the one feedback he has for that turbo appears to have been problematic even though its a positive too sketch for me for that amount i used a chinese turbo but just the centre cartridge..worked great for the time i used it and is still going strong as far as i know..i think id put 10 to 15000k on it before it went to a new owner
  9. it probably means smashed valves ... takes a lot of slack for timing chain to jump off...theres got to be way more trouble in there ..side cover has to come off to inspect
  10. i cant say ive ever seen one without a/c the pump usually has a green connector though maybe check some ebay listings or search the site for a/c threads and you might come across a picture of a pump that shows the connector type
  11. pumping the throttle pedal does nothing i suggest keep trying with a charged battery...mine took so long to start when i first got it id almost gave up on it...it had been sitting for a few years...i must have a use a whole can of quick start and wd40 to finally get it started...plus i think i even sprayed some engine oil into the intake (figured it could be dry or stuck rings)..and then it smoked so much i thought i ruined it but a good drive cleared it right up and i never had smoke or starting problems for years after
  12. ive never opened a smart wiper motor and i dont know if the control module is a separate unit but ive seen many gm cars/vans (usually montana/venture) with this problem and its almost always a burned out diode on the control board
  13. a straight pin almost always works to push spring tabs out of the way...if you are trying to remove individual pins
  14. and make sure its in focus or mr Olson will flip out
  15. ive never really ever found anything that makes a muffler more rustproof other than making sure it gets used often and reaches proper temperature often also make sure the drain hole is working
  16. bf nowhere is a few hours south of me i would guess its either a seized actuator or a punch thru ..if its a diesel maybe the shift cable part will be a clue for model/year...i thought my diesel was just electronics in the shifter but i may be wrong
  17. still got the old one?..maybe try swapping parts..it looks like it was a surface mount capacitor ...i know capacitors used to go bad just from sitting...maybe the other unit blew a different component but still has a good capacitor
  18. the alternator is not too bad for the starter i think there is something in the way...possibly a water pump housing or coolant passage ...i dont remember exactly but there is something at the back of starter that makes it hard to clear once its loose
  19. for hard to find parts i recommend trying to find a local junk yard...the smaller ones are best because they often dont know the actual value of some parts or even better is to buy a whole parts car
  20. keep searching for a mechanic you obviously have no repair sense if you cant even tell us what code or sensor it is i suspect its a monitor but cant help if we have to prod and pry for little bits of info
  21. my 4 main places were rockauto germanparts.ca parts source ebay.ca and i remember getting a timing kit and turbo cartridge from aliexpress oil filters from crappytire alternator was cheap from a local rebuilder
  22. hmm..when i first seen that commercial my first thought was that it was awful quick for their marketing team to come up with this idea to pull at the emotions of people so quick into the crisis i wasnt impressed at all to me its just a gimmicky way to grab a new client do you really think subaru and a&w cares?...or is it a clever marketing ploy i vote for the latter I may be slightly biased though ...my local subaru dealer is also the main source for mercedes and smarts and their prices/services are a complete ripoff
  23. maybe its from the transmission
  24. parts source has the filters...but i think they are all closed unless you know someone with a commercial account if i remember right there was choice of filter only or for more money you could also get one with a new sensor another good source for smart parts is germanparts.ca in toronto