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  1. what color was it? just asking because i sold my 2005 coupe and my 2005 cabrio to people in that area ...wondering if it might be one of mine
  2. at least he didnt use a carpenters hammer
  3. got mine from carquest...asked for the 2008 ones installed whatever they got me and gained a bit of ride height i have no idea what the part number was suplex ones i sourced from germanparts.ca
  4. ive used 451 lesjofors on a 450 coupe and 451 supplex on a 450 cabrio never had problem with either fitment...gained slight height
  5. 650 sounds steep unless they have like new tires on them
  6. at full extension i dont even think you need to compress much....pretty sure i did mine with just hand pressure
  7. is there any photobucket users here? i used it because it was an easy way to upload photos...my phone has an app that will upload all photos when i get near my wifi then i can (could) easily access them from my computer a few months ago my account got switched over to a new site call beta.photobucket....and ever since then all my photos that i had have been transfered to the new site but my phone is still uploading new photos to the old regular photobucket.com site via mobile.photobucket anyway my question is if anyone knows how to re-connect my mobile app to the new site....they are still uploading and i can access them with my phone but if i try to log in to the old site thru computer it redirects my computer to the beta site
  8. might as well save your breath this person is dead set on using some kind of magic tool
  9. map gas torch...heat the nut get new upper mount and cap if damaged from heat ive never seen a strut yet that i couldnt hold with a tight visegrips but i use that as last resort...move the foam bumper down grab it as high as possible further up than any part that will travel past the strut seal....make sure vice grips have clean dry jaws with good teeth i never liked pipe wrench..they are awful hard to catch a grip on hard polished rods
  10. no surprise there their tools are craptastic
  11. bit of heat and a good impact gun if that doesnt work... lots of heat ..and a good impact gun ..but be prepared to install new mounts and caps if you try lots of heat if youre installing new struts just go ahead and vice grip the shaft then impact
  12. i had two nivas once...those things were hard to keep running unless constantly used worse than any other vehicle ive owned there was one garage here that had dealer connections for factory parts and i remember asking him what the common problems were with them and his answer was "quality control at the factory" they might have went to one of your buddies...some guy sent a tow truck from way down south for the best one (92 cossack red)....the parts one was dismantled and all the parts were inside the 92 when they picked it up theres another member here that was into nivas...i dont remember the name but its a young fellow with glasses in his avatar...
  13. parts yards as far as tpms goes...sometimes you can tell by the valve stem shape..
  14. i used the kleen flo diesel conditioner..probably the same stuff it fixed the tank level issue on a 2005 cabrio goes on sale often at TSC stores
  15. heres an example of how much better the $100 colorvu is compared to an older chinese ip cam with ir same lighting ..same area same time of night ignore the wire bundle..that is for another camera that isnt installed yet
  16. i picked up a hikvision refurbed unit at a decent price ...and bought some fairly inexpensive hikvision colorvu cameras for it... i am very very impressed with how well they work in low light /moonlight... i highly recommend them...if the area is total darkness you can simply add an led motion activated area light (the colorvu has a built in led light but i turned mine off because i prefer the brighter motion light) the difference between the infrared at night and the colourvu at night is literally day and night..the colorvu with 0.0003lux makes moonlight appear as sunlight (i placed the motion light in the area that has many trees and lack of moonlight/streetlight )
  17. pull the cam out and check valve stems height...youll know right away if any are bent dont worry about valve timing until the damage is fixed and by the sounds of it youll be taking off the head to change some valves.. my best advice for putting things together is to be diligent with the inch pound torque wrench,,,its super easy to strip out threads if you start tightening things by hand ...even if very experienced (dont ask how i know) from a short search and memory it would appear that timing chain will be in proper time when crank key is up and centered (with cylinder bore)...and when the window in cam sprocket is down with the two flat lines horizontal (if you imagine centerline of piston travels as vertical...if you dont understand what i mean go check willys rebuild picture thread in the wiki section..theres a good picture in there of the chain side after install
  18. all the info is here somewhere...i know i found everything i needed to know right here on clubsmartcar way back when i had to do all my timing chains and oil chain sprocket maybe do some searched with timing chain or oil chain as the subject some of the older threads will be a mess due to stupid photobucket removing free hosting ..some very good pictures will be blurred and watermarked
  19. heres what it looks like...should be easy to spot with all those stickers and labels https://www.njuskalo.hr/autoelektrika-elektronika/smart-450-000-00-55-v012-racunalo-zracnih-jastuka-prodajem-oglas-12095242
  20. ive never seen one specifically on the smart 450 but generally they are located in the center console ...like somewhere under the radio area
  21. first post in this thread explains a bit of how to https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/speaker-replacement-in-a-2016-smart-453.116913/
  22. ive only seen front ones in the dash edit : i was thinking 450 not 453
  23. im pretty sure its normal to have oil in the intercooler every one ive ever pulled apart had oil....
  24. i like to just put new when it comes to steering and brakes... ill admit i lubed up my own steering shaft on an equinox once ...it worked for a while ill probably learn a bit soon about these epas electric steering ...my neighbour has a ford he wants me to check out because the rack is near $2000 to buy