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  1. heres what it looks like...should be easy to spot with all those stickers and labels https://www.njuskalo.hr/autoelektrika-elektronika/smart-450-000-00-55-v012-racunalo-zracnih-jastuka-prodajem-oglas-12095242
  2. ive never seen one specifically on the smart 450 but generally they are located in the center console ...like somewhere under the radio area
  3. first post in this thread explains a bit of how to https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/speaker-replacement-in-a-2016-smart-453.116913/
  4. ive only seen front ones in the dash edit : i was thinking 450 not 453
  5. im pretty sure its normal to have oil in the intercooler every one ive ever pulled apart had oil....
  6. i like to just put new when it comes to steering and brakes... ill admit i lubed up my own steering shaft on an equinox once ...it worked for a while ill probably learn a bit soon about these epas electric steering ...my neighbour has a ford he wants me to check out because the rack is near $2000 to buy
  7. B+ is for the output to battery D+ is for idiot light (if equipped) PHIN is for ecm controlled charge rate
  8. yeah the steering shaft should be checked..i change many on fords (mostly five hundreds and f150s)...people suspect the steering rack but its common for the u-joints in the shaft to seize hopefully its just that because the rack is probably expensive
  9. can of worms opening up a rack especially an electric power assist one...i doubt any parts are available
  10. mine looked worse i "fixed" it with gorilla glue...the amber kind....and some finishing nails because the glue was falling thru the holes too easy lol ...sounds redneck but it worked for years...and is still working for the current owner as far as i know oh and i definitely cut some plastic off so it didnt wear thru again i like to try the cheap way first
  11. the white connector corrodes and sends false signals about door switches and water separator ...those lights in the dash pod i think when mine went bad it was causing beeps when sitting in drive but not when driving and i remember thinking it was a door handle switch but it wasnt
  12. you disconnect steering and wheels turn easy you connect it all and it works normal from inside you find it hard to move wheels by hand when everything is connected sounds normal to me bad steering rack will usually be stiff and not return to center when driving
  13. ive got no idea then...pretty sure when my 450 did that long ago it was either corrosion in the white connector just forward of battery...or my brake light switch
  14. if you know someone who has an account with partsource the redtek 12a is $6 a can canadian tire sells the same ones for $15 retail the ports are standardized...all 134a will be the same...(r12a kits will have r134a style connects).....there is basically only 2 styles on cars and the old r12 systems are very rare to see now
  15. is your door ajar light lit ...even slightly?.... my second question would be whether or not your brake lights are working
  16. use an online tire size comparison tool tires should generally have less than 3% difference in circumference between front set and rear set..any more will mess with traction control and abs systems probably the best way to find what works well on a 451 is to search the 451 section for threads that mention tires
  17. you could get bigger ones...mine had studdable winters 185/55 all around if remember right ..(i used 451 rear rims on the front of the 450) edit..i just noticed your was a 2008 so i have no idea what tires will fit those
  18. fronts fit just fine ..i used 451 fronts on a few 450's with zero problems but backs (as stated above) are different
  19. its the business part of a turbo the center piece minus all the auxiliary parts like manifolds center housing rotating assembly
  20. should work fine for getting you home i remember brazing a large nut on the end of mine years ago and then using a grinder to give it a smoother shape...worked well and is still in service afik
  21. only in the last few years...like 2017 or 2018 and up
  22. this week i learned how stupid the "item not as described" claim is on aliexpress long story short i ordered a cheap set of a/c gauges with hoses and 134a car type adapters so i could check high side pressures too instead of the simple low side only one i currently have got the package and of course theres no adapters so it useless for now contacted seller and they offered a $2 refund.....wow...just wow so when i check out the claim process it states that if an item is not as described the seller needs to pay for return shipping and gets a refund...or agrees to accept a partial refund from seller and keeps the item....which of course is a $2 offer .. uhm yeah...im not paying $50 to return a $32 item...... someone isnt getting a good 5 star review...... cost me $13 to order adapters from someone else...this time i used ebay
  23. contact cleaner or electronics cleaner might help too..
  24. i part out a lot of cars ..these sockets have saved me quite a few times...and they are fairly cheap when you catch them on sale they also have a larger set that is great for using on locking wheel nuts when the key is broken or missing...cant remember using them on torx yet ..but they would be the first thing i reach for if need be.. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/maximum-3-8-in-drive-impact-bolt-remover-set-13-pc-0581207p.html