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  1. this smells like a can of worms i suggest getting rid of it and continuing with the regularly scheduled program
  2. an owner can legally repair their own car..and an unlicensed person can help friends or strangers for that matter the legal problems only come if you get caught accepting payment for your services without having a licence (or certificate of qualifications is the actual term)
  3. you can search (in ontario) to see if someone is licensed ...if you know their real name http://www.collegeoftrades.ca/ that being said though ive come across some very good unlicensed "shadetrees" that are far more safer and knowledgeable than others who are licensed.
  4. make sure the pads are not tight in the caliper bracket...i see it many times a year where people get their brakes done (on any brand of car) and the person doing it is too lazy to clean and lube the area where the pads touch the bracket...too tight and within months theyre come to me because their new pads are worn already (usually one much more wore than the other)
  5. could be rear adjusters...could be soft hoses...could be air in the system or just plain old fluid start with the easy stuff and do a full bleed ...use buckstore turkey baster to remove what you can from master then add fresh fluid and bleed one section at a time until new stuff comes out ... changed my front hoses once...got them from partsource but they had to ship them from a BC location
  6. that makes me like Glenn even more i would have done the same.. some people just dont know when a good thing lands in their lap
  7. or right here post 23..someone who actually does it /has done it
  8. id still trust actual first hand accounts way more than some promotional material printed up by an office jockey search google for actual first hand accounts,...mostly on rv forums
  9. there is tons of conflicting information on the web about this all i can say is ive never done it...but i see no reason why it wouldnt be ....from what ive read over the years there are many many rvers who have flat towed a 450 smart with no problems at all using a proper tow bar and mount....the only thing i see of concern is that you have to absolutely make sure its in neutral and the steering has to be securely bungee'd to straight ahead position because there is no integral steering lock that being said....my personal preference would be a small trailer to carry the entire car
  10. if you want a million dollar shop building with fancy signs you could always find another high priced mercedes dealership with high hourly rates and sub-par mechanics that have no idea how to service a smart bonus is the free car wash. From what ive heard mercedes mechanic spend a lot of time washing cars
  11. hard to see in pictures but i think the larger air passages are subdivided internally ..or internal fins
  12. its probably the one at 825 cabell from google it appears the front business uses the other street as an address...so 825 is probably the back part of that light brown siding place ...close to the hydro/bell substation building
  13. brake pads and shoes 05-15 caliper 05-13 drum 05-15 wheel cylinders 05-12 thats for the fortwo...other models will vary ..info is from rockauto which seems to be fairly accurate when you go to rockauto choose your model/year etc...then find your part and when you click the actual part number it shows a list of what else it fits
  14. when my choices are $300 or a bit of glue and time...the glue and time wins every time
  15. i dont know i can get used for $50...just wondering if there is a source for new ones at decent prices (in north america)
  16. i wasnt able to save the honda one ..it was too far gone anyone know a source for decently priced condenser in canada?..(2005 450)...just want to ask before i try and find a used one
  17. i dont recommend jb weld for anything if youre real ambitious and have tons of patience you could try and solder it with aluminum alloy rods...they sell soft rods for patching boats
  18. a few hours my drivetrain was completely out at the time of repair for other issues so i suppose mine cured for a month or more before i even started it ...but a few hours should be fine
  19. yep..airbag issue also your seatbelt is undone
  20. so just an update..i have no idea how i got it but obviously the last combination of guesses was successful so i can now confirm that wow wurth 5.00.8 can actually teach in the keys (2005 450 canadian version) it took almost an hour but i managed to get 1 key working maybe ill try again to get more keys on a day when my blood pressure is lower
  21. i used gorilla glue because it expands during cure...figured it would grab better than epoxy seems to have worked..the fishing nail was just to take up the gap and spread the load so the glue repair would have less pressure on it
  22. i never did get the delphi to work with wurth program so i bought a different snooper for wurth ..and it connect fine ,,,and managed to bugger up my only working key when trying to enter programming mode i get a bar that builds up to 100% then a screen that says to turn off ignition and immobiliser symbol should remain flashing but it doesnt...it just goes out like normally turning off the key and then the snooper loses communications..if i wait without turning key off it does the same thing.,,loses communication
  23. look into delphi 150e or wow wurth snooper with the delphi you can read/erase codes including brakes and airbags...and read live data....i think the wow wurth snooper is slightly better some people says it can reprogram keys but im still struggling to get mine connected either ones are available for around $50 online from overseas
  24. the temporary fix seems to still be holding
  25. $345 from germanauto in toronto i have no idea at dealer because i wont deal with them i fixed mine temporarily a few years ago with finishing nails (to take up the gap) and gorilla glue to seal,,,and trimmed to housing of course