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  1. thats awful it got so bad with such low mileage i remember my dads 81 toyota truck was over 130,000kms before the factory brakes needed changing
  2. https://www.evilution.co.uk/exterior/450_glass_sliding_roof.htm
  3. same rotors as a Dacia Logan ,Dacia Sandero and a Renault Twingo ..whatever those are mercedes 4534200100
  4. go to a locksmith most big box types stores wont cut a key unless it was purchased from them then look up programming for whatever car you have,,,some will need dealer or expensive diagnostic equipment to program the electronics...some will not ..it depends what car you have
  5. well at least now we know the ebay listing was wrong those rotors are definitely not the same as the older models they are vented...old ones are solid
  6. always change in pairs ... personally i turn away people who want to only change the pads and re-use old rotors
  7. 2005 to 2016 seem to be the same parts..check before ordering though..i can not confirm this im just going by what i see in listings and they are often wrong https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Cross-Drilled-Brake-Rotors-Ceramic-Pads-Fit-2005-2016-Smart-Fortwo/253511238243?fits=Year%3A2016|Make%3ASmart|Model%3AFortwo&hash=item3b06728263:g:8N8AAOSwGltasymG&vxp=mtr
  8. go to midas or some other garage that specializes in brakes i only say that because they might have stock and it sounds like you need rotors and pads awful quick there is nothing special about changing the brakes ...the problem will be sourcing the parts
  9. where is the tool stored in the car? i checked my 450 cabrio and i see 2 holes where the motors are but no tool in the battery styrofoam and no tool in the roof bar storage area of the tailgate
  10. it wont be a bolt if it has a way it will probably be in the center of some round housing that appears to contain a winding gear and an electric motor attached///.....like a power window motor
  11. maybe it isnt possible to do on a 451 youd think it would be in the handbook if it was..or on the internet only mentions i can find are for the 450
  12. heres a picture for 450 i cant find any for 451 yet https://www.fq101.co.uk/how-to-guides/fortwo-450/exterior/129-manual-cabrio-roof-control
  13. sort out the problem yet? im curious about the steering wheel..mine is even less than 1 oclock..id estimate it at half that and its enough to set off both abs and esp system lights after approximately 5km of driving
  14. id go used after checking prices..they are over $400 at german auto in toronto here is a link to find a close yard if you want to look for used http://search.oara.com/inventory/retail.htm
  15. most likely waht he said ^.. but could also be sticking up front ...go under and look at the equalizer (where the cables attach near the front of rear subframe)...spray that with lubricant it wont hurt anything and might help park brake cables are about $80 the pair germanauto parts website toronto i just changed some yesterday
  16. here is a link for an online tire height comparison calculator https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  17. i have 185/55r15 all around on my 05 450 the fronts are rear rims from a 451 they rubbed bad until i used 451 front springs to gain a slight lift...now they only rub a bit on turns ...i had the front fenders spaced out a bit with foam but they fell out during my last bulb change and i have to find a more permanent solution in other words i dont recommend 185/55 on front for a 450
  18. the tires could be the reason i know mine is 100% the steering wheel being off a bit due to a bent strut..and both abs and esp lights come on after about 3-4 km of driving ...almost the same spot in highway every time if you only have the esp light that would steer to something else best check the codes (and also find out why your steering is off)
  19. sprinkle baby powder around the outside of windshield on calm day then roll up the windows and slam the doors..leaks will be apparent mine would lift the bottom of windshield almost half an inch when i slammed a door quarter windows usually leak a bit too...
  20. this code (if its steering angle) would probably only show up in the brake module ..not an engine cel you should have 2 lights...esp and abs..left side and both orange
  21. checking codes would confirm it..if its the steering being off the code will something about a steering angle sensor ..mine does the same thing .. just waiting for better weather to tinker with it myself tie rods look really easy to adjust with front panel off if it happened suddenly inspect your strut tubes...i find that sudden changes in alignment with no visible worn out parts is usually from a slight bend in strut tube right where the upper strap is at top of knuckle
  22. bingo your abs sensors are sending equal signal to ecm but your steering column sensor is saying that your turning the ecm is recognizing this inconsistency and setting a code
  23. go look at your positive battery cable if you own a smart 450 and youll see really quick what they meant the larger cable that goes to the starter and alternator and the smaller feed lines that go to the sam unit are connected to the terminal in different ways it is possible for the smaller ones to be loose connection even though the main terminal is tight
  24. ..and while its out inspect the clutch fork hole for excessive wear
  25. yep..previous owner of my cabrio had same problem..i told him to add some kleenflo every few fillups .....and the problem quickly went away