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  1. ..and while its out inspect the clutch fork hole for excessive wear
  2. yep..previous owner of my cabrio had same problem..i told him to add some kleenflo every few fillups .....and the problem quickly went away
  3. thats a shaft joint then...not anything to do with knuckles
  4. what is a "steering knuckle lube" ?
  5. forum search engines tend to ignore small words with 3 letters ask the locksmith if he's done any before id go with aftermarket key from china...and then if the locksmith cant do it youll at least get ripped off a little less because the dealer wont be selling you an overpriced key when looking at keys i suggest getting the one with the sealed rubber buttons ...if the buttons look flimsy skip it and look for a different supplier
  6. i think its safe to say that most locksmiths wont have the proper programs to reset the electronics personally ive bought some chinese keys but am still trying to figure out how to connect the software i have
  7. im fairly certain they are just regular cast normal ones im also fairly certain that i would avoid a machine shop that didnt know ...if theyre asking you for info they dont sound very professional i also wouldnt exactly call them liners ...because im pretty sure they arent removable ..."liner" tends to describe removal ones
  8. i made one by removing the aluminum bar and making a new one from square tube...... and welded a smaller 1.25 hitch receiver to the underside (cheap at princess auto) its really close to the muffler but i havent had any contact issues the safety chain catch is simply a leaf spring side shackle welded underneath the receiver the white line shows where the bumper skin is located..there is just enough room to fit the hitch pin..no more next time im going to try and make it a bit lower to avoid having to cut the skin and instead only cut the black valance
  9. some steel adapter plates would be easy to make for that one to fit smaller struts...it looks like a good one
  10. i picked up one of these hydraulic ones years ago dirt cheap from some tool store that was going bankrupt..i think it was $50 works like a charm on most but have to be careful with the small smart struts because it can only grab the cap...spring is too small https://www.amazon.com/Ton-Hydraulic-Strut-Spring-Compressor/dp/B000BMGRZY about 20 years ago i was doing some struts with the old threaded rod type compressors and one slipped...the strut mount flew straight up flipping my hat off when it hit the brim ...ive hated those ever since
  11. im not impressed with the lesjofors springs i installed 2 years ago the upper loops rubbed each other so much they put in flat spots..both sides were like this ..headlights were always too low too ..springs were too soft brand new out of the box
  12. i cant find much online but i know technicians here are taught that copper line is not allowed...same with compression fittings and single flare ..also have to be sure if using steel that its for brakes because some is sold as fuel line and not the same wall thickness but this new cupronickel alloy stuff passes just fine
  13. cannot use copper here (i cant imagine using anywhere on brake lines) must be steel but can be copper plated steel....there is also some new alloy ones available here that are easier to bend ..softer alloy but definitely not pure copper also MUST be double flare or proper bubble flare depending on original edit: im guessing what you mean by copper is similar to the alloy ones we call cupronickel
  14. theres nothing special about the brakes...any competent shop should have no problem fixing it ..especially at the back the only problem i could see is if they need to remove the body under covers and have no patience but because you say its near the wheel it should be easy...probably just a steel line that runs along the suspension tube..or if its coming out of the drum it will probably be a wheel cylinder
  15. put it in slow ...you should be able to get fuel right to the rim if you go slow it doesnt foam up
  16. are you sure?,,,the front bearngs ive seen for 451 are not the same...the knuckles and struts are also completely different
  17. i open the cap and poke a hole in the seal....then just use it as a squirter to squirt some in and avoid the funnel i dont measure it ..i probably use too much but it wont hurt anything i buy the kleen flo at TSC store when its on sale at $4.50
  18. ive ordered from there a few times...they are very fast at sending parts out
  19. my coupe has a regular single din stuffed in the hole...no adapter plate...it fits good enough that people dont even notice its not stock ive never looked at the wiring because it was in there when i bought it....i know i wired in back speakers but dont remember if the harness had an adapter or was just soldered in the old way diagram https://www.tehnomagazin.com/Auto-radio-car-connector/SMART-Car-Radio-Wiring-Connector.htm i use kleen flo additive every second fill in my daily driver (the coupe)....previous owner of my cabrio had fuel gauge accuracy problems until i told him to use additive and then he never had the problem again (would not always rgister at full if i remember correctly)
  20. dont you just love that feeling when you finally find the problem i wonder how that happened...
  21. heres another thread about this topic http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?/topic/29956-removing-oil-pan-for-thorough-cleaning-and-welding-a-drain-plug-to-the-pan/&page=2 ignore post number 32 though as we've discovered reasons to avoid that kit
  22. ive been told front and rear springs are mostly the same but 451 into a 450 will produce slightly more wheel clearance (which i need) i can confirmthe front ones fit perfect...here is a picture to compare..its not a fair one as ithe 450 spring was used and may be shorter than a new one on the left is a used 450 replacement spring (mileage unknown but it appeared much newer than the other broken side so i suspect it had been changed at some time) on the right is a new suplex front spring for a 451 also i think i said in another thread that i had previously installed springs by hand without using a spring compressor....i can now confirm that i was wrong in saying that and was thinking of my polaris four wheeler at the time as there is no way i could have pushed this one down and started the nut without a proper compressor
  23. thats exactly like mine..except i put a tape roll in it because the rubber fingers dont work well enough to hold things steady
  24. im too lazy to do all that plus on a hot summer day i can get one of those giant diabetes slushies at mikes mart and just pull out the roll to make it fit in the cup holder
  25. mine works fine with a roll of packing tape placed inside ...holds my coffee steady enough ive never spilled ...