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  1. canadian tire on this end of the country will bench test alternators for free so try them if vancouver has one...just bring the bare alternator to them..not the whole car
  2. i had this same issue a few days ago in a parking lot...was able to tap on the spade terminal thru the trunk hatch with a flashlight and a long 1/4" extension im dreading getting in there to fix it right...just two years ago i cleaned it all and tightened the connector ...even covered it all in dielectric grease and still it only lasted a few years kind of wishing id taken the time to make the hatch removable instead of welding it back on (previous owner had cut an access hole in the rear firewall to reach starter)
  3. thiose are the proper ones five sided on the lower and hex on the upper i dont remember a nut...im fairly certain both are bolts dont waste time looking up bearing numbers...the hub is the outer race and is not replaceable
  4. i recommend carefully knocking out one of the inner races and adding grease new ones come pretty dry i just did mine a few weeks ago the ones from germanparts are just a good quality bearing with no hardware...the cheap ones from rockauto are lesser quality and come with new bolt and grease cap
  5. ive always wondered why so many people call it dextron also welcome to here on some sites it may seem rude to tell people to use the search system but youll soon see the people here are rather technical and its best to search out the simple things yourself ...they hate answering simple questions ,,,but it will pay off bigtime to stick around for when you end up with a crazy impossible problem youll be amazed at the knowledge these folks have
  6. nice job the best part is how annoying it will be for Tolsen to see this
  7. well that explains why i couldnt find the function then it appears you are using some other program with the delphi instead of the delphi software that it came with? there is no way to do it with the delphi software?
  8. could you take the time to explain this procedure please ive never seen that option on my delphi ds150e
  9. id have to also say germanparts dot ca...they are currently at $63 each when i needed a pair i got thru carquest and if i remember correctly its was closer to $200 for the pair (they were supposedly better quality made by lesjofors)
  10. ive put about 17,000km on my ali express chinese one so far with zero problems
  11. sprinkle some fine grind cayenne pepper on the engine
  12. personally i always advise my clients to do the pads and rotors because rotors are relatively cheap ..9 times out of ten a "pads only" job is back within 2 years for rotors so might as well start fresh in the first place and be safe
  13. buy the rock auto ones and do it yourself and everyone else on the highway wants you to do it as soon as possible...
  14. depends on the car ...and on the person buying it i wouldnt recommend it if youre a turn key type person...but i would if youre a turn wrench type
  15. louvers i have no idea why...but it looks like some hard plastic window louvers
  16. odd for the west coast...that looks more like a quebec thing
  17. do your brakes still work?..if so check for rear brake lights ..it might just be a bad switch down under where the master is btw brakes are not something you want to do a "quick fix" on...ever do it right
  18. another question if anyone is sure ...where exactly do they place the orifice tube on the 2005 450...
  19. but does the surface area of those 6 pistons add up to something close of the surface area of the stock one? i just remember parting out an 80's era camaro once with rare (at the time) rear disk brakes and the guy who bought the rear end wanted the original master cylinder ...if i remember right when i looked it up he was right they were different than the rear drum model ..the master was set up to move more fluid to the back either way i guess if the pedal doesnt travel farther and the rear doesnt lock up too soon i guess its ok
  20. well that kind of sucks... but now i know to try and save the dryer too from the honda thanks
  21. where is the receiver dryer located on a smart 450? my condenser leaks and today while scrapping a honda civic i noticed the civic has a nice little condenser that is good ...it got my thinking wheels turning
  22. stock master? just wondering because it looks like you might have to push more fluid into those than the stock calipers
  23. my experience is that oil would be white or blue or white with a tinge of blue...it would smell but dissipate quick...white smoke that sticks around long is water or antifreeze maybe your exhaust was full of oil from teh first failure and didnt get hot enough to start burning out the contamination until your second drive? mine was like that..i bought it with very weak history and when i finally had the engine installed and started it smoked like a nickel refinery until i took it for a nice highway drive the only other thing that comes to mind is way back a few decades ago i had a car come in with lots of white smoke and after many attempts to find the source i discovered it was sucking in brake fluid thru a bad brake booster into the manifold via vacuum line
  24. first mistake was letting it idle so long .... not good....proper break-in after rebuild requires alternating load/no load conditions at various speeds...then an oil change constant no load at idle is really not a good idea is number 2 the one that had that piston?..id say its hard to believe that failure didnt damage the bore