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  1. diagnose with voltage meter on battery if it fails then go ahead and start removing it...maybe youll find something obvious..maybe you wont then go to a reputable rebuild shop and get it bench tested...if it fails they will have supplier connections for reasonably priced parts or maybe even a whole alternator ....way cheaper than jobbers like carquest or crappytire plus if they fix it theres less chance of trouble since its all they do ...alternators and starters...and they will redo the bench test after repair so less worry search your yellow pages for nearby places that specialize in starters and alternators
  2. that is odd maybe its designed to be press fit into the rod instead of floating with clips cant say i like that idea
  3. i just lightly snug mine in ...after having the same trouble with tight cap due to last owner all my oil changes now go easy ...the o-ring seals fine theres really no need to have the cartridge cap tight
  4. i dont recall having to use spring compressors when i installed new springs...they were easy enough to do by hand using donor parts i suppose you will be swapping assembled units anyway
  5. solution

    its the fuse box thing above your left foot the headlight wires are in the middle of the brown plug when you lower the fusebox youll see the brown connector on the back of it...undo it and see what you see just saw the england part..not sure which foot its under if right hand drive model
  6. i suppose checking the turbo would be first step...start taking things apart to see what the problem is
  7. i dont like the wording of the listing they show 3 pistons listed with title that says "set"...meaning most people would expect 3 complete piston and ring sets (with pins)... yet they describe it as a ring set in description which leads people to believe maybe its just one set of rings then they go along and post pin sizes id stay away from a seller like that unless you message them for a clear description of what they are actually selling plus the picture clearly shows pistons are 65.48mm so why list them as 65.60?
  8. atv jack works great too for lowering the sub-assembly...(more stable and less worry about things moving around than a floor jack)
  9. way cheaper on aliexpress or dhgate..i think mine was $40 shipped ... works great for airbag codes and a few other things but its not as good as a star personally ive used mine mostly for getting rid of the airbag code ..paid for itself on first use as my other scan tool did not have airbag capability (i had turned key on while seats were out not knowing it would set codes)..its also good for getting rid of the service wrenches after you do your own servicing...takes a while to figure out how to set it up though
  10. i cant help much if you dont answer questions key position is irrelevant its most likely the starter or solenoid...but could be the power cable youre probably better off removing it and taking it into a rebuilder to check it out ...or last resort canadian tire and parts source wil usually do bench tests for free....i reccomend rebuilders though because they can usually fix it to like new condition for a lot cheaper than a parts seller store who just wants to get rich selling a new one
  11. did you check for power on the battery cable? did you see a spark?..did you hear a click?... (im assuming "bump" means you applied 12 volts to the "s" terminal on the solenoid)
  12. describe how you "jumped the starter" 451 starter is very easy to get at
  13. mines starts great ,,,but i installed new glow plugs before ever driving it also reemed out the carbon before installing them the only "start up" things i notice is the lights stay dim and slow fan for maybe 5 seconds until voltage comes up (i always assumed it the glow plugs using more power to cycle again after a start) also less power if i try to leave right away...more power if i wait a minute or two (always assumed it was cold oil in turbo seals not allowing it to spin up fast)..but thats just a guess
  14. mine doesnt sound scary high when it shifts on it own (05 with no automode button)...ive never checked the rpm at shift point though...i do notice its a bit higher rpm than my friends 05 with automode i tried the accellerator kick yesterday ...did it twice with no effect on shifting i kind of like my engine mounts too much to try a third time
  15. i usually shift it myself unless im holding a coffee never really noticed any way of making shift earlier
  16. answer is in your other thread
  17. $61.80 in toronto picture looks like it has a drain plug in it https://order.germanparts.ca/product.html?part_number=00411MS&manufacturer=9&modelyear=2005&model=277&modelengine=1858&application=14&subapplication=132&search_type=APPLICATION
  18. local place that only does alternator and starter repairs/rebuilds it took a day or 2 so i would assume their supplier was toronto area (it was also about 2 years ago) they may have given me the extra special price because ive been there so much but still a good honest place should be less than $250 if you have a local place that specializes like that..go in and talk to them ...they give much better prices in person (usally) than the guy on the phone gets ...smaller the shop the better too..more likely to get cash deals
  19. what in the world is a chinese one worth?...i got a brand new complete bosch from local supplier for under $200
  20. yep step 1 :get your car back from those stealership con artists step 2: inspect and repair your n11 connections for fuel pump by installing an external relay....might as well do the headlight relays too
  21. yeah but i imagine vancouver island doesnt get much winter cold air to shrink seals and let the roadsalt in
  22. probably needs a fuel pump might as well do the external relays fix while youre at it (for fuel pump and headlights) first job though is figure out why its drawing enough to pop the fuse...maybe a check the harness for short to ground
  23. probably "trapped" because people yank on the upper part of the door handles with full force instead tilting them from the bottom...man that drives me nuts when they do that doesnt look that bad...i think the reporter and "reality star" added some extra drama to it
  24. yeah well its sounds right....dont overfill it....meaning dont put more than max fill line..
  25. same here..i fill it to the full mark and never had a problem