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  1. im too lazy to do all that plus on a hot summer day i can get one of those giant diabetes slushies at mikes mart and just pull out the roll to make it fit in the cup holder
  2. mine works fine with a roll of packing tape placed inside ...holds my coffee steady enough ive never spilled ...
  3. dont put gas in it
  4. the guy that made post #21 knows what he is doing and his advice/instructions were free
  5. mine flashes if i let it go for a while with last blob out ive never seen a countdown of liters left
  6. here is a location picture for touching the solenoid connector from above ...useful for emergency wiggling in a parking lot if you have a stick and a flashlight screwdriver tip is touching the connector
  7. previous owner of mine had a bung welded on... im fairly certain its welded in a way that drains well but never looked at it closely
  8. $55 and a bit of elbow grease turns it into a normal oil change https://www.aliexpress.com/item/For-Smart-Cabrio-City-Coupe-Crossblade-Fortwo-Cabrio-Coupe-Roadster-450-451-452-0-6-0/32804500538.html dont know for sure if it fits ..but if it doesnt you can buy kits to weld a bung and plug into existing pan
  9. sudbury district
  10. 451 front rims will fit the front of a 450 451 rear rims will fit the front of a 450 (go smaller than 185/55R15 though ...mine rub on hard turns )
  11. yes front wheel fits just fine on the rear i use an old front as a spare for mine...the normal 145 tire is not much bigger than a temporary and is better imo since it has a higher speed rating and is fine for extended travel 451 fronts will also fit front and rear of 450 (451 rims are easier to find used)
  12. lifted my front end for springtime front end check in case i had to order some parts...didnt find anything to worry about..brakes are thin but i have rotors and pads waiting in the sidelines for a better day
  13. the video will work to get rid of the squeaking for a while...but youre better off doing a more thorough service like Tolsen recommends back when the video was made there was probably less knowledge of the clutch actuator breaking thru the clutch fork...and probably less knowledge of the actuator internals and fail points
  14. for starters he doesnt clean anything...just blindly sprays into an electronic device ...and doesnt bother to lubricate the clutch fork hole
  15. where is this bulkhead piece?..ive never noticed it anyone have pictures? or is it really obvious if i go look under a cabrio ?
  16. im wondering why the cabrio is worse...what is different in hard top vs cabrio in regards to changing the alternator?
  17. youll have to find a way to attach mirrors the doors mirrors are considered original safety equipment and if the car was sold with 2 side mirrors they have to be there for road use
  18. that looks closer to what i would have tried (id have a tighter bend and use the high inlet with a lower outlet) but the muffer flow is backwards ..that one is not a reversible (note the A------>B arrow)
  19. sticks out kind of low and im curious whats hiding under the heat wrap muffler is reversible is there any reason why you didnt go with a horizontal mounting using upper as an inlet and the middle as an outlet with an added down spout ?
  20. what kind of work took 100 hours?
  21. yes..its almost like theres a magnet on the rear ...people really like to tailgate i also get cut off often and feel like no one sees that im even there ..especially at dusk (my car is dark like the handyhobbits avatar) this is why i use a front and rear dashcam...ive even considered two more for the sides ive also installed electric air horns...they give quite a bit more bite than the stock meep meep horn
  22. i might get flak for this but i really like toyota and i recommend sticking with the echo the slight gain in mpg is offset by the easily available (and less frequent need) for parts go to canadian tire or parts source or whatever local parts place youre used to patronizing and see what smart parts they stock...you probably wont find much on the other hand if youre interested in quirkyness and lots of strange looks/questions from strangers then the smart is the way to go..especially if you build a hitch and tow with it welcome to here
  23. wrapping cord around the mirror is exactly what most do...but then that one time you forget to go around the mirror and the inevitable happens
  24. when i drive away and forget that its plugged in id much rather damage the front plug instead of busting out my back window