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  1. yeah well its sounds right....dont overfill it....meaning dont put more than max fill line..
  2. same here..i fill it to the full mark and never had a problem
  3. beetles are ugly smart 450 is cute
  4. i didnt say anything because my suggestion would have been the ds150e mine works fine ...although i havent tried it yet for clutch or teach gears it was worth every penny just to reset my airbags (didnt know i shouldnt have turned the key with the seats out)
  5. no..they would probably just think that revving it up in the shop and reading map with their expensive star tool would be good enough ......they wouldnt take the time and effort for a real world test drive under normal load conditions ... but for bending over while paying their outrageous shop rates for incompetent work you'll probably get a free car wash... that always makes me laugh on the rare occasion that i need to go buy parts from them i always seem to catch a glimpse of a technician washing cars this is just a guess though as i have no knowledge whatsoever about mb dealership shop practices...i have never needed them and would definitely never ever go there for repairs...i do my own repairs
  6. anyone ever try one those folding motorcycle shelters?...seems like the trike model would be good for a smart http://www.feelgooduk.net/media/catalog/product/cache/8/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/t/r/trike-home-motorcycle-cover.jpg
  7. when you mention 180 that sounds like ignition timing...did you have the engine completely apart?...did you double check the cam timing/timing chain placement? just a couple teeth off will cause low compression readings and a spit/sputter no start condition
  8. i guess he didnt understand that when i said "watch map readings" i meant with the obd2 scan tool or in my case the delphi ds150e was used....the map is what functions as boost pressure reader
  9. double check valve timing too..not just ignition timing
  10. try the oil then do whatever tolsen says ...he seems to know these cars inside out and upside down
  11. 9 bar sure sounds low edit :for a diesel...should be just fine for a gasser
  12. ok nvm...video loaded second time what i see is average people in average cars driving safe speeds...and then a much lighter smart car with a driver that thinks he should drive faster than the others i also didnt notice any blowout..looked more like a panic braking or wind gust situation i see the story does report the rear tire blew out though...
  13. wheres the video...i see mention of dash cam but so many links to other places ...got a video link of the actual accident?
  14. upgrade to a 10 watt might help?..and keep the window clear of snow (assuming its placed in a window)
  15. these cars are not old at all you just need to find a place with technicians that use their heads and arent afraid to learn ...there is nothing special about these cars
  16. test drives while watching map readings and carrying 2 wrenches you can drive it just fine with rear bumper removed
  17. why so negative all the time?... could be running an inverter and doesnt want to stress out the alternator could be used as a standby vehicle with warning lights and wants extra battery capacity instead of keeping car running could be lots of reason to want a bigger battery could be using the smart to jumpstart his cummins....
  18. ive not had lock mechanism problems yet...but i have injected glycol into the small door handle pull cables with no problems after having them freeze up on early wet cold winter days...i do the same to my snowblower cables ...it stops the chute control cables from freezing up same with my brake pedal switch...hasnt ever froze up since it started occasionally placing small amount of glycol on brake arm
  19. i never would have expected that...glycol on my hands tends to turn my wrenches into squirming eels
  20. if youre sure its freezing moisture just splash some engine coolant on it every few weeks
  21. 7 hours to change 2 wheel cylinders?....id be calling head office if someone tried to feed me that crock of shite
  22. i was using carquest until they recently closed their satellite store in my area ebay can be good sometimes ...canadian tire is only good for wipers and oil filters i remember sourcing brake hoses once from parts source but wasnt impressed as i ordered 2 and they only shipped in one ...so it took twice as long to get the job done for other parts i would suggest never going to dealer...try german parts first http://germanparts.ca/ i havent used them myself (because i prefer paypal) yet but the prices seem reasonable i find that alternators are best sourced from local rebuilders...not sure if every town has one but mine has quite a few shops that specialize in just starters and alternators...got a brand new one from them for under $200 ...they also did my starter but i dont remember the price (that was a rebuild not a brand new one) another good place for parts is kijiji ...but some of the asking prices are absolutely rediculous ....and if youre in ontario you can always check the auto recycler listings OARA http://search.oara.com/inventory/retail.htm
  23. post #14 explains the reason
  24. you do know you have to move the temp switch all the way to the right before the electric kicks in right?.....and heat symbol will show on the dash
  25. make sure youre on fresh air and not on recirc ive never had a problem ...i also always have my window open at least a crack