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  1. just to clear up...the 2 center pins are for the low beam headlights.. ...the fuel pump pin is towards the right side of connector (third from right if i remember correctly) by left and right i mean looking down at backside of tilted sam unit (on a 2005 450)
  2. they broke the intake manifold? edit:; nvm it looks like they call the suction line an intake manifold (that company is weird)
  3. ive had more troubles buying things on ebay than Ive ever had on aliexpress (none with ali) but yes id have to go with that ebay price ..plus with ebay the sellers tend to use trackable tracking numbers ...aliexpress they use the most useless cheapest way they can
  4. china to the rescue http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Turbocharger-Wastegate-Actuator-Smart-0-8-CDI-1999-30-Kw-5431-988-0002-5431-988-0000/32332233847.html
  5. the only luck ive ever had with gluing plastic fittings like that is to drill them out and use a brake line or similar tube inserted in both ends to support it internally original gorilla glue works good ...another good adhesive for plastic and metal is windshield urethane...both require parts to be super clean but repairability depends on where its broke of course..... are new actuators really that expensive to risk it?
  6. look in your yellow pages for local rebuilders...they can source brand new ones thru their suppliers for much cheaper than retail outlets i got mine for $180 brand new this way.....
  7. maybe because you bought 2 it was over the non taxable import value? im 100% sure i was not charged any taxes/duty /brokerage
  8. to reset airbag light I open the program..then choose smart 450 then on bottom right i click the curved arrow to enter ISS i choose diesel and make sure all the others are clicked and do a complete scan (by clicking on the arrow in bottom right)....then i will read and erase codes for each system individually the srs codes will of course be listed under restraints system
  9. ive only been able to read and erase codes (engine-brakes-srs)...reset service wrenches....and view data....have never seen any way of adjusting clutch electronically ive only used it on a 2005 coupe and a 2005 cabrio (diesel canadian models of course) ...i did notice that on the cabrio i cannot connect to the brake/abs/esp system..it always rejects connection but works fine on the coupe mine is a 2013 release 3 version ...maybe we have different versions?
  10. i will never use fedex again mine came ems delivered via canada post with no fees try to find another seller that lists ems..... fedex and ups suck balls collecting ripoff brokerage fees of course the strike is another thing to consider edit:i just check my old orders and it was sent with a DHL tracking number...i remember getting it within a week or less from the time i ordered it and did not get any brokerage fees or tax hit (and am 99% sure it came thru canada post on my end)
  11. im pretty sure mine came from powertec almost 2 years now still working just fine only thing i didnt like was i had to reuse my old thin o-ring...new one wasnt in the box (price seems to have gone up too)
  12. that after picture doesnt look like anything that would pass a safety around here
  13. no edit :for diesel i mean ...i didnt see the petrol part of the question before answering
  14. my only experience with losing esp and abs was due to a frozen brake pedal switch (due to snow melting off shoes and leaking down the brake pedal arm passed floor boot) this will light up 3 icons on left...abs..brake and the esp triangle only happened on really cold days (but has since been cured) edit:i remember it also set a code at the time
  15. on a normal car you just make sure the catalytic converter doesnt get sprayed muffler and exhaust should be avoided too but they will just cause some smoke on first start up and dry up quick ...nothing to worry about
  16. if it were me id be checking that brown connector on the back of the brain box (cant remember what you guys call that) my friends cabrio had the same symptoms and i had to wire in an external relay for the fuel pump
  17. do they ding you with brokerage fees or duty? i dont see any "choose for me" option but lowest shipping always shows as "ground consolidated"...
  18. Lesjöfors are available in Canada thru carquest $200 for front pair if i remember right (some of that was a courier charge though because they werent stocked in my area )
  19. IMO its basically only good for ..reading and erasing abs/esp codes ..reading and erasing srs (airbag) codes ..resetting cluster wrench service warning ..cluster lcd display test which is basically useless it will read and erase engine codes but im assuming most of us already have obd2 code readers and scan tools for that for $40 its worth it to some people...not for others ...for me it was worth it because my regular scan tool does not do airbag srs systems i cannot see any other usefullness for this tool on canadian 2005-2008 diesels
  20. A "stronger" crash bar won't crush as readily to absorb crash energy, and will allow greater force from the impact to reach the passenger compartment. Attempting to "re-engineer" any crash safety systems is not recommended. im ok with that building a whole new one means i could keep the original one and supply it to the next owner if he/she is a fuddy duddy armchair engineer
  21. rebar is used a lot to describe small weak bumpers that are hidden behind plastic bumper skins/panels personally i would have tossed that whole bar aside and started from scratch building a much stronger one out of thick wall tubing
  22. hmm seems to be a hijack going on here welcome to both