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  1. programming ferrari keys...checking transmission control solenoids.....cam sensor teach...relative compression ..electronic parking brakes...etc... anything evap related lol....used it today and got a p0455....uhm gas cap seems fine take it to someone with a smoke machine and a hoist for that
  2. wouldnt because im cheap and anything it doesnt do is probably something im not interested in fixing anyways
  3. my daily go to is a foxwell nt630 does just about everything i need it to for diagnosing engine related problems does abs and airbag on most... ....including a lot of bidirectional like running pumps for brake bleed..i think it does steering angle too and its cheap if you do a few searches on ali
  4. been a long time since ive done it but i remember a small hidden screw on each corner and something you had to slide out of a channel i also remember seeing what to do on a youtube video....i think it was a german guys video..i remember not understanding their language but the video itself told everything
  5. the uhaul dolly sounds like a viable option though according to this post >>https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/threads/tow-fortwo-with-car-dolly.12762/#post-341135
  6. i towed mine backwards on a dolly it was sketchy but it was only about 1km away lol... my dolly is lower than the uhaul ones (its a master tow) i think it would go just fine behind the crv.....if i rememeber right the smart is only about1800lbs......the lower the trailer the better
  7. looks like very decent shape for that price the kms are high but maybe lots of it was highway time i think you should tow it home...with another smart
  8. i suppose we might are you the buyer?...the one posted earlier is marked as sold
  9. weird looking thing but i guess if you need it ...looks wouldnt matter
  10. my experience with problem jobs is sometimes stepping away for a day or two helps a lot more
  11. the cabrio i owned for a short time was purchased off a buddy and i did all repairs while he owned it....i think that was the only time i knew for sure the kleenflo was doing something....he was complaining about the fuel level gauge constantly sticking ...i figured it had some of that diesel mold going on....after a few kleenflo treated tanks the problem completely dissapeared
  12. use scan tool to read live data ...manifold pressure will tell you if the turbos are putting out roughly the same... it may lead to finding leaks too... also drive with the lid off and you might hear some differences in turbo
  13. my cabrio had way more pep than my lower mileage coupe of the same year i never figured out why ......but i probably should have cleaned or changed the injector nozzles and maybe a fuel filter (im a real cheapskate when it comes to maintenance on my own things) i used lots of kleenflo condition/cleaner on the coupe ...it never seemed to help but i always figured it helped a bit
  14. check the codes...they will tell if its drivers seat or passenger seat the usual fix is to cut out the connector and just solder them together then heatshrink it
  15. abs is anti lock brakes air bag system is srs (supplemental restraint) Nigel is right most abs lights are from cracked ring most srs lights will be caused by bad connections under seat airbag plug or from turning on the key with seats removed
  16. did you pay by credit card?,,,sometimes the credit card protection will cover it .. if yes i think you should call them up and start a claim
  17. whoa that sucks but i hope they actually arrive..seems weird they would send them in different boxes though ive never been burned yet on ali ive had some items come within weeks and some that take 5 months i only had to use the protection once and they quickly ruled in my favour and refunded me...(but i paid it back within a week when the item actually arrived)
  18. i have zero experience with these injectors but im thinking you might be able to test for signal with a noid light to rule out the electrics
  19. a prankster type owner could probably get a few laughs and confused looks by mounting into the air intake cover
  20. i think we discussed those once in a block heater thread they are nice but kind of expensive i thought originally designed for boats to access shore power if my memory remembers
  21. gotta make compromises to get it all in such a tight efficient package i think VW are worse...they did stupid shit for no reason at all except to add complications where there was no benefit
  22. the airbag connector should be easy to identify it has a shorting bar/shorting wire in the seat end...and is usually gold plated
  23. id recommend a dexron III.....preferably a synthetic one
  24. i dont understand why you didnt tie them up out of the way before sloshing all that paint on them should be one harness for the seat airbag...and one for seatbelt warnings to the buckle...the other one i have no idea the airbag only had 2 wires yaw sensor would only be for the traction control or whatever they call it in the smart some cars have occupant sensors for passenger seat...airbag system knows if someone is sitting there or not ..i dont know if smarts had those