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  1. id say they are fairly competent if they caught that...its true about original...modified suspensions and things like lift kits and leveling kits are illegal the laws got a lots stricter about 2 years ago you just need to shop around until you find a shop that is less picky
  2. i had 185/55 r15 on all four the fronts rubbed a bit i had to trim off some plastic near the front i dont know what brabus rim offset is but i used rears from a 451 for the front of my 450 the important part to watch is the diameter or circumference percentage difference ..if i remember right there is just a 3% or 5% margin before it causes problems with the traction control/stability system
  3. hard to say...my cabrio connector was awful on all three...headlights burned so bad i only had one of them working to control the 2 relays but my coupe of the same year with more kms on it had a connector that looked brand new with no signs of overheating i like those relays with fuses..never seen those before either ..thats a good idea
  4. yep...those 2 in the middle are low beam left and low beam right....then going down the two nice ones are high beam left and right...then the single discolored one is for fuel pump i think you should do the external relay mod next
  5. very easy to find in canada if you search muriatic
  6. do you have a spare clutch actuator to swap in? thats the first thing id try
  7. sounds like broken springs would be the least of the problems
  8. the ones i had were led i didnt like the way the originals got hot enough to melt and burn everything
  9. i remember buying some from princess that fit perfect if i remember right you just give them a slight turn counter clock and they come out
  10. my favourite and most used milwaukees is my impact 2767-20
  11. if youre going to keep them id suggest bigger batteries...i have milwaukee 2ah that are basically useless...you need minimum 5ah for most jobs
  12. i only use milwaukee M18 and i modified the battery pack on my one black and decker tool (a pole saw) to accept a milwaukee battery for good tool reviews go to youtube and search AvE channel for bosch...he's probably done some videos on them edit yep...plenty of bosch product videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpf67S2qH0I
  13. if you check OARA.com there a way to check inventory of all parts yards that use the system under the parts locator tab ....i dont recall what they would list the actuator under though..
  14. rockauto has actuators but they are hefty price at near $800 i would source a used one and clean/service it before install
  15. they should just swap out...some people say you need to "teach" it with a star but i never had any problem just manually adjusting by feel
  16. they were probably broken before and not noticed... but exactly like said above the break point will tell the tale if it looks fresh or not...i usually find them with a rusted old existing crack and then a small fresh final break
  17. youre probably ok with 5w though in toronto...i wouldnt do it up north or like calgary
  18. o is better for winter they should have plenty of 0w-40...thats where ive always bought mine (or maybe it was partsource) make sure its diesel spec
  19. but if i was stuck on using extractor and didnt have a tube that fit id probably find some hard plastic fuel line or some plastic vacuum line from a junk car and rig it some cars have nice stiff plastic tubing for long runs to the windshield washer jets too
  20. i second the idea of just changing the oil pan to one with a drain plug...they are small and cheap ..and very easy to swap out getting one from overseas will be slow right now though might be some closer ones available on ebay or germanparts.ca rock auto also usually has them
  21. i usually used rotella T6 diesel 0w-40 year round except i remember one summer i used some older 15w-40 diesel oil just because i had a bit i wanted to get rid of
  22. today was perfect weather up north too how did the clutch fork look?
  23. my coupe was fairly butchered up when i bought it ... the main power cable had been cut and i used a clamp to repair it...came in handy during subframe removal/installation... it looked similar to this >>> https://www.topothegulfmarine.com.au/steering-cable-clamp-brass-tiller/
  24. might as well add cleaning and protecting the starter spade terminal and inspecting the intercooler too...and that wire harness that always chafes ..and the scoop ...and the reluctor rings...and the ......everything else
  25. also while the trans is out it might be a great time to carefully remove and lube up the crank position sensor hole