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  1. I saw your reference of the Redtek and how well it worked. I've used the Kit (Sealer and Top-up) several times on full size cars. Is there a special procedure for the Smarts? Amount of each canb, pressure, etc.





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    2. LooseLugNuts


      im assuming the sealer can is mostly refrigerant with just a bit of sealer mixed in

    3. TheHandyHobbit


      Thanks for the response. I've searched everywhere and can't find anywhere that says Pro Seal contains refrigerant. I'll look around again tomorrow. Thanks again.

    4. LooseLugNuts


      the ingredients as listed on the msds sheet


      30 to 60% dimethyl methane

      40 to 70% methylethyl methane

      1 to 13% ethanol


      and 15% trade secret ingredients which is most likely the sealer formula


      the methane is likely the refrigerant 

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