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  1. redneck diagnosis works sometimes sometimes a good hit will cause bad brushes to contact again bang on the bottom of the tank then turn the key on....if the pump works or makes a weird noise the brushes are shot and youll need to change it
  2. "It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness" (The Christopher motto)
  3. the pal paperwork takes quite a while anyways...and that was before the shutdown...i cant even imagine how slow it would be now for background checks
  4. i see youre in Ontario you can search parts yards by using the online search tool on OARA
  5. anything is possible if youre a good welder and body man
  6. i dont know about that line specifically but dipping similar looking nylon fuel lines in very hot water helps for removal and installation of barbed fittings
  7. i dont see any mercedes dealers in the sault....closest i can find is sudbury fine cars and they are crap to deal with on their good days so hopefully you can safely repair it
  8. might be some kind of valve in there too...which screws it up you might have to find a mercedes dealer or check local parts yards ...or find one online
  9. i cant give a good answer for that without being there doesnt hurt to try though just remember it needs to be vacuum hose ...most other hoses are designed for positive pressure instead of negative and wont hold up well in a vacuum situation
  10. thats for the vacuum pump
  11. i suppose we're not allowed to talk about this though...might be political or personal? back to facebook memes please
  12. yes..all transportation related businesses are deemed essential technicians included
  13. use whatever is available i used some from princess auto because they came with wires and a plug there should be plenty of threads here about relay mods
  14. pins and wires are too small full bulb and pump current are flowing they should have used relays (which is why we keep recommending the relay mod) my cabrio was full of damage....and yet my coupe (same years) with more kms on it still looked brand new ...maybe some batches also had low quality metal used or something