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  1. crutchfield says Metra 70-1758 will work but i have no experience with it
  2. id cut the plug and wire it right in ..solder and heat shrink of course and id leave some wire on the plug ..and keep the plug...just in case i needed to swap the factory deck back in
  3. i bought mine as a basket case too took me all winter to get it back together but anyway long story short i couldnt get it started for 2 weeks and just about to give up when i decided to go over every single wire connector and after a bit of checking i pressed one and heard a click and then i was able to start it ...if i remember right it was on the pump so my advice is to check all your connectors
  4. my first check would be a battery load test with a modern battery scan tool...then id probably do a second one with an old resistive type tester if that all passes my second check would be alternator (bad diode)
  5. check the box for a part number ...then google search it and hopefully it doesnt just show an old thread with someone asking "what is this box?" lol
  6. that looks like the one that causes dim fuel filter lights and door ajar signal when the door is not ajar
  7. used my milwaukee 1/2 drill yesterday a bunch with a wire brush attachment to clean out the garbage i found on a family members tiguan that ive been slowly repairing (all 8 intake valves smashed into an "s" shape below the bell due to chain tensioner failure) what a dirty s.o.b. intake this p.o.s. has....i suppose its from a mixture of turbo oil and egr gases ....i also blame the direct injection (gas) because i doubt it'd be so filthy if there was a fuel spray in there
  8. i would never recommend buying a smart ...unless youre good at fixing things and even then i would only suggest it as a second fun car...not an everyday commute car
  9. i would say its the abs system running thru its checks and balances
  10. for me it says 5 days ago and its probably accurate considering less than 400 views view counts usually accumulate after a repost
  11. the plates make me suspicious
  12. nope that is the member status
  13. its my line of employment ...not my own personal vehicles its the ceramic pads that have less brake dust
  14. ive used rockauto cheapies with no problems i cant remember the last brake job ive done without doing rotors and i probably do 30 or 40 a year cant remember where i got my last set for the 450 but they were cheap and they were crossdrilled ...maybe canada brakes or ebay
  15. consider the horn buttons as the horn buttons (top right and top left) the "other spot" that works but is not labelled as a horn button is just a bonus one