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  1. so...i really hope this info isnt already posted somewhere but i just popped a rear tire a few days ago and am wondering if anyone has info regarding using all four tires of same size on front rims in all corners (ive been needing to replace all 4 for quite a while now) i currently have the standard 450 narrow front with stock 145 and wide rears with stock 175 but am thinking i could save some money by maybe putting 165 all around?..will something like 165/60 r15 fit the narrow 450 front rims?...my spare rims that im thinking to use on rear are 451 fronts and look a bit wider any thoughts or advice? (other than just saying replace them with original sizes) so basically im asking has anyone ran narrows on all 4?..and if so what is the best size to use while keeping both fitment and cost in thought or is this just an all around bad idea?..advice? i have 2 sets of original 450 rims and 1 set of 451 to work with ......which i know the 451 rears are useless without spacers (rub on shock) edit: main reason this idea of all four on fronts is because ive been running the 451 front rim/tire for 2 days now as my spare to replace the popped rear one and havent noticed anything different in handling or esp/abs also if this topic is discussed already please feel free to post a link to it or even a snarky sarcastic response is fine..i have A.D.D. and when i search for things my head scrambles it all into a frustrating mess
  2. they seem to rub a bit on turns...i will have to shim out the front plastics a bit...i think it rubs on the black part that is connected below the fenders across the front... probably wouldnt rub if i i chose a summer tire but these ones are pretty chunky if i were to start over id try 175/55 all around so far it seems to rub at the 10 o'clock position of fender lip when looking at driver wheel and 2 oclock position when looking at passenger wheel during turn and during compression/heavy braking i always found my headlights to be low maybe my springs are shorter than stock?..they were broken when i bought it and replaced them with lesjofors springs.. for now i stuffed some foam between the front clip and bumper to hold it out and up enough ..and left out the 2 front bolts under the grill.....until i can get in there and see if there is a better solution i should also mention my driver side front kissed a snowbank once so maybe my fenders are not exactly in factory position
  3. no...not some stupid swivel contraption a real trailer
  4. that owner needs to make himself a trailer hitch
  5. ive abandoned the idea of using fronts all around and am going to go with 4 rears instead ,,,after hearing that my 451 rear rims will fit the front of a 450 (i sure hope thats right) i picked up a set of 4 almost new continental extreme winter contact 185/55 R15 yesterday for just $150 (gotta love kijiji) havent mounted them yet but i did grab my 451 rear steel wheels out of my storage place and they are 5.5 ET22 im going to mount them myself (i have a tire machine) then if they fit ok ill take them off and bring them in for balancing only info i can find about the always mentioned "roadster rims" is 5.5 with ET24 so im assuming 2mm offset difference will really make no difference and I thank you all for your thoughts and knowledge
  6. i just call it my car...my other vehicle is a gmc k2500 so when i say "car" people generally know what im referring to mine is '05 black with grey panels
  7. at the end of his post it says "all comments appreciated" i couldn't care less what you think is appropriate and I agree with you about the socially retarded members here but I still like to drop in frequently
  8. ive had good results in the past using liquid copper to fix flexible circuits... you can find it in the section with all the permatex products...they market it as defrost window grid repair...its like copper nail polish that board looks like a challenge though
  9. i found this one (post #10) where a member says they worked fine ...and its in the 450 section but now i see he states 08 which is a 451... i wouldnt have noticed that ...thanks for saving me some trouble does anyone know for sure what non-oddball size would be best to put on all 4 if i decide to use the stock rear steel wheels on the rear and the 451 rear steel wheels on the front?
  10. i was also thinking narrow on 4 would be good for winter but im fairly certain im going to try the 451 rears on the front (someone said that would work) and keep the rears same but go up to 185...mostly because the 185 seem easier to get compared to 165 i also have a tire machine (fmc 8500) so that makes it easier to try ...and once im happy with fitment ill just have to take them in somewhere for balancing i think i seen somewhere that said 185/60 r15 will fit ok
  11. thank you..i was hoping you would reply should i use 4 450 fronts or do you think its ok to use 450 fronts on the front and the 451 fronts one the rear of a 450? i have the 4 original steel rims for 450...plus a second set of steel for 450...and another set of 4 steel for a 451 but i think the 451 fronts are a bit wider than the 450 ones (they are in storage and not available right now to confirm) id never even thought about 451 steel rears on the front..i just know they dont fit the back..thanks for letting me know theres a second option thanks but no thanks..im so broke right now its probably going to be a hunt for good used tires instead of new
  12. can be done with fat hands and manly arms too through the panels if you make sure you understand how the little clip works...stretch that clip or get it unhooked and youre going to have to take the front end off (which only takes about 5 minutes anyway) first time will not be easy but it gets easier each time i would suggest using a testlight first to check for power ...if no power to headlight changing bulbs is a waste...sometimes its a bad connection on sam plug...or a burned sam pin if youre really not lucky
  13. ive never had trouble with mine one of the first things i did to it though was all new glow plugs and reamed out the passages before install... car has always started from 30C down to -30C with no problems...i dont recall ever even needing to double cycle the glows i do not have any block heater
  14. just posting this in case someone gets these same codes and wants to jump to the easiest possibility i had a friend over yesterday with problems he was claiming no "get up and go" and random stalls with 3 bars on dash (2005 cabrio) pulled codes and came up with p2402 and p2403 ..both listed as intermittent test drive confirmed 3 bars at least 5 times in less than 5km of driving...also slight vehicle roll/engine rocking when parked and shifting from neutral and reverse...which was odd as my car does not do that ...pulled off fork actuator and dimple was almost punched thru even though i greased it myself at least twice last year brazed a nut on the rod and rounded it off a bit to clear the trans hole...left the rod protrude a bit just so it doesnt slip out of position ...erased codes and a went for a nice long test drive to confirm repair and it was a total success....no ocdes..no "stalling" (which was actually just the inability to speed up that he described as a stall)..no bars and no more codes so long story short if you get these codes that say transmission blocked etc,...p2402 or p2403 check your actuator for hole wear
  15. yeah i didnt notice that until after i purchased and installed it that it was 5.00.12 instead of the 5.00.8 that you posted now that im invested a small amount into it id like to see it work instead using another version ...might just get a different snooper that is compatible with this instead of sharing the ds150e (dont really want to risk screwing it up with upgrade unless someone knows for sure it will work)
  16. i have wurth wow 5.00.12 installed and working but it wont connect to my delphi ds150e says something about firmware update when i try to read anything with the box connected to the car could you take a minute please to explain to me (a computer idiot) how do i update firmware (im assuming update firmware means i need to update the box?) ..preferably with something that would allow the same ds150e to be used with the wow software and the delphi 2014 release 2 ( software that i have on this computer
  17. try fixing it then look for a used one if that doesnt work out ...or if they are expensive i see some listed for $75 to $150 http://search.oara.com/inventory/retail.htm
  18. jack it up and give your tires a spin i would say its highly likely to be broken belts in a tire
  19. canadian tire on this end of the country will bench test alternators for free so try them if vancouver has one...just bring the bare alternator to them..not the whole car
  20. i had this same issue a few days ago in a parking lot...was able to tap on the spade terminal thru the trunk hatch with a flashlight and a long 1/4" extension im dreading getting in there to fix it right...just two years ago i cleaned it all and tightened the connector ...even covered it all in dielectric grease and still it only lasted a few years kind of wishing id taken the time to make the hatch removable instead of welding it back on (previous owner had cut an access hole in the rear firewall to reach starter)
  21. thiose are the proper ones five sided on the lower and hex on the upper i dont remember a nut...im fairly certain both are bolts dont waste time looking up bearing numbers...the hub is the outer race and is not replaceable
  22. i recommend carefully knocking out one of the inner races and adding grease new ones come pretty dry i just did mine a few weeks ago the ones from germanparts are just a good quality bearing with no hardware...the cheap ones from rockauto are lesser quality and come with new bolt and grease cap
  23. ive always wondered why so many people call it dextron also welcome to here on some sites it may seem rude to tell people to use the search system but youll soon see the people here are rather technical and its best to search out the simple things yourself ...they hate answering simple questions ,,,but it will pay off bigtime to stick around for when you end up with a crazy impossible problem youll be amazed at the knowledge these folks have
  24. nice job the best part is how annoying it will be for Tolsen to see this