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  1. 16 hours away ...hes almost just as close to you personally i think the worst snow places are down south by huron ..especially the barrie area ....and the superior corridor between ssm and wawa
  2. heres a picture of one
  3. i dont even know where sioux lookout is lol anyway i think 2006 had factory option for block heater...if it has one it will be hear the clutch actuator...its a weird looking external element thing near to where the trans bolts to the engine...youll be able to see the cord if it has one...and the cord will plug into the socket near the battery as mentioned above long story short the cord plugs into a connector on the lower left front below the grill....then the connector goes to an extension cord type plug in near the battery...then if you have a factory block heater or an aftermarket one it will be plugged into that cord...some people use the power cord for interior heaters to pre-clear the windows instead of using to preheat the engine
  4. is dexcool safe for diesels?.... they used to make special diesel coolants for anti cavitation
  5. go to a place that specializes in alignments mb doesnt even specialize in smarts
  6. i sold it years ago and havent seen it since i dont recommend silicone...use seam sealer instead ..it doesnt attract water and should still be fairly easy to remove
  7. $203 at rockauto (plus shipping and duties) should be some new ones available local though...i know my local rebuilder brought one in for me once next day delivery from his toronto supplier for $200 cash
  8. not saying its a good idea but my coupe had a large piece of the firewall removed by previous owner to access the starter i welded it back on and sealed it but did it in a way that it would be easy to re-open if need be
  9. must be a small one they used or a bad connection ..most relays are ok with up to 30 amp id still use one for each though....but the powering both relays from one headlight pin is no problem ...the control side draw is just milliamps
  10. nevermind that last question...i hadnt read it all above for headlights if you have one good pin and one bad one you can use the one good one to power 2 relays (one for each headlight...the draw from 2 relays is very very low and will work just fine
  11. when i did my cabrio the terminal and connector had melted but it was still giving out a signal so i used the original pin to power the control side of the relay...the car would never know the difference i think i tapped for high amp fuel pump power right from the main sam input how did the headlight pins look?...they are the middle ones on that same connector
  12. all the way toward clutch doesnt sound right at all clutch wear will generally result in the opposite (fork sits more towards transmission as friction plate wears ) something is really wrong in there
  13. tables?..i dont know what that means any reputable alignment shop can do alignments on smarts ...personally i like to go to places that specialize in it instead of a normal repair shop that just happens to have a rarely used alignment rig set up in the far bay
  14. a quick search reveals other posts asking the same question with no answer
  15. check the sam plug ...the brown one i think its called n-11 but could be mistaken... fuel pump circuit is pin 8 or 10 i cant remember that either but if it burned out it will be really obvious or if you can get to the filter theres a port there on the top you can open and when you turn the key youll know right away if the low pressure in-tank pump is pumping
  16. check carquest or parts source
  17. i always just pried the alternator case with a prybar and tightened the nut when i thought belt tension felt ok no fancy torque specs needed never had problems
  18. they may have updates...update files are free on foxwell site maybe the abs changed that year though....i didnt have the foxwell back when i had the smarts ...back then i used the delphi 150e for smarts and it would communicate just fine with the abs module on the 05 coupe but i couldnt ever communicate with abs module on the 2005 cabrio
  19. i have 2 12's in my truck...im not one of those obnoxious street pounders though..i just like the quality of sound it adds even at low volume
  20. .. is that the one in front of the battery? if it is i know some of the wires are for the filter lights and door ajar lights on the dash....i had to solder mine after the car kept thinking the door was open also side note i have a foxwell 630 too ...but it says elite instead of plus (i dont know the difference) ...i really like it
  21. my dad has a similar story involving my grandfather...someone who liked stealing gas at night in the dark...and a gas cap with some fishhooks somehow attached to it (knowing my grandfather he probably soldered them on it didnt take long to get a blood sample but that was way before dna was known
  22. my tool shed has something similar but i used a deep cycle wheelchair battery ,,a solar panel to keep it charged ...a home security siren and the trigger is one of those emergency trailer brake actuators...i just reach in and hook the cable to the door to set it then i leave the lock open in the hasp the city recently changed all the sodium street lights to led and it dropped the quality of video a bunch so i had to add some motion lights and will probably add another one even edit:and now i feel weird because i see i already posted most of this on the other page
  23. when it pops out of gear do you get the 3 bars on the dash? if you do its probablly a worn out clutch fork if you dont it still might be a worn out clutch fork hole and it could maybe be chaffed wires near the intercooler shroud (way back under the rear driver wheel area)...plenty of threads around here about chaffing and fork holes
  24. ignore the wrenches...its just a mileage based thing programmed into ecu to get owners in for an overpriced dealer service procedure theres a way to reset them manually but i was never succesful with that procedure and usually resetted it with a delphi 150 i highly doubt the wrenches has anything to do with the gear problem
  25. are they wrenches?..or keys sounds weird to see 2 keys a picture might help