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  1. welcome to smarty ownership....youve now passed your first challenge ...many more to come
  2. it would be kind of funny if the problem was just improper starting procedure but yeah that key symbol on the dash is a clue i dont know why the windows and signals wont work though
  3. id try to buy it back and fix it...it will be branded but that doesnt matter its just a downside for cars youre selling and might need a bodyshop to inspect its structure depending how serious the repairs are from my experience the weakest parts for pot holes are rims and struts ive changed seat airbags with no problems but never had to do a driver or dash one ...the delphi150e worked good for resetting airbag module
  4. i would also suggest costco best hassle free warranty service ive ever seen if they dont have an exact group size you need just find one that fits
  5. think this thread jinxed me had to grab a battery today to boost both the plow truck and my suv....sure is cold out there
  6. ive havent picked one up as i tend to always have good batteries laying around for boosting but i will say i have a noco charger and it has never let me down ...
  7. follow the wire...it comes from somewhere and goes to somewhere else thats the easiest way to know what its for
  8. could always go the diy route lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ1qXpkta24
  9. i removed two broken ones with easy outs....the square kind not the spiral kind the third one already had a broken easy out (the previous owner did a lot of damage trying to fix things himself)...for that one i had to use a very small diamond burr and a truckload of patience ....the threads got a bit damaged but it worked just fine because the actual seal is made much lower into the head
  10. only 2 more days until bird season closes ...i went out on the 26th and got some awful glares from a snowmobile as he passed my suv on the trail lol... you know youre addicted when you count the days to next years season
  11. i seen many lists from local shops full of things i couldnt find anything wrong some places are just like that ...dishonest and im not just just hobbyist who is guessing at things im licenced with a red seal 310s
  12. i prefer 9v dont need a tester to tell if theyre good...just give a lick
  13. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33014831008.html
  14. dare i say search "fluke" on aliexpress.. you might see some decent prices the only electronical thingamajiggers ive can remember sourcing from aliexpress have worked just fine but they were foxwell (a scan tool and a batttery analyzer)..oh and snooper boxes ..... actually now that i think of it the kwp2000 i sent to someone here let out its smoke right away so i guess there was one dud
  15. used mine today...turns out its a fluke 177 i havent come across a need yet for anything it doesnt provide
  16. how in the world does this work? ive been looking for a cheap straight head cutting torch for a while now and all i see is severely overpriced industrial quality ones...and these cheapo chinesium ones,,,,but the cheapo chinesium ones dont seem to have levers for the oxygen cutting....cant find any videos of anyone using one either..do they just thumb the knob or what? at first i thought maybe they were for cnc type machines and the oxygen was controlled remotely but then why the heck would they have holding handles? anyone familiar with these? in case youre wondering i want it for easy fast catalytic removals (i do a lot of salvaging/scrapping in the summer)...and i find a lot of situations where a 180 head would be so much better than a 90 degree https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33009769975.html ill post a picture too in case the link dies they have normal 90 degree type too but again without oxygen blast lever....
  17. looks handy for cutting holes too with the right hole guides just happened to catch one of my youtube subscriptions using a quality made straight tip cutter today
  18. its only purpose was mentioned in the first post cutting and/or melting off hard to reach bolts on certain catalytics when scrapping cars
  19. finally found operating instructions on an amazon listing How to Use: 1. Fire: First turn on the acetylene switch, then ignite, turn on the gas mixture switch, and finally turn on the high pressure oxygen to adjust the flame strength. 2. Turn off the fire: first turn off the oxygen switch, then turn off the acetylene switch. so it appears the end control is for acetylene... the lower index finger placed valve is for regular oxygen control like the upper valve on a victor... and then when youre ready cut you use your thumb to open up the upper oxygen valve for the center jet that does the cutting seems weird to use a rotary valve instead of a lever actuated valve but i suppose it works....gonna find out eventually
  20. check this one out....small tank with hand pump to pressurize it so you can cut with oxygen and gasoline .....lmao flip flops are optional https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000690520011.html
  21. Estimated Delivery on Feb 06
  22. thats a simple heating torch...no cutting abilities
  23. i think ill drop the $40 and report back in the spring when i try it out ...will probably be spring by the time it arrives anyway
  24. its been too long since i bought mine to get a link or even a screenshot of the purchase details but im pretty sure it had NEC chips....there was something about chip quality back then ...from what i see now they seem to be white chips or red chips...im assuming the red ones were the good ones all i can get from aliexpress order history is the title of the item i bought which definitely cleared airbag codes on my 2005 450s...the title was "High Quality Car Diagnostic Tool TCS CDP Pro DS150E for Delphi V 2014.2 R2 New Vci Cars / Trucks OBD2 Scanner for Autocom" and at the time it was $40....paid for itself many times over just by working the two times i needed airbag codes deleted and the one time i managed to program a key
  25. i took mine into a lady with an industrial sewing machine...it wasnt perfect but good enough for me