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  1. 12 hours ago, DieselAllTheWay said:

    Question is: how many of you are willing to admit this symbol freaked you out?

    Question 2: how the hell do I eliminate this "feature" from happening anytime the temp dips to 3C or below?

    Question 3: how in double hell do I turn off the damn airbag light?? Please don't tell me I need a Star system for this.

    Question 4: while on the subject of turning off pointless warning lights, how do I turn off the two wrenches indicating I'm past due for a service? Again, please don't tell me this too requires a Star system.


    my answers


    1..didnt freak me out at all...it always looked like a snowflake to me so i took it as a simple warning to watch for black ice

    2..i have no idea

    3 ..the cheapest way to do it yourself is with a delphi 150e and some stolen/hacked software ...$50 or less and a bit of computer knowledge you can use a key generator to open up some delphi software to read the airbag and make the repair (most likely an underseat connector bypass) and then use it to erase the code...or use a scantool that specifically has airbag sevices in in it...a regular obd2 tool will only do engine codes

    4....the delphi will also reset the service wrenches ...but there is a way to do it with that dash switch mentioned above (ive never had luck doing it the manual way..ive only had success with the delphi

  2. 4 hours ago, cantabrian said:

    Has anyone actually changed this piece of S ! to a Normal car, surely all it needs is an Alternator and a starter motor and some basic wiring , here in Darkest Spain a Smart is a Rare thing !


    the MHD engine seems to have a ring gear...have you looked for a blockoff plate where a regular starter could be installed?


    i dont think MHD was available in north america market so we dont know much about them


  3. only info i could find for instrument cluster illumination on a 451 is that they are not serviceable,,,that usually just means they are surface mount leds that are soldered in....which should be serviceable but require good soldering skills and good eyesight

  4. 12 hours ago, MichaelWood said:

    That might be why I can't find it the problem I am having is the display light is staying on and I saw a post from 10 years ago saying it was a Canadian e box when I Google it says it is just above the battery but not on ours


    which display light?

  5. 11 hours ago, jwight said:

    451 models like yours don't have an e box, they have a SAM.  If you don't have one already, get a subscription to Evilution and do some searching - the site is a wealth of smart car information. :)


    canadian 450 have a sam and an ebox...


    its (the ebox) mounted near the battery ..but is often moved to a dryer location up in the console area because they left the wires long

  6. i dont even know where sioux lookout is lol



    anyway i think 2006 had factory option for block heater...if it has one it will be hear the clutch actuator...its a weird looking external element thing near to where the trans bolts to the engine...youll be able to see the cord if it has one...and the cord will plug into the socket near the battery as mentioned above



    long story short the cord plugs into a connector on the lower left front below the grill....then the connector goes to an extension cord type plug in near the battery...then if you have a factory block heater or an aftermarket one it will be plugged into that cord...some people use the power cord for interior heaters to pre-clear the windows instead of using to preheat the engine