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  1. check the sam plug ...the brown one i think its called n-11 but could be mistaken...


    fuel pump circuit is pin 8 or 10 i cant remember that either but if it burned out it will be really obvious



    or if you can get to the filter theres a port there on the top you can open and when you turn the key youll know right away if the low pressure in-tank pump is pumping

  2. 4 hours ago, Purplesmart said:

    Huge thanks Willys for pointing me to the little white plug, never even knew about it until you had mentioned it here this morning. Plugs are corroded to hell. Will delete the plug and hardwire it all together when I get home. What exactly is this plug for? 


    I'll also take a closer look at the SAM unit when I get home if I happen to continue having issues with it. I opened up the unit in a parking lot so wasn't able to give a super close look at it, didn't notice any crack Solder but as you stated it can be very hard to notice. 


    Thank you so much for the input, it's immensely appreciated. 





    is that the one in front of the battery?


    if it is i know some of the wires are for the filter lights and door ajar lights on the dash....i had to solder mine after the car kept thinking the door was open 


    also side note i have a foxwell 630 too ...but it says elite instead of plus (i dont know the difference) ...i really like it 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Willys said:

    You need to have a way to release something like skunk spray or bear spray onto anyone not welcome into your property if they get inside so to speak. Not sure if even this is legal any more....it's a sad world we live in where the criminals have more rites than law abiding folks do...... Personally I prefer the harmful approaches, sorry constable but I paid for my stuff so I expect to keep it...!!!!   I used to own a Jeep way way way back, my first one......I mounted a Mack Bulldog on the hood. Yes I was very young....lol.  Any way people liked to try and break it off at night damaging the hood etc  So one day I installed needles in the collar, eyes and nose of the dog, sticking out 1/8"...yes I realize illegal  so to speak now a days, but 40 years ago, questionable.....The next day I saw a blood trail on the hood, in the snow and it never got touched again!  The foot prints were my sized so it wasn't kids and the dog was securely fastened so it took strength to bend it the way it had been.  Some people simply need to learn the hard way....shame....but it's how some are wired.


    my dad has a similar story involving my grandfather...someone who liked stealing gas at night in the dark...and a gas cap with some fishhooks somehow attached to it (knowing my grandfather he probably soldered them on


    it didnt take long to get a blood sample but that was way before dna was known 

  4. my  tool shed has something similar but i used a deep cycle wheelchair battery ,,a solar panel to keep it charged ...a home security siren and the trigger is one of those emergency trailer brake actuators...i just reach in and hook the cable to the door to set it


    then i leave the lock open in the hasp



    the city recently changed all the sodium street lights to led and it dropped the quality of video a bunch so i had to add some motion lights and will probably add another one even




    edit:and now i feel weird because i see i already posted most of this on the other page




  5. when it pops out of gear do you get the 3 bars on the dash?


    if you do its probablly a worn out clutch fork


    if you dont it still might be a worn out clutch fork hole


    and it could maybe be chaffed wires near the intercooler shroud (way back under the rear driver wheel area)...plenty of threads around here about chaffing and fork holes

  6. 6 hours ago, Willys said:

    I would suggest either what LLN has suggested or grind the pan clean to perfect bare metal and use their own adhesive and alluminium goo to help seal it on, then spray it black etc to keep rust away from any bare metal.  Can't beat the drain plug.....oil change is tomorrow's job seeing as it's so nice outside, I'll do it early and stay warm!



    im pretty sure those pad instructions are to always get it to bare metal...they dont stick well to paint 

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