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  1. id park it...and spray the alternator with krown while its running ...then shut it down and bring the battery in the house


    maybe sprinkle some cayenne fine ground pepper inside if its in an area that might get mice


    filling the tank is also a great idea ...

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  2. 19 minutes ago, Willys said:

    You could push air into each cylinder and see where it's leaking from, telling you what is worn by where the engine is regards to timing etc. Intake, exhaust or valve cover...?



    its risky 


    id be spraying those glow plugs for days before trying to remove them 


    mine were broken which is why i got the coupe so cheap..one was even drilled off center with an easy broke off in the hole ...lots of fun


    i suppose if someone had a known bad injector you could probably make something to do thru the injector hole instead



    edit :or use one of those rubber tipped push type compression testers in the injector hole lmao

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  3. these are the best ive owned (and ive owned/sold hundreds of blowers)


    this one is rough shape ...if you find one that was cared for they are gold


    1989/1990 and maybe 1991 era....the 10/28 and 12/33 are great...the 8/26 not so much (smaller slower impeller on the 8)


    impeller is NLA so its always good to check it but even if damaged they can be fixed and reinforced


    they were branded as mastercraft but occasionally i come across some mtd branded and some columbia branded models...the handlebars/controls are different though..i prefer the mastercraft variation that the red ones have



  4. personally i prefer older ones than what i see for sale lately...


    my favourites are the red mastercraft ones from 1989-1990 made by mtd with 16 inch impellers..they are hard to find in good shape though,,,people that still have them kept them for a reason


    second choice would be a good ariens from around 2000.2005 ...or a john deere from same era with a D in the model which is basically a green branded ariens (has to have the D at the end of model...the other ones are crap made by mtd and murray/briggs)


    i gave up getting cold wet and sweaty though ...quite a while back i bought a western snowplow for truck



  5. 34 minutes ago, Sydney said:

    how reliable are the gas engines in these cars.  the car i just picked up has 165,000k on it.  right of the bat, i am looking at $260.00 for a starter.  then work on getting her back on the road.


    shop around


    rockauto has starters for $98 after core return


    might find a used one even cheaper https://www.car-part.com/

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