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  1. mine looked worse


    i "fixed" it with gorilla glue...the amber kind....and some finishing nails because the glue was falling thru the holes too easy lol ...sounds redneck but it worked for years...and is still working for the current owner as far as i know


    oh and i definitely cut some plastic off so it didnt wear thru again


    i like to try the cheap way first

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  2. the white connector corrodes and sends false signals about door switches and water separator ...those lights in the dash pod 


    i think when mine went bad it was causing beeps when sitting in drive but not when driving



    and i remember thinking it was a door handle switch but it wasnt

  3. if you know someone who has an account with partsource the redtek 12a  is $6 a can 


    canadian tire sells the same ones for $15 retail


    the ports are standardized...all 134a will be the same...(r12a kits will have r134a style connects).....there is basically only 2 styles on cars and the old r12 systems are very rare to see now

  4. this week i learned how stupid the "item not as described" claim is on aliexpress


    long story short i ordered a cheap set of a/c gauges with hoses and 134a car type adapters so i could check high side pressures too instead of the simple low side only one i currently have


    got the package and of course theres no adapters so it useless for now


    contacted seller and they offered a $2 refund.....wow...just wow



    so when i check out the claim process it states that if an item is not as described the seller needs to pay for return shipping and gets a refund...or agrees to accept a partial refund from seller and keeps the item....which of course is a $2 offer ..


    uhm yeah...im not paying $50 to return a $32 item......


    someone isnt getting a good 5 star review......



    cost me $13 to order adapters from someone else...this time i used ebay

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  5. On 7/26/2020 at 7:02 PM, Willys said:

    Again I'll complain about torx bolts...augh when rusted they are so difficult to get a good bite onto them



    i part out a lot of cars  ..these sockets have saved me quite a few times...and they are fairly cheap when you catch them on sale 


    they  also have a larger set that is great for using on locking wheel nuts when the key is broken or missing...cant remember using them on torx yet ..but they would be the first thing i reach for if need be..



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  6. I didnt have room to move the car body from where it sat...but i had lots of room to roll the subframe out backwards



    4 hours ago, PowerShellMan said:

    Remove the Plastic backend

    Remove the four E bolts with the engine not jacked up

    Thread in the "Special lowering bolts"

    Jack up the Engine and it just starts dropping onto those bolts


    Is it REALLY that simple?

    i took mine right out after lowering it...i dont recall how much slack the brake lines and abs wires had but it will be very obvious if you need to disconnect them....the abs wires will unplug right near the fuel filter