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  1. i never had much luck on storing old rotors...they always rust and by the time i need them theyre crap


    i dont really like the idea of spraying oil on them ...but anyway long story short since i noticed some brands come with special paper wrap now that isnt oily but blocks oxygen or something i was saving some to see how a used rotor would survive but i ended up giving it all away to a gun collector

  2. smartz thread mentions special tools and dropping subframe to access inboard ends....



    i know 100% i did neither of those...its been a few years but i remember changing those cables in less than an hour and i work like a sloth..in the driveway with no hoist


    just use needle nose for the retainers ..or a screwdriver...or a hoseclamp if you want to save them..or smash them thru with a punch..the old cables are buggered anyway just get them off and put new ones

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  3. 16 hours ago, Specter said:

    That's a great suggestion! Are you sure it will scan SRS codes for the Smart as you mention. also which site do you recommend to purchase it at or at this link which one would you suggest?https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-delphi ds150e.html


    i bought mine from aliexpress


    back then there was a few versions ...one supposedly had better chips but i dont recall what colour the better chips were


    i bought mine specifically for clearing an srs code on a 2005 fortwo...it worked fine.....for abs it worked fine on my 2005 coupe but would not communicate with the abs on my 2005 cabrio...i dont know why


    i was also able to program a key for the coupe

  4. 8 hours ago, Willys said:

    .I guess I'll have to pick the best of the bunch and deal with it



    i still say a good foxwell is the best bang for the buck...mine was $126...does 95% of what i ever need it to do


    for a few hundred more they have better ones with cvt systems battery systems..electronic park brake ...tpms etc...


    youll never find one for under a few grand that will cover everything like a nissan consult or a gm techII or a honda MVCI...or DRB III....and even the ones that do will still have some limitations...

  5. the term "master" just means he's licensed ..its an easy test


    my experience is that teachers dont know shit


    the cheap tools are just fine ...the diagnose and troubleshooting is done thru experience and knowledge of the person using the tool ..the scantool is simply used to steer certain directions and/or eliminate others with the info it provides




    edited to add not intended to insult your friend  but ive had nothing but bad experiences with teachers in my life 

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