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  1. Thanks to everyone for the responses. The above post looks very involved. I really don't know that I've got the know-how to attempt this, although this seems like a very good way to go. I'm in the States also and wonder about the best heater to get. What do you all think of this one on amazon? Where could a silicon pad heater be applied to heat the coolant safely? This looks like a very straightforward solution. CANMAN, did you just extend the lines, I take it? How involved did you find this procedure to be? kdubya, this is intense. It would take a lot of instruction and hand-holding to make this happen. Looks like a proper solution, for sure! The sound in your video is awesome! Thanks, all.
  2. Hello all, Here in Rochester, NY, temperatures get down pretty cold in the winter although you folks north of us feel it even more. As you all know the 450 is slow to heat up on the cold days and as has been recommended to me in person and on these forums, it sounds like a coolant heater will assist in cold-starting in the winter and decrease the length of time it takes to get the engine [and heating system] warm. There have been a number of bits and pieces I've found on the forums, but I'm not as handy as some of you and would really appreciate some more information. I'm hoping if any of you have done this modification that you could give details as to recommended parts, the location of where this part should be installed, and any specs on appropriate wattages for this size vehicle. Details that I've found already - 300 watts + - 5/8" hose Many thanks in advance, Steven
  3. Hello, I have a 2005 Diesel 450 coupe. One of the window switches went bad. I've swapped them from side to side so I know it's just the switch itself. If anyone knows where to buy one online or has one they would sell, I'd pay for it, plus shipping to Rochester, NY, USA 14608. Thanks! _Steve
  4. I am referring to the 4 threaded female sections, to which you can mount the CD case, the mug holder, etc.
  5. Hello, I've got a 2005 450. I'd like to find a durable solution for mounting a smartphone. I know others want the same. I use a RAM brand mount in my work truck and it's fantastic. The RAM smartphone mount is here: The double socket extension is here: There are so many mounting options and so I wanted to put this idea out here and see what you all came up with. One idea I like is to use the accessory tree and use an extension to reach out from there. Another would be to use adhesive or screws to mount to the dash. What is the threading for the screws of the accessory tree? RAM has ball mounts with threads: Those that can be screwed into the floor or dash: Those for adhesion: They also have windshield mounts but I feel the windshield is just too far away to be practical in this application. Any ideas are welcome!
  6. kdubya, what orientation did you have the wheels setup behind the seats? Thanks!
  7. Glenn, Were the tires mounted to wheels? Thanks everyone for the responses!
  8. Hello all, I'm headed to pick up a full set of 4 wheels and tires from another Club Smart Car member. I'd love to have a passenger with me. Has anyone tried putting all 4 wheels and tires behind the seats? Is this completely unreasonable? Very possible? I tried taking measurements but wasn't confident that they would fit so I thought I would ask here first. Many thanks, _S
  9. These look excellent. Where could I get these? Thanks. _S
  10. Alan, that sounds awesome! I sent a PM - I'd love to buy it and have you send it over to dmoonen as he will help me with the process. Please send a PM and we can follow up. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm looking for one or hopefully two FOBs for a 2005 ForTwo (450). I can pay for shipping if you aren't local to Toronto. I don't need the actual key insert or blank - just the FOBs are needed. Please send a PM or text if you have any you could part with. +1 585.201.8111 Many thanks, Steve
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a Key FOB for a 2005 Smart ForTwo cdi. Someone in Toronto will be copying it for me so if you are in the area that would be ideal. Please send a pm or email me if you have one. Thanks so much! Steve
  13. Hi, I have found a number of posts here about these mats. When I go to the weathertech website [] which seem like the best product, their model year doesn't go before 2008. Would these fit my 2005? The smart mats seem to not have tall edges and I'm worried they won't keep out the liquid and salt. I would also be very happy with used mats if someone was selling them. Seat cover are also of interest. Any recommendations? Lastly the luggage are would be great to cover. Any tips? Many thanks - Forgive me if these have already been discussed. I've searched around and tried to find related posts as best as I could. _S
  14. Do the weather tech models fit the 2005 450 fortwo? It seems that their database doesn't have models preceding 2008... Thanks!