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  1. I tried calling Discount at the Yonge/Charles one and they said it wont be available till March. Where else can I rent one?
  2. We are currently offering 15% off regular price on all UPsolute tuning programs. Please visit our website at for specifications for your model. The sale is only until Dec. 22, 2005, so book your appointment to have it done soon. Please email or call us if you have any questions or concerns about chiptuning. Gary
  3. E-mail or PM if any more guys is interested in the remap whlie I'm in Montreal. There is a discount going on as well, so email me for special pricing. Gary
  4. Ok, I got a firm date. Nov 11-12, 2005. Gary
  5. Ok, I will have the date set at Nov. 4 - Nov 6 as I will be staying for 1-2 nights in Montreal. E-mail me if you are interested in having your car remapped. Gary
  6. I have not decided on a firm date yet, but mostly I will be leaving Toronto Friday and should be there by late afternoon or so and leaving Montreal Sunday afternoon. Gary
  7. We do reflash it back for free if dealerships reflashed it. This is very rare as if you take it in for regular service, they will not reflash it. Only time which my customers were flashed back was with the air conditioning recall which they upgrade the firmware in the a/c module and reflash the ECU as well. I always visit Montreal every 2-3 months as well as I have friends living in Ottawa which I visit and always enjoy the food in Montreal. Gary
  8. I'm planning out a trip to Montreal again probably end of October or November. Just like to know if anyone is interested in getting remapped while I'm in the area. Gary
  9. Ya, a backup plan for the meet would be good as I will be driving an hour just to come over. :-) Gary
  10. Add me to the list even though I dont have a Smart yet. Gary
  11. Kirk: Sure, I will have yours upgraded with the new 60hp program. I will probably arrive there between 6-7pm. Anyone wanting to test out the remap, I can load the program up into your car and go out for a test drive and decide if you want to keep it or not as I can always return back to stock. Gary
  12. I'm going to be dropping by the meet this coming wednesday, so if anyone is interested in getting remapped just let me know. We are doing a end of summer sale of 15% off reg. price. Gary
  13. We now have 2 versions available, 55HP and 60HP. The 60HP version is considered an upgrade as its a different file. Smarts remapped in July are all based on the new 55hp update version. The discount is only on UPsolute programs. 55HP reg. $680 60HP reg. $780 Gary
  14. UPsolute End of Summer Sale effective until September 17, 2005. We are offering 15% off regular price for all makes and models. For specs, please visit I will have pricing table up very soon. E-mail or PM me for installation time/date. Gary
  15. I will see when will I get the new revision and my time is for next week as I usually get off work at 6pm. If I will be at the meet on wednesday, I will let you guys know as it's an hour drive for me and traffic isn't that well at that time of the day. Gary