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  1. Updated pic ..
  2. I am officially an owner of a smart Fortwo! Bought the B&W one ...
  3. Yes - so I am having a hard time deciding. I like the panoramic roof, rims and color of the white one - but like the bluetooth/NAV of the black one.
  4. Except the Pure he lists has the multimedia touchscreen radio standard, while the white one has just a standard radio.
  5. Thanks - I didn't know they could swap the panels around for a sale. Any insight as to the contents of the "canadian package"? The smart canada website is very lacking in details ...
  6. My choices ...
  7. smart142 - Thanks but I am not driving over 4 hours for a car dealership. Accept2 - Thanks - guess the sales guy wasn't clear on that - his attitude seemed to be here is what we have - take it or leave it ... BTW - the cars he was showing me were advertised as 2015 and looked identical to the 2014 but from what I see online the new 2015's are the 453 and look different than the 451. Is this correct?
  8. Hello - a newbie here looking at purchasing my first smart car. I went to the dealership (Hunt Club) on the weekend and all they had for choice were base black coupes and a black and white coupe with "Canadian Package". Where are all the choices/color/varieties I see in pictures and driving around town? Why must my choice be a base car with Bluetooth/NAV or a upgraded car with no Bluetooth/NAV? Am I missing something? Why can't I get a car in the color I want with the features I want?