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  1. MB Terminal St. just called, says I need a new clutch actuator, $600 plus labour, plus $178 diagnostic. Says it's wear and tear. Relieved, after reading about the so-called three bars of death....
  2. I haven't been on this forum for ages and now need your help. Two weeks ago when i was on my way home, and just half a block away, my car lurched violently and at first I couldn't move. Was waiting at a stoplight. An emergency light on the left of the dashboard came on, forget which one, somehow I got home, and the next day the car was fine. Then yesterday, while driving in automatic, I was losing power and the car was lurching violently. Then got stuck in a small intersection near Whole Foods on West 4th. I had the dreaded three bars A very kind fellow smart driver with same model as mine, diesel, got out of his car and pushed me to a curb parking spot. He said he sometimes got the three bars but just to turn off engine and wait for an hour. (I am also without iphone as I dropped it in the toilet on Monday. A clean toilet, that is ) Eventually I got towed to MB Terminal St. The Service guy tried to start car, and there were the three bars but no power/ignition, and smell of smoke. He said that it had something to do with the battery. I only have 30,000 km on my smart (I think) I've never had a problem with my car. When I search on this forum, I see all kinds of different reasons for the problem and hope that MB will solve it. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  3. [Thanks for this, but I'm not that handy! (oops, unintended pun) I took it in to MB, was told that the rubber strip things needed to be replaced, at $18 each, two required. I thought that sounded fine, but when i picked up my smart today, the bill was $300 (Had a hard time choosing a smiley, but the one displayed is adequate.
  4. Hi: My smart was parked at Tsawwassen terminal overnight, and this morning when I unlocked the car and got in, I opened the passenger window to clear the fog/moisture, and now the window won't close. It will rise and lower about a half an inch, then stops. Anyone know if this will be an expensive repair? Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. I think my aux cable from bought in 2006 has died, too. Suddenly I'm getting hiss and noise when playing music. Would this Griffin thingy work?
  6. Thanks for posting your pictures, Steve. They're great! I ("PUT-PUT)" was right behind you when we arrived at Nat Bailey. I guess we were in the first group of four.
  7. It was an excellent event but my eardrums were shattered by the DJ. It would have been perfect if not for that! Hard to converse, My ears are still hurting.
  8. Hope you can come, Bil! No snow where you are, I hope!
  9. I just realized I never received a confirmation email. I tried submitting my registration again, still no email. I'm going to show up with my invite and hope it's enough.The online form said "Thanks for submitting your registration, you''l receive a confirmation email shortly" but I never did.
  10. Hey, me and my smart will take any publicity we can get! It was great to see familiar and new faces yesterday, but a shame that we lost a few folks and disappointed several.
  11. Looking forward to seeing you, and everyone!
  12. 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi)9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger)10, mimota (2008 cabrio)11.sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio) 12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe)Remember that Scavenger Hunt type of thing where we ended up on Granville Island?
  13. 15,500 kms , thank you.
  14. Hi! What about Lunar New year Dim Sum?
  15. Hi Darren: Thanks....Yes that's true, can't use it as a phone.But if I wanted to listen to iPod and be able to make/receive calls (with earphones for safety!) how would I do that?