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  1. Need 1 front and 1 back with rubber preferred for an 05 fourtwo passion.Would also consider a full set of aftermarkets for the right price. Let me know what you have
  2. The article was written in November and they never let me see an advanced copy. A fact checker called me and I asked if I could get a copy and she declined. I emailed the editor and he/she never replied. The author was an interesting guy and I knew it would be a good read. Everyone that knows me enjoys the "tall, gregarious freak" comment.To my knowledge I am the only rental company that carries the smart. I believe Mack, the author, found me from this forum.My website hits has had a nice bump in the last few days and I have received many, many new smart reservations.
  3. I am the Tall Gregarious owner of the Smart used for the article
  4. Has a nice little read about the Smart and a pic of me.
  5. yeah, i just didn't know if anyone else has had simalr problems...it was worth a shot
  6. hey guys i don't know if anyone can help but our smart car has been running fine, then one day in mid drive it just starts stumbling. it seems to be running really rich and under load it goes no where. when i start it will be fine for a few seconds then stumble but if i work the throttle and rev it, it will come back but still have no power to even move it up a small loading dock ramp!!! It is throwing a check engine light too, i do not currently own an obd2 scanner and there is no way i can drive it so can anyone give some advice??thanks
  7. Anyone have any idea where I can get a windshield in the US for a fourtwo? Somehow one of my customers managed to crack the windshield.www.i-am-smart.com
  8. They are not your average rental car. I have owned or driven everything. The Lotus out handles any car on the road today. It is a blast to drive and begs to be pushed harder and harder. but, I enjoy the smart more
  9. We are currently charging 70-90 per day for the Smarts and are not enforcing the two day minimum. The cars are generating alot of excitement. At any given time our parking lots are loaded with people. We actually had to stop letting everyone off the street sit in the car after a small incident where a Smart rolled backwards into another car on my lot. Every person that returns the car seems HAPPY. Normally this is not the case at a rental counter but the Smart brings out the best in people. The decaled one is being driven around the city daily. My website is receiving thousands of hits an hour and I think alot has to do with this car. Or could it be these? Just infleeted. I am driving the red one. HOT!!!
  10. I am working on a poster for my offices
  11. Lets see if my pic uploads this time
  12. more details on the arlington heights meet. i might be able to send one or two over.
  13. an easy way for them to find me www.i-am-smart.com
  14. Exactly where we found ours. Thanks for your help Ron www.i-am-smart.com
  15. Sorry for posting this in the wrong section but I need a quick response. One or two of my new cars delivered the other night have their radio in safe mode. Is there a generic code to unlock the radio? any help would be appreciated