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  1. This is an idea, Jerzy. Carbon fiber wrap on the hood and mirror caps. I might need to sell the car would prefer bring it as closer to original as possible, as she has only 21,000 km and the new panels are sparkling well kept. Thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone. I recently changed my peeling 2009 Red Rally panels for a 2010 Chocolated Brown set. However, the hood wasn't included in. I am looking for a Black used hood, as my tridion is black as well, or in the extreme case of luck, a matching Chocolated Brown. By the way, the Red panels are available for sale, in case somebody wants to buy and repaint them. Located in Calgary-AB. Any help? Thank you in advance. Regards, Leo
  3. What can I say for all those helpful words I just read??? FlossytheSmart, I can not thank you enough. I very much appreciate all comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards!
  4. I just put new pictures in the sun light. Now it shows better. I might confused you. My car is 2009, originally Red Rally (the famous peeling smart car). I bought used panels from a guy that said they were from a 2010 model. This guy is refusing to pass the last 6 digits of the donator smart's vin#. And Mercedes Benz wants the VIN# to inform the colour. From the pictures above, you can say it is Brown, not red or ruby.
  5. I am thinking of registering the tridion colour. I believe it is a factory colour as per all plastic are the same colour, inside and out. I got a colours list from MB per my VIN#, and I found a colour named BRUN TERRA, for my year/model 2009. The actual colour is, depending on the sun light, brown. So it might be the original colour of those panels, however I am not confident to register as Brun Terra, unless I find someone with the same colour. Sometimes it looks like Burgundy, but people ask if it is maroon. Still thinking of registering as the Black on the tridion.
  6. Hello Everyone: I bought a set of used panels in order to replace my peeling Rally Red panels. But the guy I bought the panels from is refusing to provide the VIN number, and Mercedes-Benz can't tell me the colour unless I provide them the VIN#. He said it is from a 2010 car. So, my question is Does anybody know what colour is on my car now? I really need to know as I need to change the registration, as well to paint the hood that was not part of the deal. I appreciate any cooperation. Thank you all in advance.
  7. Check this link: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-engines-and-engine-parts/calgary/2006-smart-fortwo-cdi-diesel-engine/1017603251?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true I am out of Calgary,AB. If it works for you, we can arrange something out.
  8. Had the alternator experience with a Honda Civic, few years ago. The parts store charged 400.00 for the part and 125.00 for labour. Bought an used alternator for 35.00 and paid 115.00 labour, in Calgary-AB. Total 150.00, instead of 525.00 The used part was in very good condition. Always shop around. Internet is a good source too. Sometimes, Kijiji has adds for used parts. Saw a guy in Edmonton-AB with 2 models 450 diesel for parts, few months ago.
  9. Welcome! And good luck. I had a bad experience as well, not as bad as yours. Bought an used 2009 passion, with 15.000 km on. First wash realized that the specific 2009 Red Rally colour had a factory problem where the clear coat on the panels peel off after aging. Now the panels are full of bubbles. Anyway, Smart cars seem to be very reliable cars and very easy to DIY. Last week somebody just twisted the windshield wiper arm(driver side) and the spring flew off. Found it and tried to put back. Spent some time to find out what needed to be done. Bought a small plier for removing the arms ($19) and took it off, put the spring back with other hand's help, and now it is working well (got few scratches trying to put the spring alone). Oil changes are very easy to do as well. Like any other used car, plan ahead to spend at least 20-25% of the amount payed to improve the car. Unfortunately, any idea for my peeling panels are worth over $3000. Take care.
  10. I am going to check the Plasti Dip thing this weekend. My wife got interested on changing the red for orange(matte orange panels, black piano tridion, grey/copper on the wheels would be interesting...don't you think?) . Sounds interesting since it isn't expensive and easy to do. I will check the clear coat spray also. Thank you all.
  11. It peels very easily. You don't need any effort to do. In the other hand, I could make it Matte Red(customized) just peeling the entire car off. LOL
  12. Actually, the car had a foot long scratch in the driver's door(somebody keyed it). I didn't know that the clear coat was peeling, since I bought the car from an old man. Bought it 200 km away from Calgary. I went to the car wash first thing I did when I got back to Calgary. What a surprise when the clear coat started to peel off.
  13. I posted a comment on Smart Canada Facebook's page about my case. If you all could embrace my problem and LIKE my comment, I would very much appreciate. Thank you in advance. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/smartCanada?v=wall
  14. Just up dating my case with Mercedes-Benz about the Clear coat peeling off: The warranty expired. End of question. Mercedes-Benz is no longer responsible for its product. Feeling idiot.