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  1. What did I do to my smart today... I sold it
  2. I had Troy change the injector seals and glow plugs. Starts great now.
  3. I changed the drivers side low beam today. Night driving in a snow storm really sucks with only one headlight... almost as much as changing the bulb in the pouring rain without removing the front end.
  4. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Sorry I had to miss it... if only I didn't have to work for a living! LOL
  5. Nov 29 works for me also
  6. I bought my 2005 Passion cdi for one reason only... $$$ My pickup was costing me $200+ a week for work and the Smart get better mileage than my motorcycle while allowing me to stay warm and dry.
  7. Hi Rick
  8. Incredible photos... What an awesome location!
  9. 2005 passion (450) cdi purchased July 2014 @ 131000 kms
  10. and even if it does function there is still the safety issue with running this style of heater in a enclosed space I know it has a tip over safety off switch but it will still be hot and in the event of an accident or roll over who's lap will it end up in.
  11. I added some custom graphics for detail
  12. Use a boost pack to power a small car warmer and or heated clothing. You can recharge the boost pack overnight.... just a thought. Does anyone remember the optional gasoline heater that VW had for their 1st gen bugs. It used more gas than the car and the fumes would kill you if you forgot to open the window.
  13. I just complete the side marker flash mod.... in the pouring rain and hail It was sunny when I started but that all changed as soon as I got it apart. I never put a car back together so fast before... it was just like a rodeo... someone please put 8 seconds on the clock.
  14. How about some heated motorcycle clothing (overpants, jacket liner and or gloves). It would plug into a power port and the electrical draw would be minimal as it is intended for a motorcycle's electrical system.
  15. Thanks... I actually bought it for work and it just happened to end up being a cabrio. I live in a border community and travel to the Ottawa area sometime twice a day. My 06 Canyon was costing me $240 a week in gas even filling in the states, but this little smart makes the same KMs on $40 of diesel here in Canada. It even gets better mileage than my motorcycle. It is fully loaded, I don't get rained on and it saves me $210 a week... YOU GOT TO LOVE IT!